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    Picture of Acne Powder Face Pack

    Acne Powder Face Pack

    Acne Magic Powder (Acne Treatment) Acne and pimples are a horrifying sight for anybody. Besides ruining your appearance, this skin infection also hampers your personality and self-confidence. It is one of the most common skin troubles that keeps coming and going, especially in such severe environmental conditions and hectic life schedules. But your question “how to remove acne?” remains unanswered though. Acne Magic Powder is a perfect acne treatment remedy that efficiently removes acne and pimple marks to give you a clearer and toned-up skin. Based on an impeccable Ayurvedic recipe, this magical acne powder is ideal to gear down the sebaceous glands’ activity to give you a cleaner and pimple free appearance within two weeks. This profound Ayurvedic offering is a 100% herbal remedy to cure acne and pimple prone skin. Enriched with the goodness of Neem, Turmeric and Cloves, this acne treatment is also useful in removing pimple and acne marks that remain even when pimples and acne dry out.
    Picture of Magic Oil (De-Pigmentation Oil) 62 gm

    Magic Oil (De-Pigmentation Oil) 62 gm

    Magic Oil (De-Pigmentation Oil) Unavoidable reasons like sun exposure, passing time and extreme pollution play a major role in skin pigmentation, ageing & darkening. Due to these reasons, skin looks aged, dark and patchy even before time and people have to suffer through premature skin ageing & darkening. This calls for a deep need for taking care of your skin and paying special attention to efficiently reduce pigmentation and age spots. Magic Oil is one such product with which you can experience a flawless skin by restoring its lost nutrients. This extensive herbal oil contains several herbal skin perfecting ingredients in order to enhance the texture & complexion of your skin to give you a younger looking skin instantly.
    Picture of Eye 2 Eye (Under Eye Cream) 40 gm

    Eye 2 Eye (Under Eye Cream) 40 gm

    Eye2 Eye (Under Eye Cream) Due to lack of sleep and hectic schedules in today’s competitive world, under eye dark circles and roughness are a common problem faced by people. Dark circles make you look sick and pale and hamper your overall appearance and personality. Although there are a lot of under eye creams and gels available in the market to remove signs of eye ageing, one needs to pay special attention in choosing the right cosmetic to remove eye dryness. This is so because the skin of under eye area is more sensitive than the skin of other body parts. One profound solution for this is Eye 2 Eye under Eye Cream that contains pure extracts of Potato and Almond Oil as key ingredients to make your skin softer and enriched.