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    Picture of SWET PARPATI 5 GM


    For stone related problem in urine bladder and inflammation sensation in urine, it is useful. The material is treated, with the fluid of various herbs and cultured in fire, as described in ancient. Ayurvedic texts mixing with different other ingredients. Patanjali ayurved and Divya pharmacy prepare calx, based on old refinery processes. These products and medicines do not cast any side or ill-effect on the patient and helpful in any of the old or complex disease. The 'bhasmas' are prepared with pure and age-old formulae and hence are very impressive and eradicate the diseases from the root.
    ر.س.‏ 36.56
    Picture of AAMVATARI RAS Tablet40's

    AAMVATARI RAS Tablet40's

    Amvatari Ras treats rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Our dietary habits and urban, sedentary lifestyle often makes us vulnerable to toxin accumulation in body, pain in joints, etc. The herbs in Amvatari Ras are anti-inflammatory and are enriched in natural calcium. Amvatari Ras therefore fortifies your bone structure, reduces inflammation, soothes joint pain, improves flexibility and flushes out toxins from the system. Bid adieu to sore joints and regain agility with Amvatari Ras. Experience long-enduring cure with Amvatari Ras.
    ر.س.‏ 37.50
    Picture of DIVYA KANTILEP 50 GM


    Divya Kantilep is made from herbs and plant products that have natural astringent, detoxifying and moisturizing properties. It extracts the excess oil released from sebaceous glands and cleanses the skin of environmental pollutants thus curing pimples, black heads, acne. It has a balanced moisturizing effect which nourishes the skin and prevents lines, dullness and wrinkles from forming. Apply Divya Kantilep regularly for best results. Divya Kantilep brings to you Nature's goodness to give you radiant, beautiful skin.
    ر.س.‏ 30.00
    Picture of DIVYA SUJALAM 21 GM


    ر.س.‏ 22.50
    Picture of LAXMIVILAS RAS Tablet 80's

    LAXMIVILAS RAS Tablet 80's

    Laxmivilas Ras is a traditional Ayurvedic formulation that cures a cough, cold and rhinitis. It soothes the throat and sinuses. It loosens the mucus accumulated in the chest thus making it easy to cough it up. It also cures body aches and temperature. It boosts your immune system and prevents further infections.
    ر.س.‏ 30.00
    Picture of PATANJALI BALM 25 GM


    Get instant relief from colds and headaches with Patanjali Balm made with therapeutic ingredients including gandhpurataila (oil) and neelgiri taila. Gandhpura oil is valued for its anti-pyretic and analgesic properties. The balm reduces fever and provides respite from aches and pains. Gently massaging the balm on forehead eases headaches.
    ر.س.‏ 30.00