Why Artesunate is a Game Changer in Malaria Treatment

Why Artesunate is a Game Changer in Malaria Treatment

Diseases and infections attack the body by various means. Sometimes it’s the viruses or insects like mosquitos. But the important is to treat those diseases and get medical treatment as soon as possible.

We also have to be updated about the newly discovered treatment so our treatment can be more effective. There is a new medication called Artesunate found for treating malaria.

Artesunate is a Game Changer in Malaria as it has incredible effects on the patient. It will treat the disease more effectively than any other drug available. We will discuss more about this article further in the report.

Introduction of Malaria

    • Malaria is a perilous illness affecting a huge population over the decade. Only in 2009, it had 0.86 million deaths. If you don’t treat this illness on time, it can get worse and life-threatening for the patient. There are many medical treatments discovered for malaria. And Artesunate is a Game Changer in Malaria.
    • Scientists and doctors continuously studied this illness and its medication treatment. There are always some side effects of the medicine the patient use. Or malaria doesn’t get treated completely. And with the discovery of Artesunate, this has been changed. Now the treatment is more effective and long-lasting.

When is the Artesunate Used?

    • Artesunate, also sold under Ridsunate 100 mg, is highly effective against malaria. Especially in adults and kids, this drug has been proven live saving. Patients use this medicine when the condition worsens; no other treatment is effective.
    • For severe malaria, doctors suggest this pill. The full explanation of how this drug works is unknown. However, as the patient takes this drug, the active substance, Artesunate Amivas, interacts with the affected cells.
    • This medicine makes a toxic substance that attacks the malaria parasites in the body. Killing the malaria parasites treats your severe malaria.

Symptoms of Severe Malaria

Symptoms of Severe Malaria

Artesunate is a Game Changer in Malaria, but it works best when malaria gets severe. We have listed some crucial symptoms of severe malaria to identify the condition. These symptoms will help you identify the state of your illness and help in your treatment as well.

    • The patient is usually unconscious.
    • When malaria gets worse, it causes seizures.
    • The patient will suffer from a kidney infection.
    • Malaria might also cause Jaundice.
    • The person finds it difficult to breathe most of the time.
    • The blood pressure is not controlled and can be lowered or increased randomly.

How is Artesunate a Game Changer?

There are many Malaria Treatments available today. But doctors are prioritizing the Artesunate. It is because of the fantastic benefits it has compared to other drugs. We have discussed those benefits below. These points will help you choose the medicine beneficial according to you.

  1. Advanced Effects of Artesunate

    1. Artesunate is a Game Changer in Malaria because of its advanced effects. Pharmacists have recently discovered this medication. And the doctors worked on some changes in this malaria medication.
    2. In Artesunate, all the side effects of past malaria-treating drugs are absent. This means this medicine will be less dangerous for the patients.
  2. Artesunate Can Treat Severe Malaria

    1. Although medications are available for curing malaria, once the illness worsens, it becomes difficult for most of the pills. However, Artesunate has also proven to be highly effective in these situations.
    2. Even high-dose medications like Ridsunate 200 Online USA are ineffective for severe malaria patients. But Artesunate has been seen helping recover from the worse condition in most patients.
  3. More Effective Compared to Other Drugs

    1. There have been other medications used for treating malaria for many years. But Artesunate is a Game Changer in Malaria. It has treated so many worse patients over the year. The doctors also prefer this drug over any other choice.
    2. Medication must be less dangerous and more effective, and Artesunate has that. This medicine is more effective and functional than the drugs like Quinine and Artemether. We also recommend you take it according to the doctor’s prescription for maximum results.

Where to Buy Malaria Treating Pills?

Some people struggle to purchase these prescriptions. They would rather conceal their exact medical conditions. We suggest that these customers use online pharmacies like 24×7 pharma. These online pharmacies will deliver the majority of the medication to their doorsteps.

This online pharmacy provides access to all malaria-treating drugs. Prices are incredibly affordable. This store buys all its medications directly from pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. They also offer international delivery, including to the UK, the USA, and Canada.


Specific safety precautions must be taken before using any pharmaceutical or medicine. It could be deadly if you don’t exercise caution and monitor your prescription dosage. Most medical professionals have offered some safety recommendations, which we have shared.

Follow the advice below to keep yourself safe from any potential risks.

    • Keep these medications out of children’s reach. And use the recommended dosage for your age.
    • Only use medication as your doctor advised. This can cause make your illness worse.
    • Artesunate is a Game Changer in Malaria, but taking it without a doctor’s consent can be life-threatening.
    • Talk to your doctor about your current health. Because malaria medications may interact with other medicines you are on.
    • Check to see if your drug has passed its expiration date.
    • To be safe from malaria-causing mosquitos, use mosquito repellers.
    • Keep your hygiene in check and take daily baths.
    • Keep your nutrient and vitamin intake in check.


    • To maintain a healthy lifestyle, proper medical care and treatment are required. You must take good care of your body and treat your illness and infections. The best treatment for malaria is provided in this article. Artesunate is a Game Changer in Malaria and can be highly beneficial.
    • We suggest our readers get their doctor’s okay before taking drugs. The correct dosage is essential for avoiding any health hazards. Regularly visit the doctor, and be aware of any future health problems. You must also remember the precautions so your treatment is safe and effective.