Erectile Dysfunction

Safe And Generic Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

Safe And Generic Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

We want all of our readers to be fully aware of their health and the possible dangers they can have to their health. For that, we have compelled this fantastic article which includes all the information on the most common sexual problem called Erectile Dysfunction or ED. And we also listed the Safe and Generic Medicine to treat this disorder.

Health is the most crucial part of human life. If you don’t properly care for yourself, you will live a miserable and non-enjoyable life. For men, their sex life health is as important as anything else. They try to avoid discussing these health disorders like erectile dysfunction, which can be dangerous for their life.

Erectile Dysfunction

One of the most common sexual disorders men have is Erectile Dysfunction. This disorder can lead to many other physical and sexual health problems in men. Treating this disease is very important. And luckily, with Safe and Generic Medicine, it can be treated effectively.

In Erectile dysfunction ED, the person has his genitals very weak and non-functioning. The blood doesn’t get supplied to the penal part, which makes the erection time lower than it has to be. There could be many other reasons for the development of ED in men, and you must get it properly checked by a doctor.

Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not something that just appears in a person’s body. There are many reasons why you have to develop this problem and cannot perform in your sexual activities. Some of these reasons are discussed below. You can avoid these listed causes and get saved from ED in the future.

  • An unhealthy diet is a primary reason for developing many disorders in the body, including erectile dysfunction.
  • Regular smoking and drinking alcohol can also cause sexual infections in men.
  • Some medication, like Covid-19 treatment medicine, has some effects on the body, which can cause ED in men.
  • Vascular problems in men can be one of the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Someone who is not physically active and is mostly lying in bed doing nothing will develop low sexual performance.
  • Bad physiological health and stress can be significant causes of developing ED in men.
  • Obesity and a large fat proportion in the body clog the blood vessels and can cause ED.

Effects of ED on Men

Any disease and disorder don’t only cause some problems in the body. It has several effects on the patient. And erectile dysfunction also causes several harmful effects on the man’s mental and physical health. We have listed some of these effects which you might get with ED.

  • The patient will be unable to perform well in his sexual activities.
  • Body pain and fatigue is a common effects ED has on men.
  • The patient cannot hold his erection for the desired time.
  • Blurriness in vision is commonly observed in sexually disease-affected men.
  • Regular use of ED-treating medication can cause kidney and stomach infections.
  • ED can usually cause stress and adverse physiological effects on the person.
  • By time Erectile disorder causes premature ejaculation if not treated on time.

What is Generic Medicine?

Generic medications are the same as any other medicine. The only difference is that the generic drug is developed from expired medicine initially. The chemical formulae will be the same, and the components’ compositions will be similar to the original ones.

Generic medications are less costly compared to the original drugs. Patients can buy these drugs easily, and they usually don’t have any side effects. Some standard Safe and Generic Medicine to treat ED is listed below:


One of the most effective drugs in the market to treat erectile dysfunction and many other sexual disorders is Sildenafil Citrate. This medicine can also be converted into other generic medications. Some of these medications are listed below. Consult your doctor before taking any of these.

  • Kamagra
  • Suhagra
  • Silagra
  • Megalis


Tadalafil is another commonly used treating generic medication for erectile disorder in men. It is available in different dose types. You can use the dose quantity suitable for your health and age group. These different dose types are available in this store and are written below:

  • Tadalafil 10
  • Tadalafil 20
  • Tadalafil 40


You can use Cenforce Safe and Generic Medicine to treat your erection problem. This medicine is widely available in all regions. It also has several dosage types. You can get this drug in doses like:


Kamagra, otherwise known as Blue Pill, has been used by patients of ED for ages. It has a significant amount of sildenafil, reducing the PDE enzyme quantity and ultimately providing a prolonged erection. The available doses of Kamagra are listed below:


Another very efficient yet less costly medicine for treating erection disorder is Silagra. Sildenafil medicine modifies this drug and has been converted to be more efficient. You can buy this medicine from this store with different dose types. These doses are listed below:

Are Generic Medications Safe?

Many patients ask this very question that are Generic medications safe or not? There have been many types of research on this drug, and all of these studies have proven that all generic drugs are safe to take if the dose quantity is correct.

All these generic drugs have been made by the composition of the original medicine, which is safe. Still, as the doctor prescribes, we must ensure that our dose is safe. Taking unhealthy amounts is highly dangerous for your health and can cause permanent damage to the body.

Possible Side Effects of ED Medications

Possible Side Effects of ED MedicationsEvery medication can have side effects on the body. These side effects usually appear when you don’t take the dose according to the doctor’s prescription. If your dose quantity is high, it can cause several side effects in your body. Some of these possible side effects are mentioned below for your understanding.

  • Muscle Pain
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhoea
  • High Temperature
  • Fever
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Stomach ache
  • Soreness in body

Natural treatment of ED

Taking loads of medications is not the best solution always. There are some other treatments that you can start using and still get the cure for your sexual disorder. These natural treatments you can use instead of Safe and Generic Medicine are listed below.

  • Start taking high nutrition diet and avoid eating loads of junk food.
  • Try to lose weight, and it will reduce the fat level in your body, providing you with natural blood flow.
  • Start doing some physical activity like yoga or some walking in the morning. These activities will improve your stamina.
  • You can add caffeine to your diet to get that stamina and energy during your workouts.
  • Some food items, like pumpkin and kiwi, improve your sexual health very effectively.
  • Doctors also suggest getting some therapy as your mental health will be affected when you are unsatisfied during intercourse.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking when identified with any sexual disease, as these will worsen your condition.

Where to Buy ED Medicine?

Getting these sexually treating medicines can be difficult for some people as they like to keep their personal health issues private. We suggest these patients use an online medical store like 24×7 Pharma. These online stores will provide them with most of the medication delivered to their doorsteps.

All the Safe and Generic Medicines for erectile dysfunction are available on this online store. The prices are also very affordable as the company directly buys all the drugs from the pharmaceutical production houses.


We’ll add some safety measures that you can incorporate into your routine and follow to prevent sexual disorders. You can avoid getting ED Medicines Online and stay healthy by heeding these recommendations. These are simple to understand and very simple to follow.

  • Daily exercise is an excellent method to increase your stamina and sexual performance.
  • Don’t Stress yourself out over minor issues, and engage in stress-relieving activities.
  • Maintain a healthy diet by including more nutritious foods.
  • You can overcome numerous sexual disorders and incapacities by losing weight.
  • Discuss your issue with your partner or a doctor, then get proper medical attention.
  • Take performance-enhancing drugs only when a doctor has prescribed them and only before sexual activity.
  • Get enough rest, and avoid exhausting your body with pointless activities.
  • Consult your doctor before using any medication or drug.
  • Avoid taking food items with high PDE enzyme proportion.

Bottom Line

Getting proper health care and treatment is essential if you want to carry on living a healthy life. You must take good care of your body and treat every disorder on time. All the treatments for erectile dysfunction are listed in this article. And we also discussed the most famous Safe and Generic Medicine for ED.

We would also like to tell our readers to get a prescription from their doctor before taking any medicine. Getting the correct dose is very important to avoid any danger to your health. Get your medical check now and then, and be aware of all the possible health dysfunctions.