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    Picture of Hira Tail

    Hira Tail

    About the drug:Using and applying the Ayurvedic products is always a big relieve especially when it is about health. Hira Oil (Hira Tail) is 100% safe Ayurvedic product that promotes penis enlargement.This oil is blended with essential herbs suitable for treating penis size and erection pro. Hira Oil is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin E and other therapeutic herbs which treat penile tissue and cells. The oil helps to increase the blood circulation of penis muscles. Hira oil is to be used for external purposes only.
    Picture of Sanndha Oil

    Sanndha Oil

    Sandha oilAbout the drug:100% safe ayurvedic preparation blended with essential secret aphrodisiac herbs suitable for treating penis erection problem. Sanndha Oil is genuine penis massage oil for longer, stronger and harder erection.Uses of the drug:Sanndha Oil acts on the locally damaged skin, and also on the inner layer as well as the skin sub layer. The skin sub layer is crammed with capillaries and veins. Sanndha Oil acts on this layer of the skin from outside in as it gets absorbed. The penile spongy-structure tissues avert the Sanndha Oil from piercing into the core of the two penile cylinders. It necessitates a harder erection for the Sanndha Oil to get into the core of the penile cylinders. The vacant hollow spaces in the spongy tissues are the obstruction of the chemical diffusion (penetration) for the Sanndha Oil. Substantial filling the spongy tissues with blood will allow the Sanndha Oil ingredients to disperse into the core for curative action and renewal.
    Picture of MELALITE FORTE Cream 30gm

    MELALITE FORTE Cream 30gm

    About the drug: The combination of Glyceryl Mono Para Amino Benzoate and Hydroquinone in the medicine helps in reduction of production of melanin. It is because of melanin that the skin colour is brown. The more the melanin the darker is the skin colour. When the medicine is applied it reduces the production of melanin thus making the skin light in colour.
    Picture of CARDIOPLUS Capsule 10's

    CARDIOPLUS Capsule 10's

    About the drug:A Complete multivitamin specifically formulated to lower cholesterol levels. For those worried about their cholesterol levels, Centrum Cardioplus is specially formulated with phytosterols that are proven to lower cholesterol (LDL).This unique formula contains 25 vitamins & minerals to support nutrition, energy and immunity plus added heart health benefits.Uses of the drug:Cardio Plus Capsule is used in the treatment, control, prevention & improvement of the following diseases, conditions and symptoms: Heart performance Anemia due to folic acid deficiency Poor diet Poor absorption of food Increased requirement of folate in the body ( especially during pregnancy) Neurological disturbances Folate deficiency Vitamin b12 deficiency Pernicious anemia Skin diseases Mental problems Anemia Homocystinuria Vitamin a deficiency Eye problems Convulsions Pregnancy complications Scurvy Cell damage
    Picture of Cobix 200mg Capsule 10'S

    Cobix 200mg Capsule 10'S

    Celecoxib is a NSAID that is preferably used for bringing relief from various kinds of pains and swelling. Like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, acute pain, spondylitis, painful menstruation and, post operative pains like those caused by injuries, dental procedures and surgery etc. It is more or less equal to ibuprofen in treating the post operative pain. It is also recommended for use in several children above 2 years of age for treating arthritis. This medicine comes as tablet and Capsules forms for relieving pain. The drug is used to release a variety of pains like those caused by osteoarthritis,menstrual cramps
    Picture of Osteofos 70mg Tablet 4'S

    Osteofos 70mg Tablet 4'S

    What is Sodium Alendronate? Sodium Alendronate manufactured under the brand names Fosamax, Osteofos (by Cipla) among several other trade names worldwide is used to treat or prevent osteoporosis caused by menopause or by taking steroids (both men and women). Sodium Alendronate medication changes the process of bone formation and breakdown in the body. It reduces bone loss while helping more bone mass production which may prevent bone fractures. This medication is also used to treat Paget’s disease of bone in both men and women. Sodium Alendronate may also be given for conditions not listed above.