Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction – What Causes the Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction - What Causes the Dysfunction

In every relationship, sexual intercourse is as important as any other aspect. Couples have to get physically connected to appreciate each other more. But day by day, some diseases are growing in men, which cause them to be demotivated and functional during their sexual relationships.

Disorders like Erectile Dysfunction are prevalent in men. These sexual disorders never allow them to have a long-term and happy relationship as they will not satisfy their partner. Other than sexual activities, these dysfunctions can also harm men’s health.

Erectile Dysfunction

We will discuss a widespread sexual disorder in men in this article. Erection is a significant part of sexual activity; if men cannot hold their erections, they cannot perform well in bed.

In Erectile disorder, a person is unable to maintain his erection for enough periods, and sometimes he even cannot have an erection. It is a severe sexual disorder that can lead to multiple physical and physiological conditions in men.

Luckily there is a treatment for erection disorder in men, and it can be cured temporarily and permanently. But first, we must understand its causes and symptoms to be careful and treat it appropriately.


To treat erectile disorder, you first must know when you are suffering from it. You can identify most of the sexual disorders yourself. But some need appropriate medical tests to be identified.

We have listed some symptoms that appear in the human body when facing Erectile Dysfunction. We suggest you see your doctor immediately after you observe any of the following symptoms and start having the necessary treatment.

  • As mentioned in the name, erection disorder can be identified when you cannot hold your erection for longer.
  • The patient might feel severe pain in the peal part during sexual intercourse.
  • Feeling tired and body pain after having sexual activity is also a symptom.
  • Having a short pre-discharge time is a significant symptom of many sexual disorders.
  • The less desire to have sex is because of erectile disorder.
  • A person who has an erection problem usually suffers from stress, anxiety, and depression.

The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The Causes of Erectile DysfunctionSeveral causes can result in erectile disorders and many other sexual dysfunctions in men. Some of these causes are not in our control, but some can be cured or avoided. We have listed some of the most common reasons why men can get some sexual problems in their bodies.


Aging cannot be controlled, and aging also has several effects on your body. One of these effects is the weakness of your penal part. Men over 50 are less likely to be good in their sexual activities. This is because they have a low stamina rate and cannot maintain their erection for longer.

You can see many men over 50 facing Erectile Dysfunction. But some temporary treatments can cure this disorder and make you partially able to have an erection for a more extended period and improve your sexual life.

Physical Causes

Some physical diseases in men can result in erection problems. Diseases like heart disease, diabetes, hepatitis, etc., are some conditions in which men are usually unable to perform well in their sexual life because of a lack of stamina and energy.

Spinal injury and other backbone energy also cause erection problems. When there is not enough blood flow in the body, especially the penal part, it becomes difficult to perform with your genitals in bed.

Psychological Causes

Stress, depression, and tension are very harmful to humans. It affects both your mind and your body and can cause some severe disorders in your body. Erectile Dysfunction is one of these disorders.

You might find It weird, but many studies have found that stress is a significant cause of bad sexual life in men.

So if you are suffering from erection disorders, the first you should do is not to be stressed. And women should support their partners if they are facing this problem. Distressing and doing yoga can be beneficial in these situations.

Vascular Diseases

A person who faces any vascular disease doesn’t have proper blood flow. His blood arteries are very dense, and their body parts cannot get the full potential of blood. This affects that part’s efficiency of work. In sexual activities, your genitals don’t have proper blood, so they cannot hold an erection longer.

Most of the medicine that treats erection disorders have PDE5 inhibitors which increase the blood flow in your body and hence treat your erection problem. Proper blood flow is the treatment of many of your body’s disorders.


The medication has an inevitable side effect on the body. Taking medicine to treat a particular disease affects the human body’s hormones, blood circulation, and other natural formations. These changes can result in a lack of sperm counts in men, ultimately leading to sexual disorders.

Some people use multiple medicines to treat Erectile disorder and take different treatments simultaneously. This is also very dangerous, can have serious side effects, and can permanently damage your penal part.


In the drug category, we include alcohol and smoking too. These two activities harm men’s sexual health and can lead to erection disorders. Smoking congests your blood veins and leads to low blood flow. Then you have to take medicine like Vidalista 40 mg regularly for proper blood flow.

Just like smoking alcohol reduces the sperm count in males, which lowers the erection period in their sexual activities and reduces the pre-discharge timing. You must stop consuming alcohol and other drugs to improve your sexual health.

Medical Treatment

Luckily there are treatments available for sexual disorders in men. This section will discuss some of the medical treatments we can use to cure erection problems.

We suggest you consult your doctor before drug use as they know your condition much better and can recommend a more beneficial and safe dosage.


Cenforce is one of the most common medical treatments for erection diseases. This medicine is widely used for curing sexual disorders in men. It is most of the time suggested by doctors and physicians too. It has a PDE5 inhibitor which relaxes your body muscle and provides better blood flow.

With good blood flow, your penal parts function better. You can use them actively for extended periods, making your erection timing longer and enhancing your sexual performance.

Cenforce is available in different strengths to cater to individual needs:


Viagra is also a widely used drug. It provides the user with a temporary high dose of energy and stamina to enhance his performance in bed. You must have heard the name Viagra if you face an erection or other sexual disorder. Many of the medications are being sold under this name too.

You can find Viagra in the best quality and pure form from 24×7 Pharma. This online pharmaceutical store delivers orders worldwide, including the UK, USA, and America. So customers can have their medicine needed at their doorstep.


As mentioned above, the Vidalista tablets allow proper blood flow in your penal part. It relaxes your muscles, and you can perform more work. This medicine decreases the amount of enzyme in your called PDE, which makes your body stiff and unable to perform well.

Erectile Dysfunction is a severe disorder in men that is the leading reason for prostate cancer in men. It is crucial to treat these sorts of diseases immediately, and the medicines mentioned above are a great way of solving them medically.

Natural Treatment

Before you start using medicine to solve sexual disorders, we would like to share some helpful information. There are some natural treatments that you can follow. These treatments are risk-free and can be more beneficial than using some medication. So next, before you Buy Cenforce 100, try the following tips.


Man shows his physical based on what he eats in his daily life. Suppose your diet consists of unhealthy and junk food. In that case, you will be just damaging your internal body, and the result will be shown as sexual difficulties. Men can benefit from eating a diet low in saturated fat and high in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Adding healthy food to your diet is an easy way to improve your physical health. You don’t have to add some complex food items to your diet. Just add fruits and vegetables to your food portion in daily life; that can be it.

No Alcohol

As we have mentioned before, alcohol is terrible for human health, especially for men. It reduces your sperm count and can also be deadly for your health. People who drink on a daily basis are mostly suffering from sexual disorders. If you want to avoid that, you have to keep your alcohol consumption in check.

Alcohol also causes severe blood and heart disease, which are terrible to have for a sexually active male. These diseases caused by alcohol make your stamina lower. They don’t allow you to have an erection for a more extended period.


Keeping a healthy weight and regular physical activity may lower the risk of Erectile Dysfunction. Do exercise on a daily basis. Exercise reduces your risk of ED and aids in stress management. If you have some injury, you must consult your doctor before getting into any heavy physical activity.

Exercise also helps you improve your immunity and stamina. These both help you get in better shape even if you are aging and over 50. You will not need any medicine to perform your daily activities, including sexual ones.


We will be adding some precautions that you can add to your daily life and follow to avoid any sexual disorder. By following these tips, you will never have to Buy Cenforce 200mg Online and can be safe from any dangerous illness. These are straightforward and can be observed very quickly.

  • Don’t stress yourself over any small problem, and do some de-stressing exercising.
  • Daily exercise is an excellent way of improving your stamina and sexual performance.
  • Eat healthily and add nutritional food to your diet.
  • Losing weight can also help you recover from many sexual incapabilities and disorders.
  • Share your problem with your partner or a doctor and get proper treatment immediately.
  • Use performance-enhancing medication with a doctor’s prescription before having sexual intercourse.
  • Take adequate rest, and don’t overdo your body with unnecessary activities.
  • Don’t take any medicine or drug without asking your doctor first.
  • Avoid consuming food that is enriched with PDE enzymes.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Can I Find Medications for ED?

Ans. Every pharmaceutical store has medications for erection and other sexual disorders. Medicines like Cenforce, Viagra, and sildenafil are widespread. They are available in your nearby store in all of their dosage quantity.

2. What Are Other Sexual Disorders?

Ans. Some of the other sexual disorders that are very common in men are arousal disorder, orgasm disorder, premature ejaculation, etc. If you have any of these disorders, start your treatment immediately.

3. Is it Important to Consult Your Doctor for ED?

Ans. Doctors and physicians are the people who have studied the disorder you are suffering from. You must consult with them before taking any medicine. They can guide you properly about your dysfunction and its cure.

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