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    Picture of Pyzina 750 MG Tablet

    Pyzina 750 MG Tablet

    What is Pyrazinamide? Pyrazinamide is an antibiotic medication prescribed mainly for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB). It may also be used for treatment of other infections. Pyrazinamide is available under several trade names, one of which is Pyzina (made by Lupin).
    د.إ.‏ 36.19
    Picture of Mycobutol 400mg Tablet 10'S

    Mycobutol 400mg Tablet 10'S

    د.إ.‏ 38.54
    Picture of Mycobutol 600 MG Tablet

    Mycobutol 600 MG Tablet

    د.إ.‏ 36.33
    Picture of Mycobutol 800 MG Tablet

    Mycobutol 800 MG Tablet

    د.إ.‏ 38.17
    Picture of Mycobutol 1000 MG 10 Tablet's

    Mycobutol 1000 MG 10 Tablet's

    About the drug: Ethambutol is the main active pharmaceutical ingredient present in Mycobutol tablets. Ethambutol is a bacteriostatic antimycobacterial drug used to prevent growth of the tuberculous bacteria in the body. Uses of the drug: Ethambutol is used in the prevention, treatment and recurrence of tuberculosis, it is a serious infection caused by bacteria that affects the lungs and in some cases may be other parts of the body.
    د.إ.‏ 48.44
    Picture of Combutol 800 MG Tablet 10'S

    Combutol 800 MG Tablet 10'S

    د.إ.‏ 56.88
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