If you’re suffering from a cold or flu or something else more grave, everyone is afraid of getting in a state of sickness. While we usually think of illnesses as being caused by bacteria or viruses but there are many kinds of illnesses that could create sickness.

Viral Infections

Viral illnesses are caused by viruses which are tiny pieces composed of genetic materials that only reproduce in living organisms’ cells. The most frequently encountered kind of viral illness is commonly referred to as the common cold. It is caused through rhinovirus.

Other infections caused by viruses that are prevalent include common cold, influenza (the virus) measles, the flu, and chickenpox. These illnesses aren’t treated with antibiotics because they are not caused by bacteria. There are , however, antiviral medications that are used to treat viral infections like influenza.

Bacterial Infections

Bacterial infections may be caused by bacteria, which are single-celled organisms that live and reproduce in a self-contained manner. Bacteria can cause a range of illnesses including minor skin conditions to fatal illnesses such as meningitis or pneumonia.

The most frequent bacterial infections are strep throat virus and UTIs (UTI) and tuberculosis. Bacteria are generally destroyed by antibiotics however, there are some varieties of bacteria intolerant to antibiotics.

Fungal Infections

Fungal illnesses can be caused by fungi, which are a kind of plant that reproduces through spores. Fungal spores are located on surfaces as well as within tissues. They are usually the cause of infections within warm and moist parts of the body, like lips, skin , and sexual organs.

The most frequent fungal illnesses are jock itching, athletes foot, and vaginal yeast infections. Fungal infections are generally treated using antifungal medications, however certain kinds of fungal infections have developed resistance to these medications.

Protozoan Infections

Protozoan infections are often due to protozoa. They are single-celled organisms that live in soils that are damp or waterlogged. Protozoa can cause a range of diseases, including diarrhea, dysentery or malaria.

Certain protozoan species have the potential of creating serious illnesses for people who have fragile immunity system. Protozoan infections can be controlled with antiprotozoal drugs however, certain protozoa can be not able to take these medicines.


In the way you see that there are a variety of illnesses that can make people infected. Certain infections are only mildly symptomatic but others can pose a threat to your life. It’s essential to be aware of how to avoid and treat these diseases so that you can stay healthy and stay healthy.

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