Erectile Dysfunction

Cenforce 100 vs Vidalista 20: Which ED Medication is better?

Cenforce 100 vs Vidalista 20 Which ED Medication is better

As sexual disorders are growing in men, so do the treatments keep coming, and there is such a variety of erection-treating medicines in the market that it confuses people. So to help people avoid confusion, we have made this very informative article to help you choose the best cure for your sexual health problem.

Two medicine people mostly ask questions about Cenforce 100 vs Vidalista 20. These two drugs are widely known and are the most beneficial for treating erection disorders in men. We will discuss more about these medications in this article ad help you decide which is better for you.

Introduction to Cenforce 100

Cenforce was a drug used to treat physiological problems like hypertension in men. But later, it was found out that it gives prolonged erections to men as well. When it was used on males with Erectile Dysfunction, this drug started treating the disorder in those patients.

Now Cenforce is one of the most popular drugs famously used to treat ED and premature ejaculation. However, it doesn’t have any sexual effect on females, but it can significantly benefit men. Doctors prescribe this drug to patients whose erection problem is not worse and can be treated permanently.

Introduction to Vidalista 20

Vidalista is another very effective drug to treat many sexual disorders in men. This is a generic form of drug extracted from Sildenafil. Vidalista 20 mg has been proven to be the most effective pill to give instant stimulation to men and give impressive stamina and erection in patients.

Sildenafil is the most effective chemical, which is very efficient for treating all sexual disorders in men. But as this chemical can have severe side effects on men, doctors usually prescribe medications like Vidalista, which has this chemical in a low proportion but is still very effective.

Similarities Between Cenforce 100 & Vidalista 20

Similarities Between Cenforce 100 & Vidalista 20The topic of Cenforce 100 vs Vidalista 20 is very famous in the sexual health industry. But both drugs have much more in common than we can imagine. We have mentioned some of the similarities between these two ED pills below. This section will help you understand Vidalista and Cenforce even more.

  • Both these medications are very effective against the sexual disorder in men.
  • Vidalista and Cenforce blocked the PDE5 enzyme in men and reduced muscle relaxation.
  • They both increase the blood flow in the patient’s body. That’s why if you have any vascular disorder, don’t take ED pills.
  • They give very high stamina to the taker, which helps increase his efficiency during intercourse.
  • Both Vidalista and Cenforce were first used to treat hypertension in men.
  • They can cause body pain in the patients after their activity.
  • Both these drugs come in different dosage quantities. This variation makes it safe to use for all age groups.

How to Do Cenforce & Vidalista Work?

PDE is an enzyme in our bodies that causes vein blockages and decreased blood flow to specific organs. All medications for erection disorders, including Vidalista and Cenforce, contain PDE inhibitors, which relax the muscle, prevent the production of the PDE enzyme, and lessen the severity of ED.

Blood flow increases as the body’s muscles relax, especially in the male penis. This increase in blood flow gives you fully functional genitalia. Therefore, they will maintain a suitable erection for as long as the ED pills last.

These medicines have the same working principle, which is similar to these pills. However, how much effective the drug is on the body can be different.

Difference Between Cenforce & Vidalista

Even though these two pills have a lot in common, there are still some differences, which is why there is a discussion on Cenforce 100 vs Vidalista 20. We will share some of the two significant differences in these drugs. This information will help you select the medicine you think is better.

Different Doses

The primary difference between these two medications is the dose quantities it has. Vidalista has a fundamental and low quantity dose, and that’s why it has only minimal effect on the patients. The available doses of Vidalista are listed below:

However, Cenforce has comparatively higher dosage quantities. These high doses help this drug to be in the patient’s body for a longer time and hence can treat erection disorder permanently. We have listed the available doses of Cenforce below for you.

Different Chemical Structure

There is also a significant difference between these two pills: their chemical structure. Cenforce is more of a medicine of its chemical and has PDE5 inhibitors in it. As mentioned, it was first used for anti-depression and hypertension in men and is not derived from other medicine.

However, Vidalista is a generic medicine that has Sildenafil in it. As Sildenafil could be dangerous if the quantity is incorrect, doctors don’t prefer it. These Vidalista pills can provide the same benefit as Sildenafil safely. This chemical difference makes these two pills different from each other.

Cenforce 100 vs Vidalista 20; Which is Better?

If you want an answer on which medicine is better, it depends on certain aspects between Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 20. Most of all, it depends on the patient and what is the condition of this disorder. We have listed three essential points doctors considered while prescribing these two drugs to their patients.


Age plays an important role when selecting the pills from these two options. If you are an adult and your condition of ED is not that worse, doctors will probably prescribe you Cenforce to ensure that your problem is getting treated permanently.

However, suppose you have passed the stage of reversing the effects of sexual disorder in your body, and now your condition cannot be treated. In that case, doctors prescribe you Vidalista as you will get the sexual enhancement for a limited time.


Another factor in the discussion of Cenforce 100 vs Vidalista 20 is how much effect the patient seeks. These ED pills can be really effective and can be overly practical, too, if you are not taking the correct dose.

Hence if you are looking for some hours of effect, we suggest you take Vidalista, which lasts for around 2 hours in your body. However, if you want a more prolonged effect, you can take Cenforce, which can last for over 6 hours.

Doctor’s Suggestion

At last, the only suggestion that matters in the discussion of Cenforce Vs Vidalista is your doctors. You should let him decide the medication and treatment for your condition. Get a proper medical check, share all your current health conditions with your doctor, and then he can prescribe you the best pill.

Some surveys have shown that doctors prefer Cenforce over Vidalista if the patient wants permanent treatment, which is also possible. Otherwise, doctors suggest sticking to Vidalista as it is a safe option.

Where to Buy ED Pills?

Drugs for erection problems and other sexual disorders are available at almost every pharmacy. Many people use drugs like Sildenafil, Viagra, Vidalista, and Cenforce. They are available at the nearby store in every dosage quantity. Additionally, 24×7 Pharma, an online pharmacy, sells these medications.

You can purchase the purest, highest-quality ED medicines from this pharmacy. This online pharmacy offers worldwide shipping, including to the UK, the USA, and America. They deliver the medication to customers at their door. Cenforce 100 vs Vidalista 20, both medicines are also available here.

Safety Tips

Medication can be hazardous for you if you don’t follow safety precautions. Everyone needs to be aware of a few safety recommendations to stay safe. You should also be familiar with the ED treatment guide. The following is a description of a few of these safety measures.

  • Don’t overdo the dose to extend the effects of the medication.
  • Discussing using these or any other drugs with your doctor beforehand would be better for your safety.
  • If you have a heart condition, stay away from Cenforce 200.
  • If you recently had surgery, avoid using any performance pill without first talking to your doctor.
  • If you have stomach pain or nausea, visit the hospital immediately because it might be a severe infection.
  • Since the medication may affect your vision, it is not recommended that you drive after taking any dose of erectile pills.
  • Keep young children away from these medications.
  • Throw away the expired drugs to avoid taking them by accident.


For those who experience erectile disorder or any other kind of penile issue, the drugs indicated above can be pretty helpful. Between Cenforce 100 vs Vidalista 20, doctors frequently suggest medicine based on the patient’s condition. However, they both have proven successful in treating men’s erection issues.

This page essentially serves as a guide to erectile dysfunction medications. We also suggest you speak with your doctor about your health concerns. They can help you cure your medical conditions and advise on the best way to take these ED tablets to get treatment for your state quickly and safely.