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    Midas Care Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

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    Picture of Relispray 49 gm

    Relispray 49 gm

    Detail Description RELISPRAY is a result of combining modern drug delivery system with time tested and powerful herbal medicines imbibing thousands of years of wisdom of ancient ayurveda. the formulations offers rubifacient analgesic anti-inflammatory agents available in micro fine particles penetrating the epidermal layer of the skin with the force of a spray.The thought of getting a backache, a pulled muscle or an aching joint frightens you? It should. Especially if you have to rely on your long trusted favorite balm. Because all balms are semi-solid, they have to be vigorously massaged for better penetration. This could further damage the already damaged tissues. While you were only moaning in pain earlier, now you are shrieking in agony.
    Picture of Relispray 75 gm

    Relispray 75 gm