10 Causes of Constipation

10 Causes of Constipation

Low fiber diet

Fiber assists stool to stay soft. Drinking liquids help fiber to keep stools soft. Constipation is more common in older adults due to the intake of limited dietary fiber, lack of outdoor activity, and use of medications.

Less physical activity

If you don’t work out, perform outdoor activities, or move around regularly, then you may get constipated.

Having other health problems

An individual suffering from a health problem, or currently had an accident may not be able to exercise regularly and may have to stay in bed most of the time because of an illness or accident. This may cause constipation.


Some medications prescribed by the doctors to treat other health problems may give rise to constipation and you’ll be advised to follow constipation treatments.

Lifestyle changes or daily routine changes

The most common reason for constipation is a change of routine. Regular changes in day to day routine can affect your bowel habits. A change of routine such as being on holiday with a totally different environment can cause constipation.

Ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement

Ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement, over time, may result in not feeling the need to have one. You may delay passing stool because you might not want to use toilets outside of your home, or do not have access to a toilet. This habit can account for constipation.

Certain health problems

Some health problems can cause stool to move more slowly through the colon, rectum or anus, thereby causing constipation. These health problems generally include: