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    Picture of Diamond Soap

    Diamond Soap

    Picture of Diamond Exfoliating Scrub 40 GM

    Diamond Exfoliating Scrub 40 GM

    Diamond ash or Bhasma is renowned to boost your skin’s process of cell regeneration, thereby pumping a new life into your dull and lifeless skin. This incredible ingredient helps you retain your skin’s lost youth and improve the skin texture in order to give you the extraordinary gift of smooth, translucent and radiant skin. Other than diamond ash, this Diamond Scrub contains the perfect blend Cucumber, Rose, Walnut Particles, Almond Oil, Lemon Oil and Olive Oil. These herbal skin perfecting ingredients work wonders in purifying your skin and removing toxins and wastes that accumulate on your skin every day to make your skin look younger, clearer and brighter.
    Picture of Diamond Plus Skin Rejuvenating Mask 50 gm

    Diamond Plus Skin Rejuvenating Mask 50 gm

    We are exposed to a wide variety of face packs and beautifying face masks for extensive face care in the world of cosmetics today. Although all these brands and types of cosmetics claim to be efficient enough for your skin, there are only a few that actually fulfil this claim rightly. With the goodness of enriching herbs like Masoorika Extract, Orange Oil, Yashad Ash, Diamond Ash and Sudh Garika, this diamond skin mask treats many skin diseases and infections. It purifies and hydrates your tender skin deeply to restore your skin's original youthful glow and give you an instant face lift by tightening your skin pores.