‘Take care of your body, because that’s the only place you have to live in.’

And that’s what we help you with, taking good care of your body. How? By selling the best quality generic and brand medicines at most affordable prices. 24x7 Pharma Medicines is a highly trusted name in the world of online pharmacies. We deliver online medicines worldwide, which are manufactured by credible Indian medicine manufacturers. Our top-rated online pharmacy is run by astute medical professionals and pharmacists so as to deliver safe and best medicines to our customers.

At 24x7 Pharma Medicines, you can find medicines to cure a plethora of diseases like cancer, erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, HIV, herpes, osteoporosis, eye disorders, infections, etc. In addition to the diseases mentioned above, we also have the best solutions for your problems like hair and skin disorders.


24×7 Pharma Provides 100% satisfaction guaranteed

If your order is damaged in transaction, doesn’t show up on time, or partially received, we shall dispatch you a new package or full refund. You will be guaranteed on your request, in case of partial order your credit card will be charged again for remaining balance (and your payment refunded, only charged for the orders you received).

Average normal Shipping time through EMS/DHL is 15-22 Days , Please (Delivery may take 30 days from the date of Dispatch, due to if any disruption in postal services due to weather issue or natural disaster etc..)

If you have not received the package or you received any notification from shipper that your package was on hold, delay or return the sender, we strongly suggest you to please inform us on support@24x7pharma.com and we shall resolve the all shipping relating problems on priority.

Note: if is there any question/queries regarding your order, contact us by email at support@24x7pharma.com

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However, as much we focus on our aim to deliver you quality medicines at the cheapest rates, we equally care about protecting you from any medical accident or haphazard. Therefore, we do not allow the sale of any medicine without a legitimate prescription signed by a certified doctor.

Now that you know, start shopping the right solution to your medical problem with 24×7 Pharma Medicines. We’ve got you covered.

Service Standards

A Quality Audit Team regularly works in monitoring all drugs and orders adhere to our strict standards to ensure only the best service and experience for all of our consumers. We follow all guidelines to ensure safety and privacy of all customers. You can be assured that our standards are always up to date.

Choice of Products and Availability

Products that are appear on the 24x7pharma website has to pass stringent evaluation parameters and approval. Market studies are conducted for every product prior to consideration for placement on our site. All parameters are applied afterwards. Evaluations include the actual product and/or manufacturer analysis, as well as packing. Most products offered on our site are generic drugs, boasting the exact same ingredients as their name-brand counterparts, but with 24x7pharma the prices are much more affordable for consumers. The lower cost does not signify that there is any difference in terms of purity, potency, dosage, or bio-equivalence. In fact, the majority of generic healthcare products are manufactured in India. The leading country in the entire world (outside of the United States) to manufacture generic drugs is India, with 74% of the generic drug USFDA approved facilities being found there.

Discreet Delivery

As we are committed to provide only the highest in customer service, we ensure that all of our orders are shipped in recycled, environmentally friendly discreet boxes or mailers to respect your privacy. Just as if you went to a Best Online Pharmacy in your neighbourhood, they put your medication in a non-see through bag for your privacy. We care for your privacy just as much.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is of our utmost concern. All your personal data, including your email address and any other information supplied will never be misused. Since spam is illegal, we would never participate in this activity. In that improbably case that you receive any spam message related to our products or services, please let our customer support know of it immediately and we will deal with the situation accordingly.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Security of Ordering

Nowadays it is a common question about the security of websites with all of the scams and duplicate sites found online, but with 24x7pharma you will never have to worry about your personal information getting in the wrong hands beacause it’s Trusted Online Drugstore. We utilize the full certifications from Alpha SSL and Sucuri Security as the gold standard for our entire internet placed orders. All shopping cart pages on 24x7pharma.com -Online Drugstore are secured by a current SSL Certificate. Your security is a number one concern with this company. We want to make sure you’re completely protected while shopping on our website.