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    Picture of Evalon Cream 15gm

    Evalon Cream 15gm

    About the drug: Evalon cream contains Estriol. Estriol is a female hormone drug that generates the female sex hormone, estrogen, necessary for the smooth functioning of the biological system of women. It rectifies complications of the vagina that are brought about by a lack of estrogen in the body. It artificially produces the hormone, when the female body is unable to do so any longer, which usually happens after menopause, or after an operation to extract the ovaries. This drug is also effective in easing dryness and itching of the vagina, as well as reducing discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse.
    Picture of Premarin Vaginal Cream 14Gm

    Premarin Vaginal Cream 14Gm

    About the drug: Premarin is a conjugated estrogen cream. Estrogen is a female hormone. Conjugated estrogens vaginal cream belongs to the class of medications known as estrogen replacement therapy. This drug is used by the women who suffer from vaginal and urinary menopausal symptoms such as itching, burning, dryness around the vaginal area, difficulty in urination, and excruciating and pain during sexual intercourse.