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    Picture of Neem & Turmeric Soap
    Picture of Cucumber & Coconut Soap 125 gm
    Picture of Honey & Cream Soap 75 gm

    Honey & Cream Soap 75 gm

    People are using honey for centuries to reduce the aging effects. This natural item has the poetical effects to make your skin soft, supple and fresh. Himalaya Herbals is adequately utilizing this potential of honey to formulate its Honey & Cream Soap. This body soap can sufficiently moisturize your skin and keep it hydrated. Honey and cream for anti-aging effects: Honey is a nature-made product that is easily converted into glucose and becomes a rich source of energy. It helps in digestion of food, enhances immunity system, reduces weight and free radicals, and keeps your skin fresh. The significant nutrients of milk make the skin moisturized. Keeping all these attributes of honey and milk in mind, Himalaya comes up with its Honey & Cream Soap to combat the signs of aging.
    Picture of Cucumber & Coconut Soap 75 gm

    Cucumber & Coconut Soap 75 gm

    Are you tired of facing heat waves and experiencing dull, tanned and dry skin in summer? It’s difficult to keep your skin refreshed and supple in this season and you have to be wary in the selection of a body soap to take care of your skin. There is a range of chemically made soaps and then there is Himalaya’s Cucumber & Coconut Soap. Use it to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.This soap can tighten your skin, make it softer, nourished, healthy, and moisturized. The Cucumber & Coconut Soap helps in eliminating excess oil from the skin and nourishing it with a natural feel. The color, aroma, and texture of the soap also make it ideal to use repeatedly. Himalaya Cucumber & Coconut Soap is a great product for everyday use and for any skin type.
    Picture of Almond & Rose Soap 75 gm

    Almond & Rose Soap 75 gm

    Himalaya Herbals Almond & Rose Soap is very effective if you are facing the problem of dry and rough skin during the winter season. This soap is specifically prepared to keep your skin soft and moisturized.Himalaya comes out with Almond & Rose soap that helps to retain the water content in the body. Himalaya’s Almond & Rose Soap is perfect for all skin types and, because of its natural ingredients, this product is largely safe to use. The non-greasy Almond & Rose Soap penetrates deep into the skin and helps to keep it supple, soft, toned, and completely hydrated, as it promises to give a moisturize and cool skin.
    Picture of Almond & Rose Soap 125 gm