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What to Know About Trimix Injections for Erectile Dysfunction

What to Know About Trimix Injections for Erectile Dysfunction-min

Enhancing blood circulation in the pelvic area and the penis muscle is one of the front-line ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction. The practice is quite common, and various medications help the patient to achieve satisfactory erections.

In oral medicines, popular medicines depend mostly on PDE-5 inhibitors. When the PDE-5 inhibitors do not provide better results in injectable ED medication, the next most preferred choices are Trimix, Bimix, and Papaverine.

Even in some cases, people prefer these injectable ed medications over PDE-5 inhibitors as the results are faster due to their high effectiveness over PDE-5 inhibitors. As it is injected directly into the bloodstream, it takes less time to come into effect. For these reasons, this article explains what to know about Trimix Injections for Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is quite a common issue in the USA, and patients incline to more fast and reliable ways of treatment. Due to these reasons, injectable ed medications are more popular than generic PDE-5 inhibitor medicines. Trimix is an injectable ed medication that is a compound of three drugs: alprostadil, phentolamine, and Papaverine. The Trimix ED injection focuses on smoothing and relaxing the muscles and opening the necessary blood vessels in the penis that causes a satisfactory erection.

As Trimix is quite popular, there are still chances that it only suits a person with certain medical conditions. Hence it is advisable from our side to take a proper medical analysis by a doctor to decide whether Trimix ED injection is helpful in your particular situation. This article covers all the basics of Trimix Ed injection to help the patient understand more about it so that they extract maximum benefits without any severe side effects.

Trimix ED Injection – Introduction

      • Trimix Ed injections got FDA approval in 1995 and have since been acquired worldwide for the better treatment of Erectile Dysfunction over PDE-5 inhibitors.
      • The main reason for this Ed injection is that the PDE- inhibitor dependent medications like Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis(Tadalafil), etc., are ineffective for all men and come with vast side effects and mandatory regulations. Hence, in that case, Ed injections are among such viable treatments that solve the problems of Erectile Dysfunction effectively.
      • The use of Ed injection that is injected straight into the penis is a very intimidating thought, and one might think to avoid it. But this injectable Ed medication is preferred by almost 70% of men worldwide as it gives effective results within short intervals and has fewer side effects.
      • Around 20 million USA men have Erectile Dysfunction and continuously use injectable ed medication to cope with the disorder; hence it is important to have minute details on point to enhance the effectiveness of the medicine.

Trimix ED Injection Uses and Components

Trimix ED injection uses and components

Trimix injectable ed medicine is the second line of treatment after the PDE-5 inhibitors that are the primary cure for Erectile Dysfunction. The medicines like Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis(Tadalafil), etc., are PDE-5 inhibitor-dependent medicines that work by enhancing the synthesizes of catabolism of cyclic Guanosine- 3′ and 5′- Monophosphate (cGMP) that relaxes the Corpus Cavernosum and hence leads to better and satisfactory erections. While this is quite an effective way to treat Erectile Dysfunction, major drawbacks include large side effects, lack of effectiveness on all men, high precautionary conditions, etc.

Trimix, as the name symbolizes, contains the three primary medicines: alprostadil, phentolamine, and Papaverine, which is a compounded medication and not available in retail pharmacies as they require compound pharmacy their distribution.

Unlike PDE-5 inhibitors functioning, the Trimix medication injects a synergistic effect, injected within the penis directly for sustained penile erections. The compounded medication dosages vary as per the tolerated requirements of the individual patients. The active components of Trimix are alprostadil, phentolamine, and Papaverine. Hence let’s discuss them with appropriate explanations below:

  • Alprostadil

      • Alprostadil, or Prostaglandin E1, is a potent vasodilator. It is responsible for dilating the cavernosal arteries and relaxing the muscles of the Corpus Cavernosum. Hence leads to penile tumescence when directly injected into the penis. It metabolizes quickly but remains in effect for a short duration of 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Phentolamine

      • Phentolamine belongs to a class of drugs that are known as alpha-adrenoceptor antagonists. Phentolamine works by blocking the alpha receptors in the human body. The medicine works majorly by blocking alpha receptors epinephrine and norepinephrine. These two alpha receptors cause contractions of the vessels, leading to Erectile Dysfunction. Phentolamine alters its effects by blocking them. Phentolamine comes into effect within 5 to 20 minutes after it is injected into the penis. It typically lasts 1 to 4 hours, depending on the individual’s health and other factors like age, medical conditions, etc.
  • Papaverine

      • An alkaloid with a vasodilatory effect relaxes the muscles around the pelvic area and Marjory the muscles within the penis. Papaverine works similarly to PDE_5 inhibitors. It means Papaverine enhances the synthesis of catabolism of cyclic Guanosine- 3′ and 5′- Monophosphate (cGMP). That relaxes the Corpus Cavernosum and hence leads to better and satisfactory erections. Voltage-gated calcium channels are also effective due to the papaverine inhibitory effects.

Hence, the mixture of all three medicines, Papaverine, Phentolamine, and Alprostadil, work together as a Trimix Ed injection and gives the patient a satisfactory erection for intercourse or other sexual activities.

Trimix Injections Doses

      • The typical Trimix injection dosage starts at 15 minutes for patients who never take the medication. As it is a second line of treatment, a doctor needs to critically evaluate the results from the first line of Erectile Dysfunction medicines that are PDE-5 inhibitors before finalizing the units of Trimix ED Injection. The doctor’s procedure is to fix a lower unit as per the patient’s health conditions and then increase five units each time if the previous prescription no longer remains effective. Various factors are involved, like evaluation of previous dose failures, etc. Hence doctor’s consultation is important in the dosage selection of Trimix ED injection.
      • In terms of dosage frequency, a general recommendation is to limit the Trimix Ed injection usage to a maximum of 3 times a week and a gap of at least one day, i.e., 24 hours between the subsequent doses of Trimix injectable ed medication.
      • One thing to note here is that with the subsequent doses, the patient needs to switch the sides of the penis to ensure that the medication is injected inside the bloodstream through a different vein each time; otherwise, the veins can cause severe side effects.
      • There are cases when Trimix or other injectable ed medication is ineffective for some men. The ratio is small in comparison to PDE-5 inhibitors failures in some men, but it still is a possibility. Hence make sure to contact the doctor frequently for subsequent checkups to trace the progress graph. If it’s on the positive side, consider other erectile Dysfunction options like Penile implants, testosterone replacement, etc.

Usage Instruction of Trimix ED injection

Many times the patients face the issue that they want to use the Ed injection without needing external professional help to inject the medication into the penis. Hence it is important to follow the appropriate procedure to inject the Trimix ED injection into the veins of the penis. The following steps will help you with the same. Only follow the instructions attentively in front of a professional until you get confident in injecting the medication.

      • STEP-1: First, you need to sterilize the medicine. For this, open an alcohol swab and wipe the rubber top of the medication bottle.
      • STEP-2: Open the syringe and carefully remove the protective cover. Do not contaminate the needle with anything instead of the medication bottle’s rubber cap.
      • STEP-3: Push the needle inside the medication rubber cap and flip the medicine glass bottle upside down. Pull the plunger to fill the injection with the prescribed Trimix injectable ed medication.
      • STEP-4: After extracting the needed medication from the bottle, inject the remaining air in the syringe back into the bottle.
      • STEP-5: Repeat the process until all air is removed from the medication and one withdraws the exact prescribed medicine out of the bottle.
      • STEP-6: Remove the needle from the rubble cap of the glass bottle and put the syringe on a flat surface with the hand not touching anything.
      • STEP-7: Hold the penis head with the index finger and thumb and pull it away from the body until the skin is stitched.
      • STEP-8: Make sure not to select the visible veins as an injection site and keep changing the position of the injection sites with each subsequent dose to avoid scar tissue formation.
      • STEP-9: Wipe the skin with an alcohol swab and take the syringe in the other hand.
      • STEP-10: Touch the needle close to the injection site and sit or stand while mimicking these steps.
      • STEP-11: Hold the syringe at the position with a 90-degree angle. Push slightly, so the needle gets inside the penis base by penetrating the skin.
      • STEP-12: Once the needle penetrates the skin, one needs some resistance. But this is not the position to stop the hand. Instead, stab until a distinctive give is felt. It means that the needle is within the erectile body.
      • STEP-13: Hold the syringe with the index and middle finger and use your thumb to press the plunger, and inject the whole medicine into the erectile body.
      • STEP-14: Remove the needle slightly from the penis and immediately apply the alcohol swab with pressure for about 2-3 minutes to the injection site with your thumb and wait until the bleeding stop.
      • STEP-15: Throw the syringe with needle and protective cover in the disposal box.

Following these steps helps the patient to inject the trimix injectable ed medication doses inside the penis. Also, the procedure is more or less similar to other injection-based Ed medications. The only thing to ensure is that if one is not confident enough with the steps, then don’t get shy and take appropriate professional help. Also, the dose extracted from the syringe needs to be exactly as per the recommended doctor’s prescription.

Trimix ED Injections Side Effects

The injectable ed medications also have several side effects, which are less than the PDE-5 inhibitors-based ED medications like Viagra(Sildenafil), Cialis(Tadalafil), etc. but are still severe in terms of impacts.

The side effects of Trimix ED injection are quite rare. Some men experience bruising or pain, while others do not share any side effects. There are the following side effects that Trimix Ed injection yields:

      • Penis Skin Swelling: The skin swelling is temporary and occurs when the needle placement is inappropriate while injecting the medicine.
      • Transitory pain: 10% of the men who use the Trimix ED injection suffer from pain in the head of the penis shortly after the injection. The pain starts after 5 minutes of injecting the medication, and its occurrence directly relates to impotence, primarily nerve issues.
      • Injection site bleedings: If one does not apply enough pressure on the penetrated skin after removing the needle from the skin, the formation of black and blue patches occurs. These are temporary and disappear within 2-3 days. The only thing to ensure is to not inject the Trimix ed injection dose again on the same site where the patch occurs.
      • Prolonged Erection: It occurs due to an overdose of the medication or taking medicine in inappropriate doses without the doctor’s prescription. Prolonged erections are a severe complication. If it is not tackled well, it can even cause permanent impotence in which the penis does not respond to any injecting medication for acquiring satisfactory erections for intercourse. It is also advisable to only change the doses in very small amounts. If the erection remains more than 3 hours after injecting the Trimix injectable ed medication, take immediate help or call 801-213-2700. As in severe cases of prolonged erection, patients might need small operations to eliminate the side effects.

Sometimes the side effects occur due to duplicate or expired medicines. Hence, patients can use 24×7 pharma to prevent these side effects, an online medical store selling original medication. Before confirming the order, a detailed factor check occurs so that patients can avoid the medicines mentioned in the prescription that are harmful to them. Flat discounts are listed on the website for a limited time; hence avail of them on an urgent basis.

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Trimix ED Injections Precautionary Instructions

Several preventive measures come with the use of Trimix Ed medication. These precautions are important to follow as they can alter the effects of Trimix ed medication from efficiency to the occurrence of severe side effects. The major preventative measures include:

      • Never use the Trimix injectable ed medication more than once daily. Maintain an appropriate gap of 24 hours minimum with each subsequent dose.
      • Never increase the dose greater than the maximum limit of 0.05cc because greater doses alternation will result in painful and prolonged erections. And depending on the severity of the side effects, one may even need to admit to the emergency room.
      • If one fails in the procedure after injecting the medicine and cannot target the erectile tissue, a burning sensation starts in the penis. It results in no erection and remains for around 2 hours. To avoid this, one must follow appropriate injecting steps and take professional help if not confident enough.
      • The injection syringe’s needle should not come in contact with surfaces except the medicine bottle rubber cap and the penile skin. If the needle gets contaminated or gets in touch with anything, it should be thrown out without usage.
      • Do not insert a used or contaminated needle in the medicine glass bottle.
      • Always keep the medicine in the refrigerator. One can put the medication inside the fridge with the bottle closed or fill it in the syringe after knowing the appropriate dose quantity.
      • It is advisable not to inject any other substance with the prescribed medicine.
      • Visit the doctor frequently to trace the progress graph of the medicine, and in case of injecting the medication and the erection lasting more than three hours, then take immediate help nearby or call directly at 801-213-2700.


      • The Trimix Ed injection contains a mixture of three medicines: alprostadil, phentolamine, and Papaverine. They have their procedure to make erections in men within very few durations. Due to its popularity, it is important for the patient consuming the Trimix injection to know the minute details that help to take advantage of the medication to the fullest by avoiding every possible side effect. This article can consider as a detailed guide about what to know about trimix injections for Erectile Dysfunction while consuming it to extract a sound cure.
      • One can also prevent themselves by ensuring the consumption of original and unexpired medicines. For this, 24×7 pharma is an online medical store that ensures original drugs and confirms the medicine’s effectiveness on the patient’s health before confirming the order to ensure maximum patient safety. The 24×7 pharma also provides a flat discount for a limited time; hence one should consider it for ordering their next medicine requirements.