How to Treat and Prevent Adult Acne

How to Treat and Prevent Adult Acne

Acne in adults is an inflammatory skin condition which is quite common worldwide as one of the Eight most common skin diseases. Acne’s root cause is the body changes that occur during puberty. Hence Acne majorly occurs in the teen years of an individual’s life. However, for some people, it can also extend to adulthood, which is no longer natural. The acne peak during teenage years is 14 to 17 for girls and 16 to 19 for boys. If it extends more than 20 years of age, it becomes an issue of concern. Acne is common for teenagers as the hormonal and other changes start within the boy for both males and females. But it has the potential to convert into a severe disease. This article will list all the appropriate explanations for treating and preventing adult acne from healing the patient and curing Acne vulgaris illness with minor side effects.

Recent data and research show that more women aged 26 to 44 years are affected by acne vulgaris compared to men. Almost 12 to 22 percent of women face acne disorder and disease in the adult lifespan as per the North American data collected by Perkins et al. Within all these Acne issues, the continuous research and evaluation of the disease provide us with sound treatments for Acne Vulgaris, especially for Adults. This article covers how to treat and prevent Adult acne so that it can stop spreading and get cured permanently.

Acne Vulgaris Disease Introduction

Acne Vulgaris belongs to the disorder of the pilosebaceous follicles. It makes Acne multifactorial and inflammatory, especially for adolescents. Acne disease occurs in patients incapable of synthesizing endocrinopathy, which further creates lesions. The typical deficiency of the lesions can notice in the patient’s lower face and neck area, hence becoming the reason for Acne in these areas. In these cases, Acne is not the only disease the patient shows. Other conditions occur, too, such as hirsutism and acanthosis nigricans.

There is various type of Acne issues that occurs that can categorize as per their occurrence impacts, such as:

    1. Mild Acne: Mild Acne includes Small Pustules, blackheads and white heads. It is especially in terms of acquiring Acne during adulthood. If One received Acne in the teenage years and is still suffering from it in adulthood, there may also be scars with the above disorders.
    2. Moderate Acne: When the Pustules cover one-quarter to three-quarters or more proportion of the face or any part of the body during adulthood. It increases the irritation of the infected area when there is even tiny contact with dust or sunlight on the parts where Acne is growing.
    3. Severe Acne: The Acne that is moderate and limited to skin irritation now affects the infected portions with extreme redness, swelling, deep cyst and other discolourations. It can permanently damage the infected skin cells to grow normally in ignored or mismanaged circumstances.

Before directly moving toward the methods of treatment and preventing adult acne, we need to understand the possible cause behind it to avoid the ways to prevent adult acne that are not useful for a particular reason. It helps decrease any side effects or uncertain occurrences and enhances the possibilities of getting an effective cure for Adult acne and methods to prevent adult acne effectively.

Causes of Adult Acne

Causes of Adult AcneAcne typically occurs when the skin and pores face a functioning gap that causes the Acne. The sebaceous glands under the functioning of the skin produce oil in larger quantities that pores on the skin cannot eliminate. This oil came to the surface and made contact with dust particles. It remained within the pores for longer, clogging the pores that led to Acne of different orientations such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. In adults and teenagers, the process of acne occurrence is the same. In teenagers, the cause of Acne has a reason for changes in the hormonal levels within the body. Similarly, in various circumstances, the reasons for the cause of Adult acne can vary, and some methods of Prevent Adult acne that work for an individual generally do not treat the skin from Acne for others.

In this action, we discuss various reasons for the cause of Acne in all individuals based on the data of a vast number of people that faced Acne from mild to severe levels in the past. The typical reasons for the cause of Acne are:

  1. Change in the hormonal levels of the body

      • As stated above, this particular reason for Acne is noticeable mainly in the teenage years when the body undergoes hormonal changes due to puberty in both males and females. As per the statistics, girls started showing signs of Acne from 14 to 17 years, and boys aged 16 to 19 for Acne. The 2-3 years can vary as some hit puberty before or after others. Acne, in this case, depends upon hormonal change. It can also occur in adulthood if too many sudden changes in the body occur due to suffering from any particular disease or disorder. The hormonal changes that are responsible for Acne include:
          1. Circulation differences
          2. Ph imbalance
          3. Inflammation
          4. Excessive skin oil(sebum) productions
      • The fluctuations and sudden changes in the sexual hormones in the cases of both males and females lead to Acne independent of the body in the teenage or adult years. Apart from Acne, perimenopause is one such condition that also leads to Acne in adulthood. The Acne that causes changes in the hormones is often called Hormonal Acne. Hormonal Acne is a deep cyst that always leaves marks on the infected areas even after the cure. This Acne is more painful, and the doctors recommend painkillers, scars removals, and treatment medicines for hormonal Acne in the prescription.
  2. Stress

      • Stress can interfere with the natural hormonal continuation within the body and can enhance or cause the possibility of Adult acne. The occurrence of adult acne through stress can subdivide into two categories that are:
      • 1. Emotional stress
      • The stress causes due to mental instabilities like anxiousness, feeling of scares, and situational pressures. In these conditions, Cortisol is a stress hormone synthesized more by adrenal glands. Hence the sebum production in the skin enhances, which can worsen the Acne to more severity levels.
  3. Physical Stress

      • The hormonal changes that enhance the growth of the stress hormone Cortisol can also cause physical abnormalities. These abnormalities can be physical strains, weak immunity, inflammations etc. These can lead to severe Adult acne that requires the correctness of the factors below and methods that prevent adult acne.
          1. Lack of Sleep
          2. Extreme Weather conditions
          3. Dehydration in body
          4. Illness
          5. Poor environmental conditions, including air pollution
      • Adults that are going through disorders like migraines or allergies are also affected by Adult acne. Regular smoking habits are also one of the most general issues that can be responsible for Adult acne.
  1. Clogged Pores

      • Pore clogging due to excessive Skin oil(sebum) production leads to the surface. It gets mixed with unacceptable environmental conditions such as polluted air, dust, etc., forming patches that lead to adult acne. The sudden turnover of the skin cells causes backed-up hair follicles is one such parameter that also leads to adult acne.
  2. Medications

      • Several medications are responsible for changing the hormonal flows within the body, leading to Adult acne. The possible remedies that can alter the hormones within the body and hence leads to Adult acne are:
          1. Corticosteroids
          2. Antidepressants
          3. Epilepsy
      • There is one other medicine that, in rare cases, can alter the hormones within the body. The odd thing is that, generally, it treats adult acne. The name of the medicine is hormonal birth control pills. Its specific formulation can cause Acne instead of curing it. Hence the necessary medical checkup is a must before using it.
      • The methods used to prevent adult acne won’t work if the medications interfere. Also, factors need to be evaluated, like medical conditions, allergies, ongoing medications, etc.,l before suggesting remedies for Adult Acne. The 24×7 pharma, an online medical store, does all these evaluations for the patient and ensures original medicines at discounted prices.
  3. Undiagnosed medical conditions

      • There are various evident cases where certain health conditions and skin conditions lead to Adult acne breakouts or enhance the severity of already presented Adult Acne. The examples are:
          1. Cushing Syndrome
          2. PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
          3. Keratosis Pilaris
          4. Perioral Dermatitis
          5. Rosacea
      • Consult with a healthcare professional immediately if you feel your particular health and skin condition is increasing the severity of Adult acne.
  4. Several Food items

      • Although there are mixed opinions on the use of food and beverages to enhance adult acne within the medical community, the products within the suspicious range are white flour and dairy products, chocolate, sweets, and fast food products. There are clear cases of patients who consume a clean diet and still face severe Acne, and on the other hand, some people eat all of the products mentioned above and still have Adult acne free.
      • Hence the elimination of the products mentioned above and especially sugar entirely from the diet is only a mandatory condition to acquire if there is valuable data that these products are enhancing the Adult acne severity in an individual through the doctor’s medical evaluation reports.
  5. Bacteria

      • If the Propionibacterium bacteria are present in the skin or continuously growing within the skin, they can cause severe Adult acne conditions. This bacteria remains in the inner layers of the skin and promotes Acne up to the severity. That is a fundamental reason for the cause of adult acne and its severity. One must consult with the doctor on a mandatory basis to take appropriate medication to eliminate this bacteria from the skin permanently.
  6. Contact irritations

      • Apart from the above reasons for the cause of Adult acne, one more possible cause of Acne can be irritation methodologies such as using specific cleansers, razors on dry skin, skin care products etc. These things eliminate the skin guards and make it vulnerable to inflammation that leads to Acne. Consult your doctor if you use any of the products mentioned above that can cause skin irritations. The Acne caused by contact irritation can be severe. There are clear cases in which the patient is not recovering from Acne because of continuous use of products that cause contact irritation; hence the medication is not affecting the individual’s body.

Treatments for Adult Acne

Dermatologist consultation is mandatory in case adult acne takes a severe turn and becomes unmanageable with the OTC(over-the-counter) medications. Adult Acne can create depression and emotional imbalances on the mental levels and cause a weak immune system, Strains etc., on the physical levels.

In the cases of severe Adult acne conditions, there are various ways to treat, like OTC medications, home remedy treatments, and prescriptions from a dermatologist or other healthcare professional. In the cases of adult acne, it is infrequent when an otc medication helps cure the Acne permanently; hence home remedies and prescriptions based on the evaluated medical conditions of the patients are a must. To help you out, we curate the list of all the possible medication and home remedy treatments below.

  1. Home remedy treatments

      • Home remedies include medications directly consumed orally or applied to the skin as a topical treatment. The remedies are:
        1. Vitamin A
        2. Aloe Vera
        3. Probiotics
        4. Zinc
        5. Tea tree Oil
        6. Green tea Extracts
    • In deep Acne cases, home remedies are usually not very effective. Warm compresses can be helpful for deep Acne. Although the medications mentioned above can try by an individual suffering from Acne as it does not the affect.
  1. Medical treatments

      • Various OTC medicines and high-strength prescription-based medicines tests as sound treatments for Adult acne. These medicines are:
        1. Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid
        2. Retin-A(prescription based) or retinol(OTC)
        3. Antibiotics containing Seysara
        4. Oral Birth Control Pills(prescription based)
        5. Spironolactone
        6. Hydroxy acids
        7. Sulfur
        8. Blue light therapy
        9. Clascoterone based Winlevi Cream
      • Although taking the listed medication without the doctor’s prescription is unnecessary, that depends on appropriate medical conditions and other factors checked. Before suggesting remedies for Adult Acne, some aspects must be evaluated, like an individual’s medical conditions, allergies, ongoing medications, etc. The 24×7 pharma, an online medical store, does all these evaluations for the patient and ensures original medicines at discounted prices.

Methods to Prevent Adult Acne

    • There are several measures that an individual indulges within their lifestyle to avoid Adult acne disorders. These methods to Prevent Adult Acne are listed below:
      1. Maintaining an appropriate Skincare routine
      2. Take care of physical and mental health
      3. Moisturizing the skin properly
      4. Include high fibers and Acne, presenting natural products in the diet.
      5. Remain consistent and patient


    1. Acne is a skin disorder that can occur throughout an individual’s lifespan. Many believe that Acne disorder or disease occurs only in the teenage years and vanishes. But this is not the case regarding Acne, as it is one of the Eight most common diseases related to skin disorders worldwide. This article includes various methodologies to Prevent Adult acne by understanding it with appropriate explanations.
    2. A keen inspection from the patient’s side helps identify the cause of Adult acne. After that, prevention medication or changes in the skincare routines can permanently remove Adult acne issues from the body. Hence this article can be considered a valuable guide on how to treat adult acne.