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    Picture of Desowen Cream 10gm

    Desowen Cream 10gm

    About the drug: Decmax- 4 mg active constituent is dexamethasone. It belongs to a group of medicines called corticosteroids. It may be used to treat symptoms such as inflammation, certain immune disorders and in replacement therapy of an inactive or underactive adrenal gland.It is prescribed for skin allergies, asthma, leukaemia, blood disorders, selected rheumatic disorders (pain in the joints, muscles or connective tissue), gastrointestinal disorders (such as inflammatory bowel disease), skin problems, certain abnormal growths (cancers) and excessive calcium in the blood.
    Picture of ADAFERIN Gel 15gm

    ADAFERIN Gel 15gm

    About the drug: The active ingredient in the drug is Adapalene. It is a tropical drug that is used in the treatment of severe acne. Uses of the drug: The main purpose of the medicine is to treat acne. Working of the drug: Adapalene belongs to the class of medicine called retinoids. It mainly works by decreasing inflammation and swelling and also by affecting the growth of cells. It helps the cells to rebuild.
    Picture of Triluma RD Cream 15gm

    Triluma RD Cream 15gm

    Tri-Luma 15 gm Cream is a topical solution for treating melasma. This topical therapy is made up of 3 effective and unique ingredients. TriLuma cream is an FDA approved product and is safe for use. The sufferers of melasma have good hopes to treat their skin blemishes easily with the help of this cream. If your dermatologist suggests, you can start this 7 to 8-week course to treat your facial dark sports. This is an effective solution for treating moderate to severe melasma appearance.
    Picture of Desowen Lotion 30ml
    Picture of Epiduo Gel 15gm

    Epiduo Gel 15gm

    What is EPIDUO? EPIDUO gel is a combination of Adapalene and Benzoyl peroxide