How I Check Authenticity of Medicine

How I Check Authenticity of Medicine

As science advanced over time, the medical industry got better as well. We see almost every disease and disorder is treatable now. We can find medicine to treat many of the disorder men faces. But this raises the question of the Authenticity of Medicine and how to find the most effective medication.

In this article, we have shared valuable information about medication. Every person must know the side effects of fake drugs. And also the importance of using authentic medicine only.

Why Should Medicine Be Authentic?

The medicine’s authenticity is an important matter. Everyone purchasing a pill should know its importance. If the drug is authentic, your treatment will be fast and safe. Otherwise, there is a high risk of many side effects.

Most customers are not aware of the fact that there is a fake version of all the medicines. When a person consumes that fake drug, his life gets endangered. Although unauthentic drugs are illegal, people are still selling them.

In this situation, we must differentiate between fake and authentic medicine. When your medication is authentic, you get secure from any possible side effects. And your illness can be treated quicker.

Side Effects of Fake Drugs

Using fake medicine is life-threatening. No one knows who has manufactured that drug and what effect it will have on your body. The number of side effects a fake drug has on our bodies is scary. We have discussed some of these side effects, so you know them. In case you identify any of these effects, immediately see a doctor.

  • A fake drug will cause many infections in your body.
  • The patient will see rashes and red marks on his body when he takes an unauthentic drug.
  • These fake pill increases your blood pressure and can cause heart-related conditions.
  • Fake pills cause stomach and kidney infections.
  • The illness you are taking the pills for will not get any better.
  • Many sexual and physical conditions can appear in the body after taking these pills.
  • When the drugs are fake and the dose is high, the patient might have a heart or seizure, which could be life-threatening.

How to Check Authenticity of Medicine?

How to Check Authenticity of MedicineChecking the authenticity of the medicine you are taking is very important. You must pay attention to this when purchasing a medication. You can follow many tips to Check Authenticity of your pills. We have discussed most of these tips. Follow them, and there is a high chance you can identify a fake one.


The packing of the medicine shows the Authenticity of Medicine. Fake manufacturers never take the packing seriously. You can read the spelling of the drug’s name. Mostly they need to be written correctly.

The material used for the packing is cheap, and the writing ink could be better. These small details show that the medicine is fake.


The most important thing you must notice before purchasing medicine is its seal. If the seal of your medicine is broken, never buy it. People usually open the seal of the original drug and fill it with fake products.

Ask your seller to offer a sealed product; otherwise, wait to buy it. It would be best to ask the seller to throw away the open-seal medicines.


The fake medications are very low. So if you see the price of your daily used medicine has lowered by a large margin, don’t buy it. Possibly the seller has changed the original with fake ones, and the Authenticity of Medicine is compromised.

Price should not matter when you are having medical treatment. Ask your doctor to prescribe inexpensive pills. But don’t select the fake version to save your money.

Side Effect

Fake pills always have side effects on your body. Especially when you regularly use original ones and change to fake ones. The most common side effect would be skin rashes and allergies. If you see these reactions, stop taking that medicine.

It would be best if you immediately went to a doctor and showed him the medicine you take. He can prescribe you an alternative and treat your side effects.

Verifying by DTAB

Another efficient way to check the Authenticity of Medicine is by verifying its code. You can send the code behind the packing to the DTAB or Drug Technical Advisory Board, and he can check whether the medicine is authentic.

This is the best option for checking authenticity. DTAB has all the medication data. Hence they can identify a fake medicine the best.


You should only purchase your medication from a trusted seller. Many local pharmaceutical stores are selling fake medicine. These sellers don’t care about their customers or their lives.

We recommend you use the 24×7 pharma to buy all your medication. This is a very site that’s been selling drugs for many years now. Their medicines are all FDA-approved and have delivery services worldwide, including Canada, USA, and UK.


Anytime you are taking medicine, there are a few precautions that you must follow. Along with confirming the Authenticity of Medicine, these will help you in your treatment. These safety tips will keep you safe and make your treatment fast. We have listed a few precaution tips below.

  • Throw away all the expired medication you have immediately.
  • Never overdose yourself with any medicine.
  • You should never take any pill without your doctor’s prescription.
  • Follow the Ways to Check Authenticity of Medicine above to be safe from fake medications.
  • You should never drink alcohol after taking any medicine. This can cause kidney failure.
  • Keep all the drugs away from children’s reach.

Bottom Line

A disease not treated on time can cause permanent side effects on the body. Hence taking your medicine is highly important. But to ensure your medications are safe, you must check the Authenticity of Medicine. Thus you must follow the tips we have mentioned above in the article.

We also like to suggest our readers consult with their doctor in the discussion of medication. We all must follow the prescription our doctor or physician tells us. That prescription is the safest and most effective option for us. Share this information with other people. So they can also differentiate between authentic and fake drugs.