Erectile Dysfunction

8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Erectile Dysfunction

8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the common disorders in men, and it occurs in younger males too. There can be various reasons why a man can have Erectile Dysfunction related to mental and physical conditions. Often men hide their erectile Dysfunction from their partners, which is not a sound way of tackling the situation. The experts confirmed that both partners are affected because of sexual irregularities that occur to any one partner; hence it is essential to deal with the situation by remaining transparent with each other. This article also consists of 8 things every woman should know about Erectile Dysfunction so that it helps the woman gain more understanding about Erectile Dysfunction and its aspects.

The open approach related to erectile Dysfunction, not only with the doctor but your partner, helps you cope with the disorder well. Studies and research show that women also lack intimacy and satisfaction when the other partner has erectile Dysfunction or any other Sexual disease.

Erectile Dysfunction is quite common, and almost one-third of the male population in the United States suffers from it at least once in their life span. Different treatments help with erectile Dysfunction, but the major issue starts when the person suffering from the disorder requires emotional and sound support. Erectile Dysfunction is a disease that a person feels ashamed to share with a partner. The starting medications for Erectile Dysfunction majorly function on lowering the stress to relax the muscles and need sexual simulations to help the patient get satisfactory Erections. Some popular medicines that help with anxiety and muscle relaxation are Cenforce 100 mg, Vidalista 40 mg, and Fildena 100 mg. Hence it is essential to have a partner who cares about you on your side, as Erectile Dysfunction has a cure that came into effect with the efforts of both partners and understanding the situation with appropriate knowledge.

There are 8 things every woman should know about Erectile Dysfunction to help their partner get effective treatment and recover from the disorder fast and in good mental and physical health.

Erectile Dysfunction: What Women Think about ED?

Erectile Dysfunction What Women Think about ED1. Understand Erectile Dysfunction appropriately

The main reasons for the cause of Erectile Dysfunction between younger and older men can be very different. Erectile Dysfunction in older ages occurs due to blood vessel-related problems. Research shows that the blood vessels in the penis are small than the heart. Hence there can be a possibility that one who suffers from minor or significant Heart attacks also has Erectile Dysfunction in the past.

Therefore if someone has Erectile Dysfunction at an older age, then it is a sign of lower blood circulation within the body; along with Erectile Dysfunction treatment, general exercise and doctor’s prescribed medication for blood circulation can treat the Erectile Dysfunction disorder. Almost 80% of the patients who have Erectile Dysfunction in older age also suffer from severe heart diseases like heart attacks due to poor blood circulation.

In the case of Erectile dysfunction in younger men, the chances are more inclined toward stress, performance anxiety, and depression as a significant causes of suffering. Apart from this, there are certain anti-blockers related to antidepressants and high blood pressure that also lead to Erectile Dysfunction problems in younger men.

There are various medicines available that are PDE-5 or Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors like Cenforce 100 mg, Vidalista 40 mg, and Fildena 100 mg that can cure Erectile Dysfunction problems effectively on stress and relax the muscles. And if the medicines don’t help, there are various ways like testosterone replacement, surgical implants, vacuum erection devices, etc.

2. Erectile Dysfunction is not anyone’s fault

Due to a lack of understanding of Erectile Dysfunction, women often get the idea that maybe they are the reason for the Erectile Dysfunction of their partner. Studies show that there are scarce chances that the cause of Erectile Dysfunction in men can occur because of their partner. The possibility of being rare is the medical terminology and not having any evidence in the practical scenario to prove the point. So It is no one’s fault that men get affected by Erectile Dysfunction. Hence instead of blaming yourself or your partner, understand the practical cause behind Erectile Dysfunction.

The ideology that the person facing Erectile Dysfunction is no longer attracted to the partner is quite vague and based on hypothetical instances. Instead of sticking to the unnecessary pressure that may make men not attracted to their partner, women should concentrate more on the ways to help their partner in finding sound solutions to Erectile Dysfunction and nourish the environment that leads to a permanent cure.

There are cases when Erectile Dysfunction issues increase in younger men because the women continuously state that the lack of Erections is happening due to the men’s fault. The simultaneous mentions of impotence blamed on men cause increased depression and stress. Also, some men take overdoses of antidepressants, leading to more severity that affects them on various levels, including mental and physical. It is the primary reason doctors mention different therapies suitable for the patient’s mental health to help them cope with Erectile Dysfunction fast along with the medications. The medication for the primary stage of Erectile Dysfunction only works when the brain responds to the sexual simulations. Hence, the partner needs to be supportive to attract the brain.

3. Attraction and Erection are two different things

Often women relate to the Erection in men as it is a result of their partner’s attraction towards them. But it is not as simple as women suppose because the Erection can happen without sexual simulations. A Study on Testosterone’s role in erections shows the confirmation that testosterone is responsible for erections, but it is still unclear how testosterone relates to the occurrences of random erections. Hence spontaneous erections are possible that are not happening due to sexual simulations that a man feels by having an attraction towards the women. Similarly, the inverse is also true that the feeling of interest in men should yield an erection.

Where Erectile Dysfunction is a disorder, occurrences of random Erections are not troublesome, and some experts even say that it is a sin that testosterone and other bodily functions are more inclined toward health. The spontaneous erections prove that even if a man has Erectile Dysfunction, he can still feel attraction toward their partner, and the feeling of love or attraction can’t be measured with the hypothesis that if a man attracts a woman sexually, he should get a satisfactory erection.

Nocturnal penile tumescence, or NPT, is a common type of random Erection commonly known as morning mood. Men get an erection without having sexual feelings or simulation occurring in the brain. It is not a sign that the man is sexually dreaming about a woman; instead, it relates to the man’s health. The morning mood erection shows that a man is healthy because as the brain reintegrates from sufficient sleep, the blood circulation is enhanced again in the body to give a fresh and motivating start to the day. Hence attraction is one of the aspects that can create an erection, but it is not the only aspect.

4. Conversation is a therapy

The doctor recommends therapies of various kinds as medication for Erectile Dysfunction. One such important aspect that revolves around the therapeutic solution is honest conversation between the partners. There are sound studies that show intercourse as one of the most personal and sacred aspects of life that both men and women share. It shows the intimacy they feel towards each other, and it doesn’t matter whether they have known each other for a longer time, but the important thing is that they are comfortable with each other on an intra-personal level. Still, due to a lack of understanding, couples lack honest conversation and do not take it seriously.

Honest conversations related to sexual aspects can be challenging as it is awkward to discuss the related things, especially when anyone suffers from a sexual disease. In this case, the man has Erectile Dysfunction and hence gets awkward sharing it with their partner. The two things that resolve with an honest conversation are:

  1. It helps to build the relationship by enhancing the trust and comfort of sharing problems.
  2. It helps the woman to understand the underlying reason for unsatisfactory Erections and hence resolves the doubts within the mind.

The one main point to note here is that women should provide comfortable surroundings to men in case of the surfing from Erectile Dysfunction. Hence wait to talk about it right after it happens. Please wait for a gap of a minimum of 2 days and then discuss it casually about the reasons for unsatisfactory Erection. It may be possible that the men know that it is occurring but don’t know that they have Erectile Dysfunction. Hence honest conversation resolves the other unhealthier means that they not noticed and eventually helps them to live a better, healthier life.

The conversation specifically related to Erectile Dysfunction by discussing the possible solution lightly on the aspects of the partner’s life like stress and other mental issues, which might be necessary to discuss as it can directly relate to one of the major causes of Erectile Dysfunction.

5. Available other therapy options

Along with honest conversations, couples can take several therapies that help them to understand each other’s perspectives. Even doctors mandatorily prescribe specific treatments based on the patient’s medical state. It is crucial because Erectile Dysfunction disorder is related to physiological issues and mental illnesses like stress, lack of confidence, depression, etc. Couples should not overlook these issues and should help each other by providing secure and nourishing environments to discuss these sensitive things. If the couple needs external help, therapies compensate for that part quickly as the setup improves the comfort levels.

Therapies like couple therapy, individual therapy, etc., also help to reduce the stress and depression caused as the circular flow in these therapies is strictly designed to eliminate the same for the patient who is suffering from mental diseases or any sudden incidents that affect the psychological or mental conditions and hence arise Erectile dysfunction disorder. In these instances, the therapies help cure the disease and reduce the treatment time.

Several aspects are covered in the therapy sessions, and the curriculum is finalized based on the patient’s medical and psychological conditions. Hence stress, depression, low confidence, etc., are broad categories, but a more profound process is involved in working on these aspects.

6. The sex life is not yet over

The primary assumption of the couple in which men face Erectile Dysfunction is that their sex life is over because of the issue with the Erection. But the sex appeal does not end with the penetration, there are vast things that a couple can try out. For related information, one can consult with a sex therapist to get a guide on improving the sex life and taking care of Erectile Dysfunction disease. Not only can couples take sex therapies related to any sexual disease or casually without even facing any disease but have some psychological differences.

Make sure to create a comfortable environment during intercourse and lower the expectations on both sides. The motive here is to make intercourse pleasurable by exceeding the limits to try innovative ways other than the traditional ones.

7. Erectile Dysfunction is not a part of aging

The Erectile Dysfunction disease in men is independent of age in every sense. Younger and older men, irrespective of age, can have Erectile Dysfunction. Psychological and physical conditions play a significant role in Erectile Dysfunction. The two main misconceptions that are pretty popular related to erectile Dysfunction are:

  1. Erectile Dysfunction means men are not attracted to their partner.
  2. Erectile Dysfunction occurs and increases with the age of the person.

All the factors that contribute to Erectile Dysfunction disorder are not linked directly to ageing, but there are several aspects to it. In case one is suffering from blood circulation issues with age, then there are chances that they will get Erectile Dysfunction disorder in the future. So these factors majorly depend on the person’s medical condition. A doctor can guide better on the possibilities s they have a fundamental analysis of the patient, in an ideal body that is not suffering from any prior disease and is relatively fit than its age does not affect the Erectile Dysfunction severity.

8. Have Patience with the medications

The couples taking the medication for erectile Dysfunction understand that the medicine starts working on permanent treatment majorly instead of focusing on providing an immediate solution. The problem with the primary explanation is that they can harm more and causes higher chances of Side Effects. Hence the FDA makes sure that the medicines provide permanent treatment. One needs to ensure that the medication they are taking for Erectile Dysfunction should be FDA approved and original. Cenforce 100 mg, Vidalista 40 mg, and Fildena 100 mg are some popular and FDA-approved medications for Erectile Dysfunction.

One can consider 24x7pharma, an online medical store that ensures original medicines with vast factors checked, like medical conditions, prior diseases, allergies, etc., before order confirmation. Hence ensures maximum safety so that there are no chances of side effects.


There is a misconception that Erectile Dysfunction is a disorder that only men suffer from, but the truth is far different from this assumption. In any sexual disease, both partners in a relationship suffer equally, independent of the fact that the disorder concentrates on men or women. Hence in the case of Erectile Dysfunctions disorder faced by men, there are various aspects that women should also know in the relationship. This article focuses on 8 things Every woman should know about Erectile Dysfunction.

One major thing that also needs to give equal importance is that the medications for Erectile Dysfunction are widely available as duplicates, expired or non-branded companies where the chances of side effects are high. Hence one can refer to, an online medical store for the medicines listed in this article. The 24x7pharma ensures original products with factors check order confirmation, including checks on medical conditions, allergies, ongoing medication, prior diseases, etc.