7 Common Side Effects of Sex Pills and ED Medication

7 Common Side Effects of Sex Pills and ED

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the significant problems in which the person cannot maintain appropriate erections for satisfactory intercourse. The problem is quite common in the United States, and every 1 in 10 men faces the problem of Erectile Dysfunction once in a lifetime. Over time the issue of Erectile Dysfunction increases in the United States and estimates to surpass 322 million men by 2025, as per the mentions of Singlecare. Hopefully, along with the increase in the problems of erectile dysfunction problems, various medications have been developed to solve it. However, there are different side effects of these Sex pills and erectile dysfunction medications. This article discusses 7 Common Side Effects of Sex Pills and ED Medications.

The evident studies show that Erectile Dysfunction or dissatisfaction from sex can affect a person physically and mentally(in physiological terms). The most popular sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction medications available are:

    1. Viagra (Sildenafil)
    2. Cialis (Tadalafil)
    3. Vardenafil (Levitra)
    4. Avanafil (Stendra)

These medicines belong to the medical class group of Phosphodiesterase-5 or PDE-5 inhibitors that are pretty effective in helping satisfactory erections for intercourse. One of the functionalities of the PDE-5 inhibitors is to enhance the levels of Nitric acid in the bloodstream, which is a vasodilator that widens the blood vessels. The enlarged blood vessels through nitric acid get smooth blood flow in the pelvic area and within the penis muscle hence contributing to maintaining an appropriate erection when the person gets sexually aroused. In most cases, these medications, with proper usage, can also solve erectile Dysfunction permanently.

Medical stores and doctors often replace the sec pills and Ed medication from the known brand with relatively new or duplicate ones to increase profit margins. The 24×7 Pharma is a more optimal choice in this case as it is an online pharmacy that provides original and discounted medicines with appropriate factor checks such as to medical conditions, continuous medication, allergies, etc., to provide maximum safety to the patients.

To track back the course of this article, Let’s discuss the 7 Common Side Effects of Sex Pills and ED Medications in the next section.

7 Common Side Effects of Sex Pills and Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Most Popular Sex Pills and Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Erectile Dysfunction Medications and Sex pills have several side effects that can broadly categorize into two categories that are familiar and severe side effects.

There might be one doubt that sex pills are safe as the initial side effects of medicines are more when Erectile Dysfunction medication initially becomes available in the medical space.

The side effects effectiveness has decreased over the years since the first erectile dysfunction cure came into the medical space. Sildenafil came as the cure for erectile Dysfunction in 2003 as one of the medications that help eradicate the penis for satisfactory results during intercourse. It gets famous worldwide with the name Viagra which is a brand tablet that uses Sildenafil as one of the drugs. Since 2003, there have been various upgrades done on the medications for the sole purpose of decreasing the side effects. Hence these medications leave side effects today in rare circumstances.

The common side effects of Erectile Dysfunction Medication and Sex Pills include:

  1. Face and whole body flushes

      • Flushes are in readiness. The flashes usually develop on the face and, in rare cases, spread throughout the body. Its severity can be mild or adverse based on the individual’s medical conditions and dosage consumption. Blotchy skin, a typical flush, is quite common and can increase to severe rashes. In extreme cases, consult with your doctor or any health professional immediately. The appearances of the flushes make the person uncomfortable, but they are generally not harmful.
      • In almost all cases, the flushes are eliminated from the body within 2-3 weeks when the body gets comfortable with the Sex pills and Ed medications.
      • The Flushes can convert to severe repercussions if the affected person,
        • Consume hot and spicy foods
        • In warm environments
        • Drink alcohol or consume drugs
  2. Dizziness

      • Dizziness is quite a common side effect of sex pills for males. The enhancement of nitric oxide into the bloodstream because of sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction medications causes sudden dizziness in some men. The occurrences are generally mild but require more sleep to eliminate them. With daily activities, sudden dizziness can impact immensely, primarily operating vehicles or heavy machinery. Hence avoid the car and heavy machine-based tasks while consuming the Ed medications.
      • In rare circumstances, the dizziness gets converted into fainting, which is a severe side effect of dizziness and requires immediate medical help. Keep the doctor within the loop if one starts feeling dizzy while consuming the Sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction medications.
  3. Headaches

      • The two significant reasons for headaches during consuming Sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction medications are:
        1. Sudden increase of blood flow in the stress areas such as the pelvic area and penis muscles.
        2. The increased amount of nitric oxide in the bloodstream.
      • The headaches are pretty standard as side effects of sex pills for women and men both. Switching the brand also won’t work in this case, as the headache is the outcome of the core functionality of the medicine. For the prevention measures of headaches occurring from the consumption of Sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction medication, consult with the doctor.
  4. Bowel Movements problems

      • Indigestion and diarrhea are the two most common side effects of Sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction medications. The digestive system faces an imbalance due to the consumption of Sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction medications.
      • One needs to manage dietary consumption to reduce the severity of indigestion caused by the Ed medications. The avoidance of caffeine-based products and beverages, alcohol, or juices, especially the ones that contain nitric acid, reduces the possibility of bowel movement problems to a different extent. OTC remedies are also available if the dietary changes won’t help with the upset stomach caused by Erectile Dysfunction medications and sex pills. Consult with your doctor about the appropriate OTC remedies and consumption criteria.
  5. Muscle aches and pains

      • Many patients are consuming the sex pill and Ed medication complaint about whole-body muscular and joint pains that start randomly and even after some weight-related tasks. Some patients don’t face muscle aches and joint pains but pain in the lower back. These uncertainties are more frequent in long-lasting sex pills for men. The prevention of these muscular aches and pains as side effects of Sex pills and Ed medication, OTC medication can help. Consult your doctor for the same as some OTC(over-the-counter) medicine containing nitric oxide should avoid.
      • Muscular aches and pains, including lower back, can be caused due to other reasons independent of the consumption of sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction Medications. Hence, a detailed evaluation of the patient’s medical condition is required, which is possible only through a doctor’s consultation.
  6. Sudden vision changes

      • The alteration of eyesight and blurry vision is also a common side effect of consuming sex pills and Erectil Dysfunction medicines. These eye-related alterations are temporary but substantially impact the person’s day-to-day eye. Erectile Dysfunction medications are not allowed if one suffers from vision loss or retina-based disorder such as retinitis pigmentosa.
      • A significant change in the vision that makes the person almost blurred, and this stays for longer durations, is a sign of severe side effects. In that case, immediate medical care and doctor consultation are mandatory.
  7. Runny nose and congestion

      • Runny nose and congestion always occur in them with mild limitations and don’t stay more than three weeks. It often gets cured without additional prevention medicines like OTC(over-the-counter) medications. There are rare instances when these side effects persist in the body while consuming sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction. In such cases, consult with the doctor for possible treatments.

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Severe Side effects of Sex Pills and Erectile Dysfunction

It is slightly off-topic as this article solely dedicates to common Side effects of Sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction medications. Still, it is important to introductory mentions the various severe side effects of consuming sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction medication to make the patient aware of all possible aspects of the medication. The severe side effects of sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction includes,

      • Sudden hearing changes
      • Severe vision losses
      • Priapism(a condition where erections last longer than 4 hours)

Note: The common side effects of sex pills and Erectile dysfunction medications can also convert to severe ones if they lack the appropriate prevention medications and their limited usage. The overdose and consuming the medicine without a proper doctor’s prescription can enhance the severity over multiple levels. Hence try to avoid these scenarios with the consumption of sex pills and Erectile dysfunction medications.


Sometimes Erectile Dysfunction is curable through underlying medical problems. The physiological and stress points of the patient play an essential role in the cause of Erectile Dysfunction and its adverse effects. Hence treating the underlying issues can resolve erectile Dysfunction at the enhanced potential. In case of any doubts and consultation, thoroughly discuss the problems with the doctor. This article gives the person a brief of 7 Common Side Effects of Sex Pills and ED medications that are noticeable in most patients who previously consumed these medications.

There are possibilities of unique side effects based on individual medical factors and conditions. Also, there are various duplicates and suspicious brands of Sex pills and Erectile Dysfunction medication available, so make sure the medicines are original. In that case, proper doctor guidance and immediate medical help are mandatory. One can consider 24×7 Pharma, an online medical pharmacy that helps the patient, select authentic medications with all necessary medical factors checks such as prior medical conditions, essential precautions, etc. The 24×7 Pharma also provides flat discounts to make the medicines available at lower prices than physical or other online stores.