Quick Ways to Rid your Christmas Tree of Bugs

Quick Ways to Rid your Christmas Tree of Bugs

Christmas tree bugs that you need to deal with

This may sound shocking to you, but this is true, your Christmas tree does get infected with bugs that you need to stop them from coming into your home as soon as possible. You don’t need to get scared of Christmas tree bugs as none of them is going to harm you. In fact, these bugs that are seeing in your house during the Christmas season greatly prefer living outside. These tree insects require moisture and humidity to survive, which they do not get inside to survive, and they die on their own. Some of the bugs that you may see inside Christmas pine are:

Aphids- It is one of the most common insects we see on plants and trees. These are mainly found in the lower boughs of evergreens, firs, spruces, and pines.
Spiders- Spiders and mites are found on white pines, spruce trees, and Douglas fir.
Bark beetles- They are equal to the size of a grain of rice. They are brown, red, and black colors.
Adelgids- These bugs look like a dusting of snow
Praying mantises- Another Christmas tree bug which can hatch after several weeks indoors. They are usually light tan color.
Pine needle scale- Scale insects, are very common in nurseries. They often go unnoticed since they appear to be a natural part of the needle on the tree.

No need to get worried after seeing this long list of bugs because there are pest control sprays available in the market that you can use to get rid of these bugs and still have a glorious Christmas this season.

Tips to get rid of Christmas bugs

Before you bring a Christmas tree at your home, shake it out thoroughly to avoid the entry of unwanted bugs in your house. Shake it vigorously to shed any insects and spiders, if any. Once you have done with shaking, check out the pine needles as well as branches for any lingering aphids, adelgids, or other small insects. It is important to examine the tree branches and trunk for any indications of eggs or bugs. Pines are known for having the most bugs. Look at the trunk too, that small holes with sawdust trails are a sign of bark beetles. Do not bring that tree that seems heavily infected with insect pests.

Once you bring the tree home, do not forget to vacuum regularly around the bottom of the tree. This will help ensure that there are not any bugs left.

Consider keeping the tree in your garage or a place out of your house for at least one day before decorating it. This will allow you to see if any bug is venturing out from the tree. You can also spray some neem oil on your tree to kill Christmas tree bugs in any phases from eggs to adults. Do not use a chemical spray to avoid Christmas bugs as it can pose a serious fire hazard. Therefore, you need to avoid it any cost.