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    Muscle Cramps/Spasticity

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    Picture of Liofen 10mg Tablet 10'S

    Liofen 10mg Tablet 10'S

    About the drug: Baclofen is the main active pharmaceutical ingredient present in Liofen Tablets. Baclofen belongs to a group of medicines called muscle relaxants and is an antispastic agent used for the relief of muscle spasms, cramping or tightness. Uses of the drug: Baclofen is used in the treatment of spasm of skeletal muscles. It is also used to treat cerebral palsy, diseases of the spinal cord, meningitis, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebrovascular accidents, and other diseases or injuries that affect the brain and central nervous system.
    Picture of Flexura 400mg Tablet 10'S

    Flexura 400mg Tablet 10'S

    About the drug: The medicine is a muscle relaxant and is used mainly for the treatment of swelling and pain, sports injuries and other problems. It is used along with physical therapy and rest to give relief to the symptoms. The main ingredient of the drug is Metaxalone. It is used either alone or in combination with other drugs or therapy to give relief to the patient. Uses of the drug: The drug is used in the treatment, prevention, control and improvement of the following conditions, diseases and symptoms: Pain and swelling Sports injuries Relieve muscle spasm