Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Men’s sexual health is a common problem. Men face so many disorders that it is very hard to count them. We have focused on one of the most common of these disorders, called Erectile Dysfunction (ED), in this article. This disease is very common in men.

Every sexual disorder has one thing in common: it badly affects men’s relationships. If you want your partner to be satisfied during sexual relations, you must work on your sexual health. We have to share great information on this disorder. All you need to know is mentioned here.

Erectile Dysfunction

This disorder is also known as ED. This is a condition in which men cannot hold their erection for more than 2 minutes straight. This is a significant weakness in sexual activity. If your genitalia are not functioning properly, you cannot please your partner.

If you are not treating this dysfunction on time, it will start to have more severe effects on your body. For getting the treatment, knowing the consequences, symptoms, and possible treatments of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is essential. All this information is available in this article for you.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Symptoms of EDFirst, we will discuss the symptoms you will see in your body, which shows you have an erection disorder. We must also point out that you must see a doctor for physical discomfort. Treating yourself could be highly dangerous for your overall health, and you can risk your life too.

Some of those Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms are discussed below. Please read them carefully, and in case you see any of these symptoms, immediately see a doctor.

Physical Symptom

The primary symptom which any person can see and identify as erection disorder is not able to hold his erection. Sometimes you are not just in the mood and cannot get excited. That is not a disorder. You must only maintain your erection for less than 2 minutes to declare it erectile disorder. 

Some other physical symptoms of ED are:

  • The patient will be feeling hard body pain after sex.
  • Premature ejaculation is also a symptom of ED.
  • Pain in the penis after the discharge.
  • Sleepiness and nausea during intercourse.


Stress effect from top to bottom. It might be new information to you, but stress can significantly cause many sexual disorders. When stressed, one cannot focus on any activity, and one body will lose concentration on the erection. This is the reason sexual disorders patients see therapists often.

Some stress-related symptoms you will see in the case of ED are mentioned here:

  • Having no intention of sexual activity.
  • Being unimpressed by your partner.
  • Having no sexual desire is also a symptom of sexual disorders.
  • Always being stressed over your sexual life.

Sexual Incapability

A symptom of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is that you are incapable of sexual intercourse. You will not be able to perform your activity, and your sexual desire will decrease daily. Sexual inability is related to less sexual capacity too. Like the patient will not be able to do multiple rounds.

The symptoms of ED are always clear and easy to understand. Men don’t take notice because they are either secretive about their sexual health doesn’t want any treatment. This behavior can cause lifetime dysfunction for him. So treat your disorder as you see any symptom.

How to Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

How to Diagnose ED

In diagnosing the ED, the doctors see to what intensity is the patient’s situation. Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis is essential as the doctor will prescribe and suggest your medication based on the diagnosis results.

The symptoms we have listed above can also be considered diagnoses, but they are not authentic and scientifically proven. To get a detailed report, you must see a doctor who will use one of the techniques mentioned below.

Physical Diagnosis

As for the physical diagnosis, the doctor will see the patient’s appearance. Most of the time, when the situation is worse, we can see from the face of the patient that he is dealing with some severe medical conditions. We can also take help from the partner to ask what he is like during sexual intercourse.

Blood Tests

The doctor can run some blood tests and reports on the patient and see the exact situation. The results can show precisely how bad the condition is and whether it will be possible to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This is a great time-saving process for diagnosing ED.

In these blood test, the doctor will see the possible sperm count in your body, which identify your sexual activity and performance. If the report is incorrect, the doctor will suggest something related to increasing the sperm count.

Physiological Tests

In the physiological test, the patient will be asked a series of questions. he will be obligated to answer all of those. This is not a therapy session; instead, a doctor will ask about the patient’s health situation. he will ask questions like how you are feeling or how you feel about your sexual health.

In these diagnoses, the patient must share all the relevant information with the doctor and answer the questions correctly. Medical treatment is a serious process; you must take it seriously too. And also stress yourself over it.

The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Every disorder and disease has a cause and reason behind it. To be safe from any disorder, you must know its causes to avoid them. There are some reasons why a man can have Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

We have listed the major causes of Erectile  Dysfunction so you can avoid them and have a healthy sex life. However, some of these conditions are irreversible and cannot be treated. So be patient for those causes solutions further.


Age is an irreversible thing. Once you are old, you will not be young, nor will your sex life. After age 50, many changes happen in the body, and they all cause weakness and don’t allow you to function as you were used to. After a certain age, you have to take some medication to be able to perform in sex.

The same goes for your partner. If your partner is over 50, they will have back downs in his sexual desire. So this helps both of them as they will enjoy their time while being true to their selves. Age is a cause of ED that must be done and cannot be delayed.


Men can have physical conditions that affect their ability to get an erection. Men are typically unable to function well in their sexual lives when they have illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, hepatitis, etc., because of a lack of endurance and energy.

Erection issues might also result from backbone damage and other factors. It is challenging to perform with your genitals in bed when insufficient blood flows throughout the body, especially the penal area.

Blood-Related Problems

Every vascular illness causes improper blood flow in the affected person. His blood arteries are so packed that they prevent his body from receiving enough blood. This has an impact on how effectively that element works. Your genital organs don’t receive enough blood during sexual activity, so they can’t maintain an erection for very long.

The majority of medications for erection difficulties contain PDE5 inhibitors, which improve blood flow throughout the body and hence address erection problems. Several problems in your body can be treated with proper blood flow.

Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Fortunately, there are remedies for male sexual difficulties. This section will review a few medical and natural solutions to treat erection issues. We advise you to speak with your doctor before taking any medications because they are far more familiar with your problem and can prescribe a safer and more effective dosage.

We want to give you more helpful information before you start using medication for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment. There are a few natural remedies you can use. The benefits of these treatments may outweigh those of some drugs, and they carry no risk.


Stress and mental illness can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. You won’t be able to perform if you’re under pressure. We advise our users to disclose their difficulties with a therapist. Paying a therapist is not necessary for therapy. You can also talk to your partner or a friend about your issue.

You can discuss your anxious thoughts with him if someone is around to assist you with your issue and maintain your quiet and tranquility. Your sexual life can be significantly impacted by this brief therapy session, which also increases your physical and sexual health and activity.


You can utilize various medical therapies, natural remedies, and advice to treat your erection disorder. To assist you in keeping your erection for a more extended period, you might ask your doctor for some Erectile Dysfunction Pills. The majority of the time, they recommend the following:

  • Cenforce
  • Sildenafil
  • Fildena
  • Viagra
  • Etc.,

Refraining from eating unhealthy foods while taking these medications would be best. Get the medication immediately to address your disease and return to a healthy life. Don’t overdose yourself, too. It may be seriously risky for your life. Follow the prescription your doctor has given.

Quit Smoking

You already know that drinking alcohol and smoking are bad for people’s health, especially for guys. It reduces your sperm count and poses a risk to your life. Most people who drink regularly develop sexual problems. If you want to avoid that, you must moderate your alcohol use.

Smoking also makes blood and heart diseases substantially worse, both terrible for males who engage in sexual activity. You cannot keep an erection for longer due to the illnesses and problems you acquire from regular drinking and smoking. You can quit doing these things immediately to enhance your sexual and bodily well-being.

Healthy Diet

It is typically advised that someone with a sexual health concern include healthful foods in his diet. This is because your general physical and sexual health is greatly influenced by the food you consume. As was already established, eating unhealthy food will worsen your health.

Make a diet plan, including some nutritious and healthy foods, and avoid foods that cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED). So that you can achieve optimal health as quickly as possible and it doesn’t exacerbate your dysfunction or disorder. Most health conditions, including erectile dysfunction, can be resolved by eating a balanced diet.

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Safety Tips

We’ll add some safety measures that you can incorporate into your routine and adhere to prevent sexual disorders. You can avoid ever having to Buy ED Medication and stay healthy by heeding these recommendations. They are simple to understand and very simple to follow.

  • Get enough rest, and avoid exhausting your body with pointless activities.
  • Discuss your issue with your partner or a doctor, then get prompt medical attention.
  • Regular exercise is a great strategy to increase your sexual performance and stamina.
  • Maintain a healthy diet by including more nutritious foods.
  • Several sexual disabilities and illnesses can be cured with weight loss.
  • Use performance-enhancing drugs only when a doctor has prescribed them and only before sexual activity.
  • Avoid putting yourself through unnecessary stress, and engage in some relaxing exercise.
  • Consult your doctor before using any medication or drug.
  • Steer clear of meals fortified with PDE enzymes.

Bottom Line

Everyone’s top focus should be their health. And particularly males who fail to take care of their health and refuse to discuss or receive treatment for any issues they may have. This is a dangerous and extremely unhealthy habit. If not handled on time, issues like Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can devastate your life.

Anyone who is experiencing such sexual difficulties and is looking for effective therapies may find this article to be of great assistance. Also, we advise all readers to speak with their doctor before purchasing any medications and taking an arbitrary amount. You could put your health in danger by doing this.

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