Alcohol Addiction is a disease affecting a lot of the population for many years. This is a disorder in which the person cannot get rid of alcohol consumption, involving him in various ways, including physical and mental disturbance.

Just like other drugs, it has severe effects on daily human life. Even though this is a severe problem in every society, most people don’t accept this addiction as a disorder or disease, which is really bad.

But some countries have been working on helping all these alcoholics and have built rehabs working very hard to help the people.

Alcohol itself has severe effects on the human body. Still, if you are addicted to it and consume large quantities daily, it will harm you badly. Some of the severe health issues you will face due to alcohol are:

  • Increased Risk of Cancer
  • Ulcer
  • Diabetes
  • Sexual Problems
  • Heart Diseases
  • Liver Failure

Alcohol Addiction has 3 stages that a person goes through as he is being addicted. In the first stage, he consumes alcohol just for fun and to reward himself for his achievements, and it will be just a way of having fun for him. In the next stage, he will consume alcohol when he sees it.

The addiction is not permanent at this stage, but he will drink more alcohol than before. In the third and last stage, alcohol will become a part of his daily life. He cannot go through his day without drinking. This stage is the most dangerous one and hard to get out of.

There are different ways for the person who wants to get rid of this addiction. There are rehabs that he can join to get away from alcohol, and in time he will get out of this addiction. There is also drug therapy which has been really helpful for some people.

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