Erectile Dysfunction

10 Tips for Managing Erectile Dysfunction

10 Tips for Managing Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual disorders are very common in men. However, men don’t feel comfortable sharing their sexual health problems. This habit can be very damaging to their life and can cause permanent problems in their body.

Every health problem should be solved, and we will discuss that in this article. Erectile Dysfunction is a common sexual problem men face. We will discuss Managing Erectile Dysfunction today.

Here we have shared some fantastic tips to follow which can save you from this dangerous dysfunction. Read the article carefully to get maximum information.

Introduction to Erectile Dysfunction

During sexual intercourse, erection plays an important role. Without an effective erection, both the partner cannot be satisfied. However, in erectile dysfunction, men cannot hold their erections for the desired amount of time. This cause the intercourse to be short and unsatisfying for both partners.

The erection problem arises when the PDE5 enzyme increases in the body. This reduces the blood flow in the penal part and relaxes the muscles. Managing Erectile Dysfunction is essential; otherwise, the condition can worsen and cause permanent damage.

Tips for Managing Erectile Dysfunction

Tips for Managing Erectile DysfunctionLuckily ED is treatable, and there are many possible treatments for this condition. There are medications, but we also have discussed some natural precautions. These natural treatments are safer and far more efficient. Following these tips will help you Manage Erectile Dysfunction.

Quit Smoking

We always hear smoking is injurious to health. But it is more dangerous for your sexual health. Especially those who are affected by ED shouldn’t smoke at all. Smoking reduces your stamina and slows your blood circulation.

Also, don’t smoke before intercourse or after taking ED Medicines. This will reduce your efficiency and also cause you heart disease.

Healthy Diet

A good diet helps the most in Managing Erectile Dysfunction. There are different fruits and vegetables enriched with PDE5 inhibitors. Fruits like kiwis, berries, and pineapple effectively treat ED in men.

You can treat most physical and sexual problems with a healthy diet. Just fulfill your daily nutrient requirement, and that would be enough.


A patient who suffers from a sexual disorder gets into depression very easily. So to be safe, you have to get help from a therapist. You can also go to a couple’s therapy. This will help you keep your relationship intact during this situation.

Along with taking care of your body, you must also consider your mental health. A therapy session will keep you motivated and help you during the treatment.

No Alcohol

Just as smoking alcohol also worse your sexual health. Doctors strictly prohibit alcohol consumption during ED treatment. Drinking alcohol after taking an ED pill can cause kidney failure.

You must wait until the effect of medicine has been removed from the body. There must be an 8 hours gap between medicine and alcohol consumption.

Daily Exercise

In Managing Erectile Dysfunction, the patient must work on improving his stamina. For this, the best option is to do daily exercises. A workout routine or walking for 30 minutes will be enough to keep your body active and improve your stamina.

Also, you can still do slow walking or yoga if you suffer from an injury. These also help with your stamina boost.

7-Hours Sleep

Sildenafil Citrate based drugs usually cause insomnia and fatigue in the body. To deal with this, you must get proper 7 hours of Sleep. This will help you recover after your sexual activity.

By getting enough sleep, you can do other daily tasks. Also, good rest and sleep time help with treating many sexual disorders.

Deal with Anxiety

During the erectile disorder, your mind gets affected the most. You will feel anxiety and stress regarding your sexual health. This must be controlled; otherwise, you will lose your desire for intercourse.

To deal with this anxiety, you must ask for help from your partner. Keeping a conversation and sharing your problem will help you deal with this disorder.

Take Care of Your Heart

During the ED, your heart can do the most danger to your health. You have to keep your heart rate and blood pressure in check. Avoid any medicine or food that can affect your blood pressure.

Both irregular increases and decreases in blood flow can be fatal for the patient. Also, share your heart problem with your doctor during the medical checkup.

Loss Weight

A person who is overweight is in danger of many diseases and disorders. So in Managing Erectile Dysfunction, losing weight can greatly help the patient. You must control your fat percentage so the blood flow is good in the body.

With an increase in weight, the cholesterol also increases, reducing your sexual efficiency. Doing daily exercise and eating healthy will be enough to lose your weight.


Sometimes, the ED condition worsens, which cannot be treated with these natural tips. In such a situation, you must start using the medications like Cenforce 200 mg. These pills will help you treat this dysfunction quicker and more effectively.

ED pills are widely popular and can help you get a prolonged erection. But it would be best if you got a prescription from a doctor before taking these pills.

Best Source of ED Pills

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All Sexual Dysfunction has to be treated on time. If the condition gets worse, it might become permanent. By following the tips mentioned above, you can manage your erectile disorder.

We don’t suggest being cut off from medication. In some cases, medicines are compulsory, and these tips don’t help, so for Managing Erectile Dysfunction, you must get help from a doctor. He can prescribe you ED drugs to help your fast treatment.

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