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7 Common Paxlovid Interactions You Should Know About

7 Common Paxlovid Interactions You Should Know About

Covid 19 was one of the most dangerous and fatal viruses that infected millions worldwide. During the difficult time when there was no cure, certain medications were coming, really handing in treating Covid like Paxlovid.

But taking any medication without knowing its effects and side effects on your body could be hazardous. In this article, we will be discussing Paxlovid Interactions with other drugs and health disorders.

This information will help you keep yourself safe from taking any unnecessary medication. Ensure you are reading the information here carefully and consulting with your doctor about any questions. All these tips and information are for you and your loved one’s safety.

What is Paxlovid?

  • A forward introduction about Paxlovid could be that this is the latest medication proven very effective against the coronavirus. People above 12 can take Paxlovid Tablet if he has mild to moderate Covid. Many doctors also suggest to their patients with this medicine.
  • This medication helps the patient control the Covid if it is in the initial stages. By taking Paxlovid, patients will have higher chances of curing Covid without going to the hospital. It is an oral medicine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • According to their survey, Pfizer, the company that developed this medication, has seen great results if the covid patients. This medication reduces 89% risk of getting hospitalized and dying in a person who hasn’t been vaccinated yet.

How Does Paxlovid Tablet Works?

  • As we know, every virus needs some enzyme from our body to survive and infect us. Paxlovid has an inhibitor called Nirmatrelvir which blocks the production of that specific enzyme that the coronavirus needs. So after the Nirmatrelvir Treatment virus enters the body, it cannot infect the person.
  • Paxlovid also has another chemical compound called Ritonavir. This compound stores the Nirmatrelvir in the liver, so if the virus gets active again, try to infect the body. It will be get treated immediately. There is a complete course that the patient must follow to take two medication packages.

Interactions of Paxlovid

Interactions of Paxlovid

Every medicine, when injected into the body, causes some effects. It not only causes changes to the infected area or disease, but it also affects other medical conditions a person might have. Paxlovid does the same. It also has specific interactions, which we will learn about shortly.

Paxlovid Interactions could be highly dangerous for your health and life. That’s why we highly recommend you consult your doctor before taking any medication. Share your health condition with him so he can change the drug or the treatment for you.

Cardiovascular Medications

Paxlovid is not suggested to a person who is a heart patient. Suppose you already have a medication course related to heart problems. In that case, there is a high chance that you will get side effects from using this Paxlovid. With heart medication, there can be higher stress on your heart and blood flow.

Some of the medications related to cardiovascular diseases which you must avoid while using Paxlovid are mentioned below:

  • Aspirin is a common heart-related medication that you must avoid.
  • Warfarin is a blood thinner drug prohibited from taking with the Paxlovid Prescription.
  • Felodipine can raise blood pressure when you are taking Paxlovid with it.
  • Losartan and Irbesartan are also blood-related medications patients cannot take with Paxlovid.

Diabetic Medications

Diabetes is a disorder widespread in people nowadays. And when a diabetic patient gets attacked by the coronavirus, he must be careful with his medication. Most important is to share your health problem with your doctor so he can change your prescription to avoid Paxlovid Interactions.

Some of the diabetic medications which are prohibited during the Paxlovid treatment are the following:

  • Empagliflozin is a diabetic drug that has been identified as dangerous to take for the Covid patients.
  • Insulins are also dangerous for the person’s health when he is in the five days’ medication procedure of Paxlovid.
  • Metformin is a drug that is prohibited for patients dealing with coronavirus.
  • Another diabetic medicine that is not safe to use along with Paxlovid is Pioglitazone.


In the coronavirus attack, a usual effect on the body due to the virus attack is migraines. To deal with those migraines, the patient cannot take medication that is specifically for migraines. They also have a severe impact on the effect of Paxlovid. Although there are some other solutions, doctors suggest their patients stop migraines and headaches.

The migraines medicine s which Paxlovid Interactions are listed below. Try avoiding these medications during the Covid treatment:

  • Frovatriptan should be prohibited to consume along with the Paxlovid treatment.
  • Eletriptan is a dangerous medicine to take with Paxlovid. There should be a time gap of 3 days between these medicine intakes.
  • Rizatriptan is also a dangerous medicine that interacts badly with Paxlovid in the body.
  • Doctors don’t prescribe to use of Sumatriptan and Paxlovid simultaneously.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition common in men in which the patient cannot hold his erection for a longer period. This condition can result in shorter and unpleased sexual interactions in couples. Luckily there are treatments and medications for curing this disorder.

PDE-5 inhibitors are often prescribed drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. Before engaging in sexual activity, they are utilized as necessary. Sadly, if you return home with a prescription for Paxlovid, you might wish to store these drugs in the medicine cabinet.

One of these drugs is avanafil (Stendra). Paxlovid Interactions can increase your body’s avanafil levels, but we don’t know how much. Avoid this combo out of caution.

PDE-5 inhibitors also include vardenafil (Levitra), tadalafil (Cialis), and sildenafil (Viagra). More people use them than avanafil. These might be safe to take with Paxlovid, but you should talk to your doctor about reducing your dosage. These drugs’ levels can be increased by Paxlovid as well.


Statins are the medication that is prescribed to cure the Cholesterol problem. And it is one of the most famous medications in America. It also has some severe interaction with Paxlovid. Doctors and physicians never suggest taking both these medications simultaneously because of the danger and risk it has.

The common drugs of the Statins category which you must stop taking during the Paxlovid treatment are below:

  • Atorvastatin is allowed during the intake process of Nirmatrelvir and Ritonavir medicines.
  • When the five says treatment of Paxlovid is going on, Lovastatin is completely prohibited from taking.
  • Rosuvastatin is a muscle-treating medicine, but the interaction of Paxlovid can cause serious side effects in the body.
  • Simvastatin, when taken simultaneously with Paxlovid, can cause intense muscle breakdown.

Antiplatelet Agents

Your blood contains tiny cells called platelets, which your body utilizes to coagulate and stop bleeding. You are more likely to develop clots if you have excessive platelets or if your platelets clump together too much. Antiplatelet medications help prevent blood clots from developing in your arteries by making platelets less sticky.

Paxlovid Interactions with the antiplatelet agent or medication can cause high-risk health disorders in the patient. Medicine you should be avoiding are:

  • The interaction with Paxlovid can increase cilostazol concentration. You must reduce the dose of this medicine to 50 mg per day.
  • Clopidogrel will cause a decrease in platelets by the reaction with Paxlovid. It would help if you stopped taking this medicine during Paxlovid.
  • Ticagrelor will increase the platelets. You must find an alternative to this medication during the Paxlovid treatment.
  • Prasugrel is not that affected. If your doctor says, you can continue the treatment.


Whenever a person has a strategic course of medicine, the doctors strictly stop him from alcohol consumption. Alcohol and smoking will destroy the positive impact your medication will have on your body. And instead, you will be putting your health in much worse condition.

Paxlovid Interactions is also critical and can cause some great disorder in patients. Some of the potential risks you will be having by this interaction are the following:

  • There is a potential risk of getting kidney and liver infections due to the interaction of these two substances.
  • The effect of Paxlovid will be significantly reduced due to the intake of alcohol into the body.
  • The patient will risk getting heart attack and seizer if he consumes alcohol with Paxlovid.
  • Alcohol and Paxlovid together can upset your blood pressure.

How to Cope with the Paxlovid Interactions Side Effects?

When you are taking Paxlovid and some other medications at the same time, you have to build up some strategies. You must follow those strategies to protect yourself from the Side Effects of Paxlovid Tablets. We have listed some tips you can follow in dealing with medical interactions.

  • You must be aware of any side effect appearance and get yourself hospitalized immediately.
  • The patient can adjust the dose of both drugs so the intensity of the interaction could get lowered.
  • Doctors can suggest the patient stop taking medicine, which is not necessary enough.
  • You can use some alternate medication that less affects your other drug.
  • Doctors can suggest any alternate Covid treatment that is safer for the patient.


When you are taking some medication, there are certain general safety tips and measures which you must follow. This information is essential, and every person must know the tips we have listed following. This information is for the safety of your life and the lives of the people you interact with.

  • Never keep medicine in a moist and hot place; keep them away from children’s reach.
  • Never take any medicine or drug without consulting your doctor first.
  • Always take the medication as the doctor prescribes.
  • To be safe from Paxlovid Interactions with other medications, have a time gap between taking the medicines.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or smoke while you are following some medication course.
  • Having a good diet will help you be healthy and free of using drugs and medicines
  • Maintain a healthy weight as you take some medical courses to prevent obesity.
  • A medical condition sometimes causes hypertension and stress, and tension in the patient; a therapist can help you in such a condition.

Where Can I Get Paxlovid?

Paxlovid is very popular and has been known worldwide for treating coronavirus. You can find this medicine in almost all the pharmaceutical stores near you and buy it from a cheap online pharmacy called 24×7 Pharma. They have delivery services worldwide, including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada etc.

We also recommend you ask your doctor about the dosage quantity of Paxlovid. If you mistakenly take the wrong dose, it could belief taking for you. Safety is always necessary during medical treatments.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paxlovid Primarily Used for?

The Paxlovid medication is primarily used for treating Covid. It has been found very effective against mild to moderate coronavirus infection. It is a five days’ course that could treat Covid-19.

Can Vitamins Also Interact with Paxlovid?

Many ask whether the Vitamin C and drinks with Vitamin C interact with Paxlovid. The answer is no. There was no interaction between Paxlovid Pills and Vitamins identified by any study.

What is the Possible Danger of Paxlovid Interactions?

The interaction of Paxlovid with other medicines and health conditions could be hazardous to human health. The patient might get his medical condition severe. There is also a great chance of getting stomach infections and heart disease in many situations.

Does Diet Have Any Effect on Paxlovid?

When a person is taking some medication, the doctor always suggests he has a good diet. Good food can increase the effect of the medicine you are taking. So yes good diet can have a positive impact on Paxlovid.

Bottom Line

Health should always be the first priority of every person. And taking care of your health also includes being cautious about the medications you are taking. The Paxlovid Interactions could be dangerous for your health, which is why we have compiled this article with such great information.

As the bottom line, we suggest you always consult your doctor before taking any medication. This simple step can save your life and make your treatment more effective. If you have any doubt about anything added to this article, ask your doctor; he will guide you better.