Herbs that Fight Arthritis Pain

Herbs that Fight Arthritis Pain

Types of Arthritis:

Experts say that there are about 200 types of arthritis. They range from those related to wear and tear of cartilage to inflammation-prone problems. All the types of arthritis can be categorized into:

  • Inflammatory arthritis
  • Degenerative arthritis
  • Connective arthritis
  • Metabolic arthritis
  • Infectious arthritis
  • Septic arthritis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Soft tissue musculoskeletal joint pain
  • Back pain

Causes of Arthritis:

There is not just one factor that causes arthritis rather various potential causes makes an impact altogether in most of the cases. Some of the leading causes of arthritis are recognized as:

  • Bone injury
  • Infections in joint tissues
  • Dysfunction in the immune system
  • Weak or abnormal metabolism
  • Heredity or inheritance
  • Poor nutrition

Arthritis Symptoms:

It’s very easy to recognize and understand the symptoms of arthritis that develop gradually. These symptoms persist over time and arthritis medication is given accordingly. The major arthritis symptoms are:

Joint pain – Constant joint pain remain there and it can be felt in one or more joints in the body.

Swelling – Arthritis causes swelling in the tissues surrounding joint(s). It affects the bone’s power to function smoothly. Arthritis patients feel the warmth at the site of swelling.

Stiffness – The inability to move and walk with arthritis is very common to see. This stiffness can choke the normal life and make the condition worse. In most cases, arthritis treatment is given to relieve from this stiffness. There are some effective herbs to help you out by treating this stiffness or arthritis without affecting the health of the tissues.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is an effective herb that you can use as an alternative medicine for the arthritis treatment. This natural item has the strong healing properties that can reduce the tissue inflammation and save bones from erosion. One can rub the aloe vera gel on the affected joint and make it warm as well. The topical application of this gel once a day is helpful in soothing the stiff joints. This herb is used in arthritis medication and, orthopedics recommends it very often.

Cat’s Claw

Cat’s Claw is highly effective in reducing the swelling caused by arthritis. This tropical vine has been in the use for a very long time. Traditionally, this herb is used to stimulate immune system but it can also heal osteoarthritis pain, preventing bones from further damage and treating other arthritis symptoms with a soft touch.


The anti-inflammatory capabilities of Boswellia leaves prove to be very effective in healing joint pain arising out of arthritis. This herb can block leukotrienes which weaken joints in the condition of rheumatoid arthritis. People can take Boswellia orally or use it as a topical cream to for the arthritis treatment.


Eucalyptus oil is traditionally used in arthritis medication. This herb has an effective substance called tannins that can reduce swelling and inflammation in the tissues. You can use eucalyptus leaves as a pad to get relief from the joint pain. Eucalyptus’ topical oil has been long serving people suffering from muscle stiffness and skin swelling.