Healthy Sex Life May Benefit Your Work Life

Healthy Sex Life May Benefit Your Work Life

Here’s what the study found:

Effects Can Last Up to 24 Hours

The performance enhancing and mood-boosting effects of sex lasted for up to 24 hours in some people. Both men and women experienced these effects, regardless of the amount of sleep they had the night before and marital satisfaction.

Bringing Your Work Stress Home Can Kill The Mood

In certain situations, the research found that bringing work-related stress back home reduces the chances of having sex that night. So it’s very important to leave work at the office and just be relaxed when you get home. The main objective of research highlights are the importance of finding the work-life balance. No matter how much you love your job, it’s also very important to have something else outside of that. This research definitely makes a good argument for why you should have more weekday sex. There are so many benefits to orgasming, it’s great to see job performance and satisfaction being added to that list.

Sex has emotional, social, and physiological benefits.

The results revealed that sexual engagement is associated with more positive moods the next day. The participants who reported better moods as a result of having sex the previous day also reported greater job satisfaction and increased engagement during their workday.

According to the research, their findings are a “reminder that sex has emotional, social, and physiological benefits. It is very important to make it a priority. The study results also reveal the negative impact that a work-home conflict can have for sexual engagement, after finding that the adults who brought their work into their home environment were less likely to have sex. This, in turn, it leads to poorer productivity in the workplace.

The study notes that the widespread use of smartphones and other devices has fueled the expectation that employees are contactable and will respond to emails and other work demands outside of working hours. Technology offers a temptation to stay plugged in with the task, but it’s advisable to unplug it if you can. And the employers should encourage and motivate their employees to completely avoid work after office hours. Sex is known as one of the best remedies for treating many types of men’s and women’s health problems.

Low Testosterone can lead to Infertility

Low Testosterone can lead to Infertility

Causes of low testosterone

Some causes contribute to low testosterone production:

  • Age can be a risk factor for low testosterone levels in the body. As you age, levels of testosterone decrease and it is a normal condition.
  • Testicular injury, surgery, or radiation therapy in the groin area.
  • Chronic use of certain medication such as narcotics, and marihuana. Also, chronic opioid use, soy intake, and hormones present in food may also lower testosterone levels in men.
  • Having a long-term health problem such as obesity, kidney, or liver impairment.
  • Problems associated with the pituitary gland or hypothalamus.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption can also contribute to low testosterone levels.
  • Testicular cancer can also be the reason behind testosterone deficiency.

Some other risk factors for low testosterone levels include:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Chemotherapy
  • Obesity

Testosterone deficiency can also be present at birth. A man should their testosterone levels tested by their health care professional. A blood test is done to determine the level of testosterone in you. A testosterone test is usually done in the morning when testosterone levels are high. Men are advised to be tested twice before reaching to a conclusion. If your health care professional thinks low testosterone could be associated with a health problem, then he/she may perform other tests to evaluate your condition.

Low testosterone and infertility

Low testosterone is not always the reason behind infertility and men. Men with testosterone deficiency can still produce healthy sperm because the production of sperm is mainly stimulated by other hormones. Though low testosterone levels may lead to decrease sperm production. In testicles, where sperm is produced, the levels of testosterone are much higher than the levels in the blood stream.

Low testosterone directly affects fertility is resulting in a reduced sex drive. The problem can also give rise to erectile dysfunction, causing a man to have fewer erections or erections that are not strong or not enough for sexual satisfaction. This makes it hard to reach the climax (orgasm) or have sex often n enough for reproduction.

Infertility can be treated with fertility drugs. These are mostly medically prescribed infertility medications. Here is the list of fertility drugs:

  • Clomiphene citrate
  • HCG
  • Letrozole
  • Bromocriptine
  • Human menopausal gonadotropin
  • Tamoxifen
  • Imipramine
  • Antibiotics

There are many infertility treatments available, your health care professional will suggest you a treatment that best suits your condition. Infertility treatment improves your chance of conceiving.

Treatment of low testosterone

Treatment of testosterone deficiency may depend on the cause. The treatment should depend on how low his testosterone is and if experience troublesome symptoms that includes:

  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Mood swings
  • Fewer erections and weaker erections
  • Fatigue

Before going for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), men should opt for lifestyle changes first.

Other treatments

Testosterone deficiency is usually treated with testosterone hormone. This is known as testosterone replacement therapy. You can receive it in different ways, such as in a shot or through a gel or patch on the skin. Another way to encourage a rise in testosterone level is through pills that you swallow. Theses pills area types of medicines that work to raise testosterone levels.

Are You Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or Erection Problems?

Are You Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or Erection Problems?

ED can be prevented

Yes, this is true, ED can be prevented by reducing stress, or sharing problems with your partner, friend, or health care specialist can help you get rid of psychological ED. While another type of ED called physical ED can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle that includes cutting back on alcohol and cigarette smoking. Diabetic patients are advised to manage the blood sugar levels and maintain within normal ranges.

If the erectile problem occurs occasionally, then there is nothing to worry about, but if the problem is constant for a long time, you must see your health care specialist who may recommend treatment to stop the problem here. If you are experiencing the following signs of ED on a regular basis, then make an appointment with your health care specialist:

  • Inability to achieve and maintain an erection
  • Inability to keep an erection firm enough to complete the sexual activity
  • Penile erection that is not at all hard for penetration

Diagnosis and Treatment of ED

Your health care specialist will ask you for the patient history. He/she will perform a thorough examination and may recommend tests to differentiate between psychological and physical ED.

There are some treatment choices available for erectile dysfunction cure that majorly depends upon the cause of the ED. If you are found to have psychological ED, then you and your sexual partner may be referred to a psychologist for counseling.

If the problem is caused by hormonal changes, then it may be treated with erectile dysfunction drugs. For diabetic patients, diet, exercise, erectile dysfunction medication is necessary, as poorly managed blood sugar levels increases the severity of the erectile problem. In case ED is an adverse effect of a medication that you are consuming, then you will be prescribed by another medication to treat erectile dysfunction.

How Exercise Can Boost Men’s Sexual Capacity

How Exercise Can Boost Men’s Sexual Capacity

Relation between exercise and better sex life

Exercise is a great thing to make your body fit, but what about those other benefits that exercise can bring. From improving erectile dysfunction to better sex life, there are other health benefits in which an intense workout of 20 to 40 minutes can help you. The next time when you get ready to hit the gym, keep in mind that your training efforts can also result in a healthy relationship between you and your partner as an additional effect along with other health benefits of exercise.

Exercise not only means maintaining muscle mass and losing fat, but it can also work for you in revitalizing your sex life, a study suggests. According to studies, people with poor physical health are more likely to develop sexual dysfunction as compared to those who involved in a physical workout.

An unhealthy body can have a huge negative impact on sexual function. The more you do to improve your general health the better will be your sex life. Studies have found that a regular intense workout can be effective in lowering impotence risk in men. It has been revealed that men who exercise regularly are less likely to develop sexual dysfunction. While, on the other hand, people with sedentary lifestyle those who do not exercise at all have a great chance of developing sexual problems. An exercise session of 20 to 30 minutes helps in improving erection problems by increasing the flow to the penile region.

The sex life of women can also benefit from regular, vigorous exercise. An intense workout of 20-30 minutes can enhance sexual function in women by increasing blood flow in genital areas.

More information about exercise and better sex life

Exercise increases sexual potency by strengthening the cardiovascular system and improving blood circulation. Sexual function is all about good blood circulation. There are factors that can affect the flow of blood. Such factors include smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, and obesity. However, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake, and reducing weight are not alone able to improve sexual health the way exercise did.

However, an individual should not engage in a heavy exercise session as this can decrease testosterone hormone in men, which leads to a less robust sexual life. Overstraining can hamper your immune system which could have a direct negative effect on your sexual performance.

Exercise allows blood to flow- A good circulation is necessary to experience genital arousal. Regular exercise not only keeps you healthy but, it also improves circulation, which is useful for sexual function.
Helps with genital arousal- Exercise is useful in activating the sympathetic nervous system. A study suggests a link between genital arousal and sympathetic nervous system stimulation.
Helps you calm and relax- Stress can delay sexual arousal. Exercise provides strength and stamina to deal with daily stress in your life. Regular exercise trains your body to manage stress in a more effective way. Stress can cause depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders, which cause lack of energy. Exercise daily to better deal with life stress and experience calmness.
Balances the sex hormones- A combination of testosterone and estrogen are known to create sexual desire. Exercise is known to boost testosterone levels in the body, which provides power to sexual drive and help you keep going to bed.

Strengthen the muscle that makes orgasm- Your pelvic muscles contract whenever you have an orgasm. It is important to keep your pelvic muscles strong to maintain continuity of having an orgasm during a sexual drive. Include more of those exercises that target your pelvic muscles in your daily routine. You can add glute bridges, squats to strengthen your pelvic muscles.

When to Talk To Your Child about Sex?

When to Talk To Your Child about Sex?

Discuss sexuality at an appropriate level-

Being a parent, make sure that you discuss sex with your child at an appropriate level. Keep in mind the level of maturity of your child while discussing sexuality. You should adjust explanations according to child level of understanding; try to use easy and simple language so that your child can easily understand.

Start discussing sex at an early stage-

Start by discussing body parts and maturation, and then intercourse while your child is young. Children tend to ask more questions at an early age. Being a parent, if you handle these questions earlier, it will be easy for you to discuss when your child grows older. It has been shown that children who have discussed sex with their parents are more comfortable with the subject as compared to those who do not discuss sexuality with their parents. Such children are more likely to approach their parents in case of problems that might occur in the future.

Being a parent, be available for your child-

Express through your words and expressions that you are always available to answer any query that your child might have. Let your children know that you are always there for him/her.

Be comfortable and feel free-

While discussing sex with your children, treat the topic as any other important topic. If your child senses that you are not comfortable in answering his/her question, he/she will rarely come to you to share personal problems later in life. With this behavior of yours, your child might also lead to believe that sex is wrong or taboo.

Do not wait for your children to ask about sex-

Being a parent, you should be the one who initiates the discussions about sexuality. This gesture of yours will make your child feel comfortable in bringing up questions regarding the topic. At some point, you may think it is hard to explain them. In such cases, you can take use everyday occurrences as opportunities to discuss sex. For example, while bathing your child, you can point out the genital organs and name it and other body parts as well. If your child notices a pregnant woman and asks questions about her stomach size, use the situation and start discussing reproduction, which an offspring form, etc. When your children begin going through puberty, presents can mention that they are nothing breast development or voice changes and discuss further the changes that take place in the body when your child is going to enter his/her adolescence phase. Like this, there are several opportunities that a parent may get from everyday life to discuss sex with their children. Create a healthy relationship between you and your child.

Never ignore your child’s questions about sex. Make an effort to answer him/her truthfully. Educate them as much as you can according to their level of maturity as this will contribute to making them lead a healthy sex life.

5 Things That Can Help Improve Your Sex Life

5 Things That Can Help Improve Your Sex Life

Consider some erotic fiction

There are so many ways you and your partner can turn in on. Reading erotic fiction is one of the oldest and effective natural ways to get in the mood for sex. Reading in a calm environment and allows you to concentrate on your body and keep you away from external distractions. The stories are not only for entertainment purpose but also provide you with some good ideas for what you and your partner can get up to. One can also try mood, including activities such as erotic massing, sensual communication etc.

Try some actual exercise

Pelvic exercise is super important to lead a healthy sex life. The muscles around your sexual organs and pelvis contract spontaneously during orgasm. Kegal exercise is considered as a paramount to a good sex life. A strong pelvic floor increases your bladder control, which is good for old age people. These exercises strengthen your reproductive organ, boost your sensitivity, and lead to a stronger, long-lasting orgasm. Enhance your sex life with kegels.

Eat a ton of aphrodisiac foods

Focus on foods that are pleasurable, and sensual to eat like peaches, figs, chocolates, and oysters. These foods are a most famous aphrodisiac and taste really good.

Pay attention to your body reactions towards birth control

Whether you are using a pill, the patch, or an IUD, putting hormones into your body can decrease your sex drive. While taking birth control pills, consider tracking your arousal levels before taking the pill and then for a few months while taking the pill, and then compare the two. The effects vastly differ in women taking birth control pills. If you are taking the pill for a long time trying to stop it and see if that changes things. But be sure to use another protective measure. One can also talk to their sexual health expert to look into a copper IUD, which is a very effective birth control measure.

Try dealing with your stress

According to clinical studies, stress and anxiety are considered as the biggest sex drive killers. Sexual stimulation is difficult if you are stressed out or depressed. Not getting aroused will stress you more at that time. To get rid of stress and anxiety, you need to make some lifestyle changes. To lead a happy and healthy sex life, you need to create a space in your life for it. It is good to spend 20 minutes of uninterrupted quality time with your partner every day. Avoid checking emails, or Instagram distractions for the time; try to spend electronic free quality time with your better half. This will increase the communication between the two, which help you get stimulated and allow you to leave a healthy sex life.

Five Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive

Five Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive

Add aphrodisiac food to your diet

Having aphrodisiac foods like figs, oysters, hot peppers, and chocolate; actually, work to increase your sex drive. However, there is no scientific evidence of such food items to help in increasing libido, but there is no harm in trying them. These may not have biological effects; they can only have psychological effects. The aphrodisiac food contains nutrients that are extremely good for health including sexual health.

Try some cardiac exercise

Workouts such as biking, swimming, running, and cycling can hence the blood flow to the genitals. Exercise is helpful in boosting endorphins (chemicals in your brain) that make you feel good and help you turn in on. Moreover, regular exercise can also increase the testosterone (hormone) levels afterward make you sexually stimulated. Exercise will help keep you moving and grooving in all ways. You will feel toned in your own skin while increasing blood circulation, boosting your nerves around the genitals, detoxifying your body, and enhancing testosterone hormone in the body.

Have red wine

It’s no secret that a little alcohol can lower your inhibitions and make you feel free to stimulate. But red wine is considered as a better option than liquor or beer when it comes to enhancing sex drive. Research has shown that people who drank moderate amounts of red wine had a greater libido as compared to those who did not drink or had beer or liquor. Drinking in moderation can help increase blood circulation, which is thought to be the treason behind increasing the sex drive.

Consider supplement

Ginko Biloba has been used to treat sexual dysfunction and it comes out to be an effective natural remedy to increase libido. It is relatively safe and it is effective enough to put you in the mood. Ashwagandha is known as Indian ginseng, which is a powerful aphrodisiac and extremely helpful in maintaining a penile erection in men allowing him to last longer in bed. It increases feelings of desire and acts as an energy booster. The herbal remedy is also considered to promote a restful and a better quality of sleep. One can try it for overall body rejuvenation. Supplements containing Vitamin c and vitamin B5are also helping in increasing circulation and give you more energy by fuelling your adrenal glands. Vitamin B5 supports the products of sex hormones and stress-related hormones.

Try these libido-enhancing botanicals to increase your sexual desire and activity naturally. So, get back to your roots to enhance your libido.

Hug it out

According to the studies, 20 seconds of hugs can significantly increase the levels of oxytocin in the body which help you feel bonded to your partner. Cuddling and hugging can spark a feeling of intimacy which tends to trigger sexual desire in you and your better half.

Effective Male Enhancement Products

Effective Male Enhancement Products

Male Enhancers

These can also be called as men’s sex pills and taking them after getting it prescribed from the physician is always advisable. The formulation of male enhancing pills caries from product to another, but all these have a similar objective, which is to help solve sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and lack of sexual drive. The pills help boost your body, so the blood flow increases all over your body, including the penile tissues, improving your erection and provides stamina to last longer on the bed.

Key features of male enhancing tablets

Increase blood flow to the penile tissues
Increase libido and sexual pleasure
Help you sustain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse
Make your penis size bigger once you get sexually aroused
Help you last longer in bed

Working on male enhancement pills

The main mechanism of action that the enhancement pills work is to increase the blood flow to the penis. Enhanced blood flow means more nitric oxide to the penile tissues. When you are sexually stimulated, a rush of blood into the genitals takes place as the body’s biological response to the stimulation. The nitric oxide present in the blood allows the penile blood vessels to widen, which opens up the penile tissues (sponge-like tissues) to accept more blood. This results in a hard, strong, and solid erection while maintaining the erection for longer.

These pills can be taken by people with sex problems. Sometimes, sexual dysfunction occurs because of age, stress, illness, and many other issues. This is where the male enhancement products come in. These products increase the production of nitric oxide in the blood, which in turn increases the blood flow to your dick.

Kinds of male enhancement products

There are many different kinds of male enhancement products available today in the market. Prepare yourself for some intense, powerful, intimate session with these male enhancement products that would surely surprise your partner.

Prescription medications including sildenafil citrate, vardenafil, tadalafil
Non-prescription or natural supplements such as Tribulus Terrestris, horny goat weed, shilajit, ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, etc.

The prescription medications are safe and approved by the FDA for their use to enhance male’s sexual life. Moreover, the natural supplements have undergone clinical tests and trials to prove its efficacy and safety for treating sexual issues in men. Most prescription drugs, if taken in the proper dosage, are known to be effective.

Despite having approval, the products may produce side effects, if not used correctly, or used an expired drug, or if the man taking it has some health complications. Also, keep in mind that any medication can react if it combines with another one. Hence, be sure to take precautions, if you have some health condition, and you are taking medications for treating the condition, this can cause drug interaction in your body, which can cause harmful effects. This is why, it is always advisable to consult a health specialist and tell your medical history, so he/she will be able to know if the product is safe for you or not.

How to Increase Stamina for Sex?

How To Increase Stamina For Sex?

There are various exercises also which are very helpful in boosting your sex stamina

Pelvic floor exercise pelvic muscle is a pubococcygeus muscle is a hammock-shaped muscle that stretches from your pubic bone to your tailbone. It forms your pelvic floor and exists in both men and women and it is the muscle that you can engage when you are peeing to stop that flow of urine. There are exercises which help in strengthening the pelvic muscle, which increases erectile strength, ejaculatory control, and the strength of your orgasms. In pelvic muscle exercise occasionally pause and hold the muscle to give it a wake-up call, this will become easier over time. Start with quick pulses, move up to two-seconds hold, and then after a few days see if you can do ten five seconds holds without much of a break in between.

Pelvic muscle exercise the preceding exercises are great to get a relationship with your pelvic muscle, but you don’t build a muscle by going to the gym and flexing your arm. Pelvic muscles also need to be challenged to grow. So masturbate to arousal and drape a dry hand towel over your erection with the towel in place, do penis pushups by flexing your Pelvic muscle and lifting the towel. This exercise will definitely bring changes in your stamina in a positive way. You will be able to control your erection and ejaculation.
Doing normal exercise also boost your stamina like running, skipping etc. as cardiovascular health is also very important for good sex stamina.

Medications– There are various drugs which can help you in increasing the stamina for sex. One of the most famous drugs is Viagra which is used for increasing stamina for sex. This drug helps in harder erections, heightened sex drive, increased sex desire and more energy. This drug works by increasing blood flow in your genitals thus keeping the erection for longer time. But before taking any medications, consult your doctor and take the medicine as prescribed by your physicians. Some other drugs are Vardenafil, Sildenafil, and Tadalafil.

There are various Ayurvedic drugs which can help in increasing sex stamina. Ayurvedic medicines don’t have any side effects also, so by consulting the physicians you can take these medicines. But there are various side effects of allopathic medicines which include cardiovascular disorders also. So it’s very important to consult the doctor before taking any type of medicines.

10 Things That Can Affect Erections

10 Things That Can Affect Erections

Understand the condition of weak erection:

The process of erection involves various things including hormones, nerves, mental condition, physical condition, and vascular function; these all work together and an imbalance in any of these factions can damage or weaken the sex drive. Sex experts prescribe some medicines that men can try to enhance testosterone in the body. Silagra is one such medicine that can relax muscles, helping in increasing blood flow to the certain areas of the body. It proves to be a good medicine to improve sex drive by treating erection disorder. Nowadays, it is easy to buy Silagra online at a reasonable cost and treat the condition without revealing to anyone.

Poor nutrition and diet

Your diet plays a key role in strengthening sex drive. Poor nutrition can lower libido and cause the problem of early erection. You have to take the sufficient calories with every meal. If your body is not getting enough nutrition, your sexual stamina will get affected. Try to avoid junk foods and deep-fried food products for the sake of your sex life. Experts recommend a healthy and nutritious diet that includes a variety of cereals, fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables. The consumption of berries, watermelon, seafood, almonds, chocolate and dairy products can simply improve your sex drive. You can also try some medicines for a short period to treat weak erection.

Alcohol and smoking

The consumption of excess alcohol and smoking habit are something not desired for elevating libido. They badly hamper the level of testosterone in the body and lead to a condition of erectile dysfunction. A moderate and occasional drinking is acceptable, but if you are taking it too much, you are increasing the risks for ED. Smoking is not allowed in any way and it not just affects your sex line but also injures your lungs.


Obesity or excess body weight is also a factor that can affect your erection. The excess of fat can alter hormonal balance in the body and cause various other medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes that are not good for erections. You have to control your body weight for maintaining a strong erection. Men are also recommended to buy Silagra 100 mg and take it under prescription to improve sex drive but have to continue shedding extra fat.


Mental disturbance and depression can affect your sex life. It can be denoted as an erection killer and a depressed person feels detached from sex. Doctors talk about mood issues that can weaken your sex drive.


The lack of exercise and sluggishness can increase the risk for erectile dysfunction. It is essential to increase blood flow in the body to maintain a strong sex drive for a long time. Try to exercise regularly to keep your sex life healthy and alive.

High blood pressure

Elevated blood pressure is not a good sign for the sexual drive and it can affect erection. People with high blood pressure do not last long in the bed and their partners remain unsatisfied with this performance. Such people have to take the right medicines to maintain a strong erection. They can buy Silagra online or offline; it is a good medicine to treat weak erection due to high blood pressure.