Erectile Dysfunction

Cenforce 100 vs Malegra 100: What’s The Difference?

Cenforce 100 vs Malegra 100 What's The Difference

As new sexual disorders are becoming common in men, doctors are also coming up with new medications for the treatments. However, with such a wide variety of drugs, you must identify the best option, like between Cenforce 100 vs Malegra 100, which will be more beneficial for your condition.

Instead of trying both of these drugs yourself to see their result, you can read this article. Here we have mentioned all the needed information from all the different experiments and studies. After reading this article, you will be able to select the best sexual treatment medicine for yourself easily.

Introduction to Cenforce 100

    • Cenforce is one of the most commonly used medicines for treating sexual disorders in men, especially Erectile Dysfunction. This medicine is also the most prescribed by doctors and professionals in the ED business.
    • This drug was first introduced as an anti-depression, but later, it was identified that it is also very efficient in treating ED in men. It doesn’t have any sexual effect on females. However, in men, it can be a long-term treatment.

Introduction to Malegra 100

    • Malegra is also an efficient medicine for treating erection disorders in men. It has Sildenafil Citrate (SD) in its chemical composition, the primary chemical for treating any sexual condition in men.
    • Malegra is a drug that has just been discovered in the medicine industry, and it is becoming popular because of its lack of side effects. This drug comes in low-dose quantities, which makes it safer for the patients.

Effects of Cenforce 100 & Malegra 100

Effects of Cenforce 100 & Malegra 100Malegra and Cenforce almost have the same effect on the body. They are used for the same purpose and have the same working process. Doctors mostly prescribe either of these or let the patient decide according to his financial conditions. Some of these drugs’ effects on your body are mentioned below.

    • Cenforce 100 vs Malegra 100 both increase the blood flow in your body.
    • These drugs block the PDE5 enzyme in your body, whose work is to decrease blood flow in your genitals.
    • The penal regions function better as the PDE% gets blocked and the blood flow increases.
    • These two drugs also increase heart rate in the patients, that’s why it is not helpful for vascular patients.
    • They also increase the patients’ stamina; hence they can perform well during intercourse.

Difference Between Cenforce & Malegra

    • Even though these two drugs are very similar, they also have a few differences. There are no medications in the pharmaceutical industry that are identical. And the same goes for the Cenforce and Malegra. Some significant differences between these two drugs are discussed below.
    • These differences will help you select the medicine type you want and decide which one you will use. You can also ask for help from your doctor, which is a safer option.
  1. Chemical Structure

    • The chemical structure of both medicines is slightly different than each other. Malegra has a huge proportion of Sildenafil in it, which make it highly beneficial for all sexual disorders, especially erection problem.
    • While as we have said earlier, Cenforce was first discovered to be anti-depression and has no sildenafil. Still, this drug is beneficial for treating erectile dysfunction permanently.
  2. Dosages

  3. Period of Effect

    • These two drugs also have different periods of effect on the patients. Cenforce is mainly used to treat erection problems for longer; hence it has a more prolonged effect on the body. The effect of Cenforce might last for more than 6 hours in the body.
    • However, Malegra has a little sorter effect on the patients than Cenforce. Patients usually take this drug 30 minutes before intercourse, and the effect last in the body for 2 hours.

Side Effects of Cenforce & Malegra

Every drug will have some side effect on your body if they are not being taken with care. There are certain precautions that you must follow to avoid any sort of adverse effect. Malegra and Cenforce can also harm your health if you take the wrong dose or eat something bad.

These side effects are discussed below so you can identify them as soon as they appear.

    • If the dose of Cenforce 100 and Malegra 100 is not right, it can result in nausea and vomiting.
    • Regular usage of these forms of enhancement drugs might result in dizziness.
    • Using Cenforce may cause you to experience insomnia and other sleep issues.
    • After taking this medication, vision may become blurry, so we advise against driving.
    • If you take this medication for the first time, you may experience a fever and high body temperature following sexual activity.
    • Your body will receive a ton of energy and stamina after taking Malegra 100 mg, so your heart rate may rise.
    • Another adverse effect of Cenforce pills is difficulty breathing.

How to Increase the Effect of Cenforce & Malegra?

There are some natural ways of treating sexual disorders in men. And if, for some reason, your condition has been worse and you need medicine for your treatment, we still recommend you use these natural tips. These will help you increase the efficiency of your ED drugs and improve the treatment.

Three of the most effective natural treatments proven by different studies are discussed below.

  1. Healthy Diet

    • Cenforce 100 vs Malegra 100 will be ineffective if you are not taking a good diet. Your physical and sexual health depends on what you eat, and eating a lot of junk food worsens your condition.
    • You must add the required nutrients to your daily food consumption. Start taking food items like kiwi and pineapple, the natural source of PDE5 inhibitors, to increase the Effects of Malegra and Cenforce.
  2. Exercise

    • Exercising is a great way of increasing your stamina in heart rate. And both of these are very important during sexual intercourse. You will see that people who have been exercising for a long time are sexually healthy as well.
    • The effect of Cenforce 100 and Malegra will be highly increased when you exercise regularly. You will see that your dose intake is getting low daily, and ultimately, you will no longer need these drugs.
  3. No Alcohol

    • Alcohol interaction with all the ED pills is very violent. It is so dangerous that you also have a high risk of kidney failure. So doctors strictly prohibit the use of alcohol during erection treatment.
    • And if you cut off from alcohol permanently, you will improve your body’s blood flow naturally; hence, the effect of Malegra and Cenforce will also increase. Also, reducing alcohol consumption will increase your stamina as well.

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Best Store for Erection pills

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As mentioned earlier, you must take certain precautions to ensure your safety while taking any drug. There are universal principles for taking any medicine, and we have mentioned most of the important ones below. You ask for more help from your doctor as well.

    • Keep all the medicines in a dry, cold area away from children’s reach.
    • Keep checking the medicine’s expiry dates, and if any drug expires, throw it away immediately.
    • In discussing Cenforce 100 vs Malegra 100, let your doctor decide which is better for your condition.
    • Never change the dose prescribed by your doctor to get more effectiveness. It could be fatal for you.
    • If you see any side effects from taking the drug, immediately rush to the hospital.
    • Never consume any alcohol along with the ED medications.
    • If you already suffer from any heart-related disorder, don’t take any sexually enhancing drug without your doctor’s consent.
    • Avoid driving after ED medicines as they might blur your vision.

Bottom Line

    • We highly recommend our readers always get themselves checked by a professional doctor. He understands your condition better than you and can help you better. The prescription he suggests will be the safer and more efficient option for your sexual treatment.
    • Treating your sexual disorder is very important to live a healthy life. And getting proper medical treatment requires a lot of care. This article has provided some beneficial information on Cenforce 100 vs Malegra 100. Remember the points mentioned here next you take any ED drug.