Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Other Than Just ED Pills

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment - Other Than Just ED Pills

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition in which the penis cannot be erect for satisfactory intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction is quite common diseases that affect around one-third of the total men in the United States, as per Recent Research. There is confirmed research that shows that by 2025, the total number of infected men with Erectile Dysfunction will increase to 322 million worldwide. But hopefully, along with the increase of Erectile Dysfunction as one of the most dominant diseases, there are various treatments available that can treat Erectile Dysfunction permanently. The Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction that includes Phosphodiesterase-5 or PDE5 inhibitors, commonly known as Erectile Dysfunction Pills is first line of treatment. However, the scope of these medicines is lacking in various aspects. Hence this article covers Erectile Dysfunction treatment- other than Just ED pills to eliminate the disorder from the male body permanently and more efficiently.

If a person has Erectile Dysfunction, they are most probably trying to resolve the issue through Erectile Dysfunction pills based on the Phosphodiesterase-5 or PDE5 inhibitors. The medicines are practical and widely used, but their scope is limited to enhancing blood circulation by relaxing the muscles around the pelvic area and penis sack. The issue that arrives here is that doctors recommend the erectile Dysfunction pill continuously to the patients, which remains effective for some time, and then the disorder comes back. There are rare chances that erectile Dysfunction can resolve permanently only with the help of PDE-5 inhibitor-based medicines. Hence to break this loop that depends only on the ED pills needs other ways by addressing the cause and severities.

Ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction beyond the scope of ED Pill

Ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction beyond the scope of ED PillErectile dysfunction treatments with the sole dependency on ED pills are inefficient from a broad outlook. Various possible ways prove the efficient remedies to treat erectile Dysfunction. The famous ED pills are Sildenafil Citrate(Cenforce), Tadalafil(Tadarise, and Vardenafil(Valif). But there are various severe side effects involved with these popular Ed pills, such as whole body flushes, headaches, vision alterations, congestion, muscle aches, joint pains, etc. Along with this, there are various restrictions that a person consuming ongoing medication, such as nitric oxide, antibiotics, etc.

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People are suffering from heart or kidney-related disease, low blood pressure problems, etc., are prohibited from consuming Erectile Dysfunction pills. If a person follows all the preventive aspects, there is still a chance that the ED pills do not work. Hence to cover these anomalies related to Erectile Dysfunction, we curated other possible ways that can treat or prevent Erectile Dysfunction more efficiently and with fewer implementation requirements.

The Ways to treat and prevent Erectile Dysfunction can broadly divide into two categories:

  1. Medical Treatments

    • The medical treatments include how to treat or prevent Erectile Dysfunction through the measures that medical science developed in recent years. These ways are efficient and provide a Sound cure for Erectile Dysfunction that does not include any involvement of ED pills. The methods that are listed following are only to inform the patient about the other possible solutions as an alternative to Ed Pills. We do not advise implementing these ways without a doctor or a health care professional and without analyzing the medical conditions and other appropriate checkups.
      1. Penile Injections

        • The penile injection contains medicines in liquid forms that increase the blood circulation in the pelvic area and muscles within the penis. The treatment that the penile injection contains depends on PDE-5 inhibitors. And hence the necessary precautionary conditions are applied to the penile infusion too. The main aim of using penile injection over oral medications is to increase the efficiency of the medicines as they come into effect much faster because the body does not need to complete the procedure of absorption like in the case of oral consumption. Penile injection is also available based on various medicines, including Sildenafil Citrate(Cenforce), Tadalafil(Tadarise), and Vardenafil(Valif).
        • Side effects of penile injection treatment include:
          1. Prolonged erections
          2. Minor bleeding at the injection site
          3. Long-term use cases form scar tissue within deeper penis tissues.
      2. Surgical Implants

        • In patients that are suffering from spinal cord injuries or have any neurological disorders, surgical implants are the treatment that is available as a cure for Erectile Dysfunction. In surgical implants, an implantable pump creates a manual erection by pumping water inside the cylinders placed inside the penis. It is a 45-minute procedure in which the cylinders implant into the erection chambers. The patient should undergo an in-depth evaluation before implementing the surgical implants, and the doctors need the surety that the other ways to treat and prevent Erectile Dysfunction are not adequate for a particular patient.
        • The following method is a malleable prosthesis that erects the penis into position for satisfactory intercourse. The surgical penile implants allow the patient to decide the duration of the erection. The risks involved in surgical implants are mechanical breakdown and infection. The surgical implant is close to the cure solution for Erectile Dysfunction, and the men who considered this way to treat erectile Dysfunction report greater satisfaction.
      3. Testosterone replacement

        • Most cases of Erectile Dysfunction occur due to chronic cardiovascular conditions or temporary stress that accumulates within the pelvic region and muscles inside the penis. But in various circumstances, the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction is lower testosterone levels within the body. Also, the body cannot produce even the required testosterone levels, which can cause an erection in the penis. It usually occurs in older ages and requires testosterone treatment to get an erection. Consult your doctor about lower testosterone levels. The ED pills based on the PED-5 inhibitors also won’t work to maintain a satisfactory erection if one suffers from lower testosterone levels.
        • Testosterone replacement is the last option the doctor recommends in the whole testosterone treatment procedure when there is no confined scope of increasing the testosterone synthesized within the male body. Testosterone replacement always suggests the combination of other Erectile Dysfunction treatment options depending on the individual conditions and symptoms of the patient. The testosterone treatment is often known as Male hormone therapy.
      4. Vacuum erection Device

        • A vacuum erection device, Penile pump, or Vacuum pump, is used to create the suction to manually pull the blood into the veins of the penis and hence make the penis acquire an erection. After the continuous suction, when the penis gains the required erection, a tension ring is installed within the base of the penis that stops the blood from flowing back from the penis. Hence this tension ring helps to maintain the erection for 20 to 30 minutes at the top side. After 30 minutes, the erection fades away as the blood flows back from the penis veins. A person who requires a longer duration of erection needs to repeat the suction procedure after every 30 minutes based on erection requirements.
        • Most men don’t like this procedure as it is quite a hassle to erect the penis with the help of a solution and tension ring. The erection of this method is not triggered through sexual simulations and hence cannot maintain the sexual feeling. But in various cases, this method restores satisfactory intercourse within the couples without needing any external medication.
      5. Urethral Suppository

        • Intra Urethral Suppository or medicated urethral system for erection(MUSE) is the way to make the penis get an appropriate erection by installing a small drug pellet at the tip of the penis.
        • The drug inserted at the end of the penis gets into the veins. It acquires appropriate blood circulation by altering the hormonal levels and creating direct contact with the brain to send suitable erection enzymes into the penis.
        • The erection from the urethral Suppository method can acquire within 10 mins of implementing it. After the procedure and successful erection, it lasts for a duration within the range of 30 to 60 mins. However, there are some side effects of implementing the Urethral Suppository as a possible way to treat or prevent Erectile Dysfunction, such as minor bleeding on top of the penis, burning sensations within the penis, etc.
    • For all the above medicines related to Erectile Dysfunction or any other disease, one can consider 24×7 pharma. 24×7 pharma is an online medical store that provides treatments at a lesser price through discounts. The unique functionality of 24×7 pharma is that it only sells the original products with appropriate factor checks like patients; medical conditions, ongoing medications, allergies, etc., so that the medicines do not cause any harm to the patients.
  2. Natural treatments

    • The natural treatments for erectile Dysfunction include ways that are not harmful to the body. And are still able to help the individual get a satisfactory erection stimulated through the sexual feeling and do not depend on any special equipment or medicine for its functioning. The following is a list of natural treatments that are possible and effective ways to treat and prevent Erectile Dysfunction in males.
      1. Herbal Supplements

        • Herbal supplements are evidence proof that they can enhance erection efficiency within males. The ancient people used these herbal remedies continuously to treat erectile dysfunctions and other penis-related disorders. In modern science, these supplement extracts use within OTC medicines. Supplements like saw palmetto, ginkgo Biloba, and Yohimbe are known as sexual enhancers as they can help the individual to gain erections for satisfactory intercourse.
        • Many individuals tried consistently using these supplements and reported an increase in their erections, but these supplements are not FDA-approved. Also, unlike other herbal supplements, these supplements can interfere with the ongoing Ed medications and cause severe side effects. Hence appropriate doctor’s consultations and testing of these supplements with the current medical conditions of an individual is mandatory before direct consumption.
      2. Shock wave therapy

        • Within recent years as technology advances, innovations and treatments add up in medical science. One such therapy for erectile dysfunction treatment provides through shock waves. The applicable concept here is that the low-energy shock waves pass through the penis and pelvic areas to improve the effectiveness of erections caused by the sexual simulations. The indentation of the low-energy shock waves is similar to regrowing the heart blood vessels using revascularization, which also depends on shock therapy treatment.
        • Not only this, the shock wave therapy treatment for Erectile Dysfunction provides promising results in the practical use case, but it still is not FDA-approved because of the ongoing research on the topic that lacks substantial proof of its sound effectiveness. A similar approach is used to break kidney stones and is very effective there. Still, until complete research on its Erectile Dysfunction aspects, it remains a vague solution for patients.
      3. Sex Therapy

        • Any medication or way to treat or prevent Erectile Dysfunction won’t help if the erection is blocked mentally because of a lack of affection that occurs due to fear, anxiety, or fight or flight irregularities.
        • In case of feeling of vulnerabilities, the erection doesn’t happen as the survival skills biomes prominent and takes the place of affection, emotions, and sexual simulations.
        • There can be various factors that are performance anxiety, depression, stress, poor relationship, etc., affecting the sexual life by blocking erections.
        • The possible way to treat or prevent Erectile Dysfunction is to indulge the ongoing Ed medications with sex therapy, individual therapy, couple therapy, physiological therapy, etc., by any health professional in the relative field.
      4. Dietary Changes

        • A balanced diet can eliminate the currently maintained erectile Dysfunction in the male body. A recent 2020 study shows that men who take consistent and healthier diets in their daily lifestyle have fewer symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. The dietary requirements need less consumption of red or processed meat, and instead of creating the diet using,
          1. Vegetables
          2. Legumes
          3. Fruits
          4. Fish
          5. Nuts
        • A 2017 study on similar aspects shows that eating the products mentioned above within the diet lowers the risk of Erectile Dysfunction in men ranging from 18 to 40 years. Maintaining the appropriate diets based on the above high-nutrient products also resolves the other health issues in your life apart from sexual problems, including Erectile Dysfunction.
      5. Exercise with Smoking and alcohol reductions

        • Daily physical activities reduce the chances of Erectile Dysfunction. As physical activity resolves the creational issues of testosterone within the body. Also, the testosterone that synthesizes within the body with regular and consistent exercise is more efficient than the usual ones. Obesity, inactivity, or cardiovascular diseases contribute to erectile Dysfunction. Aerobic exercises can decrease the chances of erectile Dysfunction permanently from the body. The required duration of aerobic exercises to reduce erectile Dysfunction should be more than 40 minutes a day for six months and should include activities like,
          1. Running
          2. Swimming
          3. Bicycling
          4. Skiing
          5. Brisk walking
        • The benefits of aerobic exercise include high testosterone levels, lower stress, increased blood vessel health, etc., that improve erection conditions. Also, lower alcohol and smoking consumption improves blood conditions and pumping within the system, leading to satisfactory erections.


A common way of Erectile Dysfunction treatment is through Erectile Dysfunction pills, but they are ineffective if a person suffers from other ongoing medical conditions. Also, the various side effects that Ed pills cause lower the possible ways to treat erectile Dysfunction. In this article, we discuss Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Other Than Just ED Pills with appropriate explanations to help the patient select a proper way to treat and prevent Erectile dysfunction with minor side effects and other uncertainties.



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