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Sildenafil Tablet: Basics, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Reviews, and More

Sildenafil Tablet Basics, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Reviews, and More

Sildenafil tablets are one of the most popular prescription tablets used for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. Lesser side effects, a wide age bracket from above 18 years old, don’t force the body for hormonal release etc., are some of the many advantages of Sildenafil tablets. In this article, we share all the in-depth information about Sildenafil tablets to ensure a proper perspective for insured health improvisations.

As mentioned above, among the key features of the Sildenafil Tablet one was that it does not force the body for any functionalities that can have severe repercussions such as hormonal releases, higher chemical movements etc. The functioning of the Sildenafil tablet is solely focused on stress relief in the pelvic area and in the penis to enhance blood circulation for an appropriate erection.

Basics of Sildenafil Tablet

There can be various forms of a tablet available in the medical space. The same condition is applied to the Sildenafil tablet too. Also, every medicine has some key functionalities that make it suitable for specific use cases. This section deals with these critical functionalities of Sildenafil tablets for a patient’s better understanding.

    1. Sildenafil tablet is a generic form of some popular erectile dysfunction medicines such as Viagra, Fildena, Cenforce, Kamagra, Cobra 120 and Femalegra 100.
    2. Sildenafil tablets come in three major formations that are:
      • Oral Tablet
      • Oral Liquid
    3. C) Injection(only given by doctors)
    4. Sildenafil takes 30 minutes for its effective functioning. Patients with erectile dysfunction recommend consuming the Sildenafil tablet 30 minutes to 4 hours before any sexual activity.
    5. Erectile dysfunction depends on the severity of the appropriate dosage and dosage strength. Hence the Sildenafil tablet is available in different dosage strengths of 20 mg to 100 mg.
    6. Do not overdose 2 sildenafil tablets at one go for compensating the previously forgotten one, as the increase in doses enhances the side effects of sildenafil without any effects on the erections.

Uses and Working of Sildenafil Tablet

    1. Sildenafil tablet is one of the phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, a group of medicines to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. A class is a group of medications used to treat similar conditions within a particular disease.
    2. Sildenafil is one of the early medicines that came into the medical space for treating erectile dysfunction as viagra. Over the years, it gets better and becomes a generic drug that gets FDA approval as one of the safest medications for Erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension.
    3. The sole functioning of the Sildenafil tablet is sending improved blood flow by blocking the cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme that controls the blood flow to several tissues in the male body, including the pelvic area and penis tissues.
    4. When a person feels sexual simulations, the mind release hormones that send the signal to the nervous system. The nervous system enhances the blood flow to the Corpora Cavernosa( group of erectile tissues), causing an erection. In the case of the stress muscles, the cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme eradicates these tissues adopting the blood circulation hence causing erectile dysfunction.
    5. Sildenafil sends a required amount of blood flow and maintains it efficiently for a longer duration which helps one get an erection during sex. The only thing that Sildenafil is not able to do is spontaneous erections. It means that even if one consumed the Sildenafil tablet, there is a need for sexual simulations for the pill to come into effect.

Dosage of Sildenafil Tablet

    1. If prescribed to a particular patient, regulating the dosage of Sildenafil tablets is the doctor’s job. The dosage strength depends on the person’s body who is consuming the dosages. And the duration of dosage also correlates with some set of medical tests to examine the male body.
    2. Although a proper understanding of the doses helps you know the sildenafil side effects better and ensure complete safety.
    3. The Sildenafil tablet comes in different dosage strengths. The standard one is 50 mg which should consume 1 hour of sexual activity. Two other doses are also available such as Sildenafil 25 mg and Sildenafil 100 mg. They are prescribed based on the severity of the erectile dysfunction and the body’s response to Sildenafil tablets.
    4. There is one more dose that is Sildenafil 20 mg, initially developed for pulmonary arterial hypertension but is sometimes recommended for erectile dysfunction too.

There are various other common dosage strengths available in the case of Sildenafil based medicines, such as:

        1. Viagra – Available in doses of Viagra 25 mg, Viagra 50 mg and Viagra 100 mg.
        2. Fildena – Available in doses of Fildena 50 mg, Fildena CT 100 mg, Fildena 120 mg, Fildena 150 mg.
        3. Cenforce – Available in doses of Cenforce Soft 100 mg, Cenforce 100 mg, Cenforce 130 mg, Cenforce 150 mg.
        4. Kamagra – Available in doses of Kamagra 100 mg, Kamagra oral jelly.
        5. Cobra – Available in doses of Cobra 120 mg.
        6. Femalegra – Available in doses of Femalegra 100 mg.

Side effects of Sildenafil Tablet

Side effects of Sildenafil Tablet

Although Sildenafil is an FDA-approved and tested safety medication for erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension, there are chances that some patients acquire side effects. The side effects are mostly mild and resolve within some days when the body adapts to the medicine, but some can be troublesome.

So let’s understand common possible side effects of Sildenafil tablet in detail that are:

    1. Headaches
    2. Upset bowel movements
    3. Flushing
    4. Sleep troubles
    5. Fever
    6. Vomiting
    7. Sore throats
    8. Runny nose
    9. Nose bleedings
    10. Nausea
    11. Respiratory infection
    12. Abnormal erections

In the case of Sildenafil, Studies show that the increase in the dosages enhances the side effect, respectively, and this applies to all the side effects. For example, in clinical trials, headaches are reported by 16% of patients at a 25 mg dose, 21% of patients at a 50 mg dose and 28% of patients at a 100 mg dose. The same is the case for other side effects, as mentioned above.

One more thing to note here is that the doses of Sildenafil tablet greater than 100 mg does not enhance the erection and only increases the chances of side effects. Hence, if one dose gets missed as per the prescription, do not take two or more tablets simultaneously.

Let’s move next to the precautions that are mandatory with the regular consumption of Sildenafil Tablets without having any severe side effects.

Necessary Precautions with Sildenafil Tablet

Like other medicines, there are several regulations that one needs to follow while consuming Sildenafil tablets for erectile dysfunction.

    1. There are severe side effects evident when Sildenafil tablets use with substances like alcohol, drugs etc.
    2. Sildenafil tablet consumption with the ongoing medication for Heart diseases or high blood pressure can be dangerous.
    3. SIldenafil tablets are never consumed with ongoing medication with nitrate compositions. Sildenafil with nitrates creates alpha blockers or certain calcium channel blockers that cause a sudden blood pressure decrease and can be life-threatening.
    4. recreational drugs that contain amyl nitrate/nitrate or butyl nitrate can cause severe side effects when used with Sildenafil Tablet.
    5. The medications that contain the enzyme CYP3A4 are also dangerous as they can create an imbalance with the consumed Sildenafil Tablet.

It is hard to keep track of the drugs and salts used in your ongoing medication to track which medicine is appropriate with Sildenafil or which is not. Hence, 24×7 pharma takes order placements by checking the patients’ continuous medication, their health conditions., etc., and then recommends only safe medicines.

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Measures for Better results with Sildenafil Tablet

Various red flags mentioned in different sections of this article are mandatory while using the Sildenafil tablets. But some measures are not mandatory but are required to enhance the efficiency of Sildenafil to cure Erectile dysfunction. These measures are as follows:

    1. Take Sildenafil tablets at least 1 hour before any sexual activity:
      • The recommended time for consuming Sildenafil is a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours before any sexual activity, but it is best effective when taken 1 hour before sex.
    2. Avoid high-fat food while using sildenafil tablets as regular medication:
      • One can consume the sildenafil tablets on an empty stomach or with a meal. But generally, avoiding high-fat meals before having a sildenafil tablet is recommended because it slows down the absorption of the pill, making it longer to come into effect.
    3. Limit Alcohol Consumption:
      • While the drugs are permanently prohibited, especially ones with nitrates, small amounts of alcohol are acceptable with Sildenafil tablets. Remember to consume small quantities, as excessive ones can enhance the side effects drastically.


    1. Although the sildenafil tablets should consume as per prescription, patients still have several general doubts about dosage skip, dose strengths, etc. This article deals with all these widespread doubts related to sildenafil tablets: Basics, Uses, Dosage, Sildenafil Side Effects, Sildenafil Reviews, Prices, and More, with appropriate explanations.
    2. It is also essential to share all the ongoing medication and health conditions of the past with your doctor at the time of prescription of Sildenafil tablets, as the pills have severe side effects when mixed with certain chemical compounds found in other medicines.
    3. On the safety side, check out 24×7 pharma online medical stores that check all the necessary details to ensure safe health and give flat discounts on medicine purchases.



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