Don’t Give Up, Encourage Your Children to Eat More Vegetables

Don’t Give Up, Encourage Your Children to Eat More Vegetables


Set a good example with vegetables

Children learn most of the food habits from their parents, so the best way to encourage your kid is to eat more vegetables to let them see you eating.

Keep trying with new vegetables

It is very easy for children to say a big NO to vegetables when they first eat them. If your child also doesn’t like vegetables or any new vegetable then also keep offering them with different recipes at mealtimes. Also, try to keep encouraging them to taste vegetables.

Use praise words when your child tries vegetables

If you use to praise your child every time they eat vegetables, they will more likely to eat vegetables and nutritious foods again. Praise works wonder when you tell your kid exactly what they did well. Try to educate them about the overweight causing food. If your child is refusing to eat, take her meal away for about twenty minutes.

Get your child involved in vegetables cooking

If you involve your child in planning and cooking family meals with veggies, then he will surely be more interested in eating the vegetables.

Get vegetables into meals in other ways

You should try to disguise the vegetables in foods that you know your child love to eat. When you try this, your child would get a chance to be more familiar with the balanced diet and learn the different unique tastes of the cuisine.

Offer vegetables in form of snacks

You may have heard that vegetables can make the best snacks. If you stock up on vegetables for snacks and limit the unhealthy snacks at home, your child would be more likely to eat vegetables in form of snacks whenever he/she is hungry. These edible items are not low on energy food and help to improve the children’s health.

Go for variety, taste, and fun

Whenever you step out to the vegetable market, try to select veggies of different shapes, colors, textures, and tastes. The reason is that there will be more varieties and nutritious foods available for your children and they will find something more interesting to eat.