Tretinoin Tablet: Basics, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Reviews, and More

Tretinoin Tablet Basics, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Reviews, and More

Tretinoin tablet is a dermal irritant that treats the symptoms of acne, facial wrinkles, and other skin-related disorders. The Tretinoin tablet is a vitamin A derivative and a generic form of Retin-A medication. The tretinoin tablet is a prescription drug in the USA. The Tretinoin tablet treats skin conditions like hard-to-clear acne, clearing active breakouts, etc., based on the skin type. This article revolves around Tretinoin Tablet: Basics, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Reviews, Prices, and More detailed and appropriate explanations to clear the doubts among the patient’s consuming the Tretinoin tablet.

Tretinoin tablets are derived from vitamin A and hence fall under the retinoid medication that can alter the cells on the skin to cure acne and other skin-related disorders. The working of Tretinoin is concentrated on the removal of dead skin cells. When the dead skin cells related to acne, wrinkles, promyelocytic leukemia, etc., are eliminated from the skin surface, the new cells rise to the surface, resolving the issues.

Basics of Tretinoin Tablet

The working of Tretinoin tablet differs with the skin type, medical conditions, previous diseases, allergies, etc., depending on the person consuming it. Although there are various characteristics of the Tretinoin tablet or any other medication, one needs to understand for better control over the consuming medicines. It helps better tackle the side effects and other uncertainties and complications if it occurs while consuming the medication. Following is the list of basics of Tretinoin tablets,

  1. Tretinoin tablets are available in various forms, such as Tretinoin 5 mg oral tablet, Tretinoin cream, and Tretinoin gel.
  2. Tretinoin is a generic medication under brand names such as Retin-A tablet, Xtralite cream, and Retino Ac Gel. These are some popular medications that use Tretinoin as their sub-compound.
  3. Consume or apply the tretinoin tablet, cream, or gel at night before bedtime, and in case of forgetting to take the medication, skip the dose and do not overdose the next day. Also, do not apply or consume the medicine in the daytime.
  4. If after 8 to 12 weeks, you don’t see effects on the skin using the Tretinoin tablet, consult with the doctor, as the medication is not appropriate for your skin type or the dose is low.

Uses and Working of Tretinoin Tablet

Tretinoin tablet contains retinoic acid and vitamin A acid as their significant compounds that enhance the removal process of dead skin cells from the skin hence curing Acne vulgaris, various forms of Promyelocytic Leukemia, and skin wrinkles. The weight strength of retinoic acid and vitamin A varies from 0.025% to 0.01% depending on the medication brand or generic forms of Tretinoin tablet. Tretinoin tablet works deep inside your skin; hence the results vary depending on the severity of the skin irregularities of a particular patient. The overdose or applying extra than the prescription does not enhance its effects but only causes more irritations on the skin.

With the consumption of tretinoin tablets, vitamin A and retinoic acid start the action quickly on the dead skin cells removing them from the skin. This sudden and quick removal action opens up the pores in the skin by removing the irritants and bacteria causing the skin’s problems. That is why the skin encourages the new cells to grow in the vacant pores, soothing the skin conditioning.

The retinoids like tretinoin help to regulate the production of the skin’s natural oil, which is called sebum. The sebum is the reason for maintaining the smoothness and texture of the skin. By regulating the sebum, the tretinoin tablet ensures skin breakdown prevention. In addition to that, Tretinoin contains anti-inflammatory properties that eliminate the active acne pustules.

The uses of Tretinoin for various skin disorders yield different results. For example, using tretinoin tablets for treating acne is other than the procedure for treating wrinkles. Below are the appropriate explanations for the same.

1. Use of Tretinoin for Treating Acne

Tretinoin tablet is tested for treating acne effectively. In many instances, the tretinoin tablet uses in chemical peel treatments of acne and scarring to prepare the skin for the treatment. The treatment of acne and scarring is simple and requires fewer dosage strengths of tretinoin tablets.

2. Use of Tretinoin for Treating Wrinkles

Tretinoin tablet went through a deep analysis to test its effectiveness in controlling the effects of aging on the skin, like facial wrinkles. Although the cream shows the impact, its results are visible within the short term or long term depending solely on the factors like the patient’s medical conditions, previous medication, diseases, allergies, etc. For this reason, a doctor’s consultation and pharmacist check are necessary before consuming the Tretinoin tablet or other medicines. 24×7 pharma is an online medical pharmacy that resolves this issue by thoroughly checking all the necessary conditions before confirming the orders. Check out 24×7 pharma to avail of flat discounts on all medicines.

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Dosage of Tretinoin Tablet

The dosage of the tretinoin tablet depends solely on the doctor’s consultation, and one should not consume the Tretinoin or alter the tretinoin tablet doses by seeking advice online. But some general aspects remain the same. These are not expert recommendations but mere representations of the available prescription opinions that doctors usually prescribe.

Tretinoin tablets, gel, or creams are available in various forms under different brands like Retin-A tablet, Tretinoin cream, Xtralite cream, Tretiva 5 mg oral tablet, Tretinoin gel, etc. Although all this medication based on Tretinoin has a necessary condition to consume at night after dinner, strictly one dosage each day unless the prescription recommends something different.

The dosage and consumption vary with the form of Tretinoin one are using. In addition to the bifurcation based on the state of Tretinoin, like tretinoin tablet, cream or gel, we also subdivided the dosage strengths depending on the age factors.

1. Dosage Instruction of Tretinoin Oral Tablets

Dosage for children between the age group of 0 to 17 years:

The medication restricts its use on children below the age of 13 years. Children within the age bracket of 13 to 16 years can consume the oral tablet in one of the lowest dosage strengths of 2.5 mg. The generic tretinoin tablet is not available in the 2.5 mg dose; hence doctors usually recommend some safer brand medicines.

Dosage for adults between the age group above 18 years:

The age group of 17 to 64 years can consume the tretinoin tablet one dose daily at max and only at night after dinner. The dosage strengths here range from 5 mg(Tretiva 5 mg) to 45 mg(Retin-A 45 mg). The doctor recommends it after deeply examining the patient’s medical conditions and other related factors.

2. Dosage Instructions of Tretinoin Gel and Cream

Dosage for children between the age group of 0 to 17 years:

Children above 13 years can use the gel after dinner or before bedtime. One gram of Tretinoin gel contains roughly around 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, and a max of 1 mg of Tretinoin. Make sure the tretinoin cream the patient uses from the age bracket of 13 to 17 should contain only 0.25 mg and, in severe skin disorder cases, 0.5 mg as per the prescription by the doctor. Apply the gel carefully only to the infected areas.

Dosage for adults between the age group of above 18 years:

The tretinoin gel for adults includes tretinoin strengths of around 0.5 to 1 mg per gram. Depending on the prescription from the doctor, one can apply the gel or cream to the infected areas and see the results within a week of appropriate use. The only thing to remember is to apply the tretinoin cream or gel at night and carefully follow the necessary precautions.

Side Effects of Tretinoin Tablet

The Tretinoin tablet is proven effective for almost all skin disorders, including acne, facial wrinkles, Promyelocytic Leukemia, etc. But it also has various side effects that can impact the skin majorly if ignored. Every medication has some side effects of mainly two categories, which are either common or severe. The list of both these types of side effects in the case of the tretinoin tablet is added below:

1. Common Side effects of tretinoin tablet

Common Side effects of tretinoin tablet

The common side effects of tretinoin tablets are not complicated, and even with their presence in rare cases, the body overcomes them easily within a week or two. On the safer side, please consult with the doctor, and they alter your doses according to the lesser side effects. The possible general side effects of tretinoin tablet include:

  • Itching, burning, or redness on the skin
  • Skin darkening
  • Unusual warmth on the skin

Common side effects occur in most cases because the body adapts to the medication. If there is any severity, the doctor automatically reduces the dosage in the prescription. Hence, there are no accidents due to the common side effects of tretinoin tablets.

2. Severe side effects of tretinoin tablet

Severe side effects of Tretinoin tablets happen due to the ignoring of the common side effects and necessary precautions related to it. The patient also overdoses using the medicine for better results, causing severe side effects. In severe side effects, consult the doctor immediately for necessary treatments. Apart from the above inappropriate consumption of tretinoin tablets, there are no chances of severe side effects in the case of tretinoin tablets. The possible Severe side effects are:

  • Severe and unusual dryness on the skin
  • Lightening of skin from actual skin color
  • Lightening of dark skin only on infected areas
  • Severe Skin redness
  • Hard Rashes on the whole skin

There are possibilities of other side effects, too, depending on the patient’s medical conditions and the brand of medication one is consuming. Hence, consult with the doctor and get information about the possible side effects(both common and severe) in your case. Also, read the pamphlet with the medicine properly to understand the density of the involved risks.

Necessary precautions with Tretinoin tablet

  1. Always remember to consume the tretinoin tablet, gel, or cream at night after dinner in only the infected areas. The reason behind it is that it removes the dead skin cells and vacant the pores for the new cells to grow. During daytime, due to exposure to various dust and particle residues, they can get stuck at the vacant pores hence stopping the growth of new cells within the skin.
  2. There are high chances that you have any medical condition requiring a unique Tretinoin tablet dosage. Hence, one can grasp the knowledge from the sources like this and consult the doctor about the reasons for the unique dosage in the prescription. It helps to understand your conditions better, like, in this case, related to skin disorders.
  3. Avoid topical skin medicines with tretinoin tablets, such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and other sulfur medicines unless in the prescription. Also, consult with your doctor for the same.
  4. Avoid products that dry the skin that contains alcohol, like cleansers, astringents, etc.


Tretinoin tablet is used for all types of skin-related disorders and also includes treatment and curing of severe disorders like various forms of Promyelocytic Leukemia. The medicine is deeply examined and tested for its efficiency in reducing and curing skin disorders. It contains the sub compounds that even ensure the future prevention of the same disorders.

The only thing one needs to take care of is the side effects and appropriate precautions related to Tretinoin tablets. This article provides all the necessary information that one needs, like Tretinoin tablets: Basics, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Reviews, Prices, and More, to avoid the side effects of Tretinoin tablets, along with their appropriate explanations. You can check out 24×7 pharma, an online medical store containing all the medication related to tretinoin tablets or any other medication at flat discounts.