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    Picture of Herbal Kajal

    Herbal Kajal

    Herbal Kajal Herbal Kajals have been a centre of attraction for all the beautiful ladies as it besides beautifying your eyes like other conventional kajals, also impeccably helps in improving your vision and boosting the growth of your eyelashes naturally. This extraordinary Herbal Kajal contains Triphala, Almond oil, Natural Carbon and other essential herbal extracts that practically help in enhancing your eyes’ health. It has a creamy and smooth texture that facilitates gliding it effortlessly on your eyes, giving your eyes a stunning colour payoff with a great black finish. As it contains all the natural skin perfecting and soothing ingredients, it does not irritate or sting your eyes like other substitutes in the market, thus making it extensively safe for even sensitive eyes. Besides these outstanding cosmetic benefits, the kajal also does not smudge off a lot and thus you need not clean your eyes or reapply it again and again. Experience the power of soothing pure herbs that will work like magic on the delicate skin of your eyes and its waterline to visibly enhance your personality.
    Picture of Kajal Eye Definer

    Kajal Eye Definer

    A Kajal is considered as one of the main makeup essential product in almost every woman’s bag. So it’s important to outline your eyes properly. To enhance the beauty of your eyes try Himalaya Kajal today to give an intense look to your eyes. It is made of from 100% natural ingredients to give your eyes a dense look. The ingredients used in the preparation of this Kajal have medicinal properties and are used in Ayurveda for decades. The herbal kajal provides relief to your eyes from tiredness and irritations. It acts as a protective shield for the eyes and protects them from sand, dust, and UV rays of the sun. Using Himalaya Kajal is a perfect choice for making your eyes more beautiful and expressive. Vitamin E nourishes the skin near the eye area. This natural formula can be applied daily to make your eyes noticeable.Before applying the Kajal clean your eyes to avoid allergy. Himalaya is an affordable brand and its kajal comes with various benefits.
    Picture of Under Eye Cream

    Under Eye Cream

    Picture of Bio Kaajal (Nourishing & Conditioning Kaajal With Almond Oil) 3 gm

    Bio Kaajal (Nourishing & Conditioning Kaajal With Almond Oil) 3 gm

    If taken care of properly and decorated the right way, eyes can be everybody’s attention catchers. There is a vivid variety of eye makeup cosmetics today that make your eyes look bright and stunning. But choosing the right cosmetic and makeup type for your eyes is also an important factor to wow everyone with your eyes. Eye Kaajal is that single eye cosmetic that enhances the beauty of every type of eyes and makes you look presentable. It highlights the lower contour of your eyes by darkening its colour, giving eyes a smoky and deep look. Bio Kaajal Nourishing & Conditioning Eye Liner with Almond Oil is one of the best choices in opting for a Kaajal as it is completely herbal in nature. As the name suggests, Bio Kaajal is an organic Kaajal that gently nourishes and conditions your eyes while glamorizing them with goodness of herbal botanicals.
    Picture of Under Eye Gel (Lightens Dark Circle) 20 gm

    Under Eye Gel (Lightens Dark Circle) 20 gm

    Under Eye Gel (Lightens Dark Circle) Dark circles are a prominent symptom of skin ageing and sleeplessness, but due to hectic work schedules and stressful life routines, dark circles begin to appear as a sign of premature skin ageing. Under Eye Gel is the best solution that visibly lightens dark circles and is made from the best skin lightening and repairing ingredients. Major ingredients in this list to form this strong dark circle remover are: Rose Extracts tighten skin pores and curb skin ageing. They have an impeccable moisturizing, smoothening and firming action on all skin types and repair damaged skin cells to make skin look healthier and softer. Flaxseed Extracts contain essential oils and proteins to work well as an effective anti wrinkle agent and have a skin plumping effect to visibly reduce wrinkles look reduced. Lemon Extracts are a natural Vitamin C source and is an extraordinary anti tanning agent as it is renowned to lighten skin complexion. Green tea is an impactful antioxidant that helps in replenishing damaged skin tissues. Aloe Vera tones, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin gently to regenerate new skin cells and prevent signs of ageing and skin darkening.
    Picture of Almond Under Eye Cream 20 gm

    Almond Under Eye Cream 20 gm

    Due to lack of sleep and hectic schedules in today’s competitive world, under eye dark circles are a common problem faced by people. Dark circles make you look sick and pale and hamper your overall appearance and personality. Although there are a lot of under eye creams and gels available in the market for curing this problem, one needs to pay special attention in choosing the right cosmetic for their under eyes. This is so because the skin of under eye area is more sensitive than the skin of other body parts. Almond under Eye Cream is one simple answer to the under eye dark circles that gently nourishes and moisturizes the skin around your eyes. This herbal under eye cream works wonders in lightening & removing dark circles.