Are You Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or Erection Problems?

Are You Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or Erection Problems?

ED can be prevented

Yes, this is true, ED can be prevented by reducing stress, or sharing problems with your partner, friend, or health care specialist can help you get rid of psychological ED. While another type of ED called physical ED can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle that includes cutting back on alcohol and cigarette smoking. Diabetic patients are advised to manage the blood sugar levels and maintain within normal ranges.

If the erectile problem occurs occasionally, then there is nothing to worry about, but if the problem is constant for a long time, you must see your health care specialist who may recommend treatment to stop the problem here. If you are experiencing the following signs of ED on a regular basis, then make an appointment with your health care specialist:

  • Inability to achieve and maintain an erection
  • Inability to keep an erection firm enough to complete the sexual activity
  • Penile erection that is not at all hard for penetration

Diagnosis and Treatment of ED

Your health care specialist will ask you for the patient history. He/she will perform a thorough examination and may recommend tests to differentiate between psychological and physical ED.

There are some treatment choices available for erectile dysfunction cure that majorly depends upon the cause of the ED. If you are found to have psychological ED, then you and your sexual partner may be referred to a psychologist for counseling.

If the problem is caused by hormonal changes, then it may be treated with erectile dysfunction drugs. For diabetic patients, diet, exercise, erectile dysfunction medication is necessary, as poorly managed blood sugar levels increases the severity of the erectile problem. In case ED is an adverse effect of a medication that you are consuming, then you will be prescribed by another medication to treat erectile dysfunction.