Various eye diseases are increasing daily, primarily because of the harmful light rays that affect our eyes. Glaucoma is also one of the curable eye problems that can occur due to the damage of optic nerves, which bounds the vision to the brain.

Our eyes have six cranial nerves, which function differently from the eyes to the brain. The optic nerve is one of them, and you would lose vision when this nerve is damaged.

Can this disease become serious? Yes, it can lead to complete blindness if left untreated. However, this is a common disease; nowadays, you can quickly get treatment for it and stop your nerve from being damaged. Early diagnosis can help you to recover early.

This nerve is damaged due to the increased pressure in a fluid near the eye. When this fluid is not drained correctly, it gradually damages the nerves.

Symptoms & Treatment

  • Glaucoma does not show any symptoms early. However, you may feel intense eye pain, nausea, red eye, headaches, and blurred vision after some time of the nerve damage.
  • It is a curable disease; thus, anyone can get treated with medicines or other techniques prescribed by the doctor. If you feel these symptoms, consult an eye specialist as soon as possible.

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