Psychotherapy Treatment: How it Works and how it can help you

Psychotherapy Treatment: How it Works and how it can help you

Why it’s done

Psychotherapy is helpful in treating depression or other mental health problems, including:

  • Anxiety disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, panic disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),
  • Addictions, such as drug dependence, alcoholism, or compulsive gambling
  • Mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder or depression.
  • Personality disorders, such as dependent personality disorder, or borderline personality disorder
  • Eating disorders, such as bulimia or anorexia

Not everyone who benefits from psychotherapy treatment is diagnosed with a mental illness. Psychotherapy helps with a number of life’s stresses and conflicts that may affect anyone. For example, it can help you:

  • Relieve stress or anxiety due to work or other situations
  • Resolve conflicts with your partner or someone else in your life
  • Cope with major life changes, such as divorce, death of a loved one or the loss of a job
  • Come to terms with a serious physical health problem, such as cancer, diabetes or long-term (chronic) pain
  • Learn to manage unhealthy reactions, such as passive-aggressive behavior or road rage.
  • Recoveryfrom sexual or physical abuse or witnessing violence
  • Cope with sexual issues, whether they are due to psychological or physical cause
  • Sound sleep, if you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep (insomnia)

In a few cases, psychotherapy can be as effective as medications, such as antidepressants. However, depending on your medical situation, psychotherapy alone wouldn’t be enough to ease the symptoms of a mental health condition. You might also need medications or other treatments.

Interpersonal therapy (IPT)

Interpersonal therapy was originally developed to treat depression. It has been adapted for bipolar and other disorders. This therapy is time-limited and goal-oriented. It addresses a person’s symptoms, social relationships, and roles. The patient and therapist examine the current and past relationships. It doesn’t try to change the personality, but rather to teach new skills that can help to lessen the symptoms. An IPT therapist is an active supporter of the patient on his/her wellness journey. The therapist does not assign any homework but may encourage a patient to engage in the social activities.

CBT – Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a combination of two therapies. The first one is cognitive therapy (which majorly involves examining how thoughts affect the emotions) and the 2nd one is behavioral therapy (which involves changing a person’s reactions towards challenging situations). Cognitive-behavioral therapy is goal-oriented and works great when the patient takes part actively. One aspect of CBT helps the patient to recognize the automatic thoughts or core beliefs, which contribute to negative emotions. The behavioral therapy takes place when the patient has a more stable state of mind. The patient can then take actions that help him or her move closer to planned goals or objectives. Therapist assigns homework to the patient/s in CBT. It includes reviewing notes or tapes of the therapy session, journaling, trying a new approach to any old problem. There can also be exercises to make a patient more aware of his or her own thoughts and actions without judging them.

The most important parts of any type of therapy include partnership, goals, communication, collaboration, understanding, trust, and action. Successful therapy can help a patient change his/her thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, actions, and moods.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


There are various factors which can lead to erectile dysfunction, and one of the most important reasons behind impotence is a lifestyle. The unhealthy lifestyle of the people leads to erectile dysfunction. Some other factors which lead to impotence are as followed:

  • Side effects of drugs such as anti-depressants, nicotine, etc.
  • Neurogenic disorders
  • Cavernosal disorders
  • Psychosocial causes, such as performance anxiety, stress, and mental disorders
  • Surgery
  • Aging- this is cause for the people above the age of 40 years old.
  • Kidney failure
  • Diabetes mellitus and multiple sclerosis (MS) are diseases which also cause erectile disorders.
  • Surgical intervention sometimes leads to removal anatomical structures necessary to erection, damage nerves, or impair blood supply.
  • Sometimes complications of treatment of prostate cancer can lead to impotence.
  • Poor physical health, obesity, dietary habits and cardiovascular diseases also cause impotence.


Fo most men, a physical exam and answering some important questions are all required before a physician is ready to prescribe a treatment. If your physician suspects the underlying disease which may cause erectile dysfunction then he/she will assess you further and perform further tests:

Physical exams-this include a physical examination of your penis and testicles. Through this, your physician will check your nerves for feeling.
Blood tests-Blood tests should be performed to check fro signs fro cardiovascular events, testosterone levels, diabetes mellitus, and other health conditions.
Urine tests-It is done to look fro signs of diabetes and other health related issues.
Duplex Ultrasound-It is used to evaluate blood flow, venous leak, signs of atherosclerosis, and scarring or calcification of erectile tissue.
Penile nerves function-The test is conducted to check the proper functioning of the penile nerves. The test used for this purpose is bulbocavernosus reflex test. In this method, the physician squeezes glans (head) of the penis, which immediately causes the anus to contract if nerve function is normal.


There are various treatments for the erectile dysfunction depending upon the cause of the disease. For different cause, there are different erectile dysfunction treatments. People who are more than 40 years of age can overcome this disease by indulging in exercise regularly and following a healthy lifestyle. For the people who smoke, they should stop smoking, and they can see the change in few days itself. There are some therapeutic devices and drugs which help to treat erectile dysfunction, and this is followed by injections of erectile dysfunction drugs into the penis and penile implants. Some methods are described in details below-

Drug therapy

Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors- There are a group of enzymes by the name of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases which destroys the cyclic nucleotides and can lead to the proper functioning of the penis.

Topical medication- A cream by the name of Vitaros approved in Canada is used as the first line of treatment for erectile dysfunction. It’s cream with alprostadil and permeation enhancer DDAIP.

Injected Medication- Another method to treat erectile dysfunction is injected erectile dysfunction medications such as; papaverine, phentolamine, and prostaglandin E1.

Pumps- A device by the name of vacuum erection device helps draw blood into the penis by applying negative pressure. It is also known as penis pump and may be used just before sexual intercourse. There are many FDA-approved devices used as the penis pump.

Penile implants- A penile prosthesis is used for erectile dysfunction cure, and it can be done in an outpatient center.

Alternative medicine- There are various natural methods or alternative medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. There was a study in 2003 which showed that acupuncture improved the quality of erection in 39 percent of the participants.

There is a supplement by the name of Yohimbe which is extracted from the African Yohimbe tree, and some studies have shown positive effects on sexual performance with the use of this drug. There is another potential natural treatment for the erectile dysfunction, and they include, zinc supplements, the herb ashwagandha, and Ginkgo Biloba. But these supplements need more studies to prove their potential in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Following a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Six Natural Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Six Natural Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese needle therapy that helps to boost blood flow in the body. This therapy is mostly used to treat chronic headaches and backaches. But, some researchers have found it as an erectile dysfunction cure.


L-Arginine is naturally found in food. It makes the blood vessels relax and is used to treat heart problems. The health professionals think that it plays a good role in boosting blood circulation throughout the penis, thus it can effectively treat erectile dysfunction. The side effects of this remedy may include nausea, cramps, and diarrhea. The health professionals suggest to not taking L-Arginine with Viagra.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the best-selling herbal remedies in the U.S. and Europe. The extracts of this herb help to boost blood flow. This is widely used in treating blood disorders and memory issues, but some men take it as an Erectile Dysfunction medication.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is also known as ‘golden root’. Rhodiola Rosea is a plant that is a relatively new herbal remedy in the U.S. This natural remedy is being used to boost sexual performance and endure orgasm in Russia’s traditional medicine for decades. This natural herb has worked to reduce fatigue and improve sexual energy.

Rhodiola Rosea is also known as ‘golden root’. Rhodiola Rosea is a plant that is a relatively new herbal remedy in the U.S. This natural remedy is being used to boost sexual performance and endure orgasm in Russia’s traditional medicine for decades. This natural herb has worked to reduce fatigue and improve sexual energy.


DHEA, also known as Dehydroepiandrosterone, is a natural hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands in men. This hormone can be converted into the estrogen and testosterone in the body. The study shows that DHEA is relatively safe at low doses for the erectile dysfunction treatment. The side effect of this remedy may include acne or dermal problems.


Yohimbe is an extract of an African tree. A number of clinical researches have been conducted at the primary component of this bark that can help you improve sexual performance by associating it with a drug that is used to treat depression.

This herb could render some side effects such as fast or irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure and anxiety. But you should remember this for treating ED. This erectile dysfunction drug should not be taken without a doctor’s prescription.

Consult Your Doctor

If you have any symptoms of erectile dysfunction then you should consult your doctor first before taking an erectile dysfunction cure or medication on your own. This is because erectile dysfunction could be a sign of a health problem. For instance, high cholesterol or heart disease can also cause erectile dysfunction symptoms. Your doctor may recommend a number of solutions that would likely be helpful to improve both your heart health and treat erectile dysfunction. These steps may include reducing your weight, lowering your cholesterol, physical exercise or medications to boost libido.

What Is The Average Age For Erectile Dysfunction?

What Is The Average Age For Erectile Dysfunction?

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are so many erectile dysfunction causes, some of them are as follows:

  • Medical conditions like clogged arteries, heart and blood vessel disease, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes
  • Surgeries or injuries
  • Treatments for prostate cancer

Obesity increases the risk of multiple health complications, including erectile dysfunction. Vascular conditions can originally cause erectile dysfunction. Therefore, patients struggling with erectile dysfunction should be screened for these medical conditions, and other common diseases, including low testosterone levels.

Psychological stress and smoking can also lead to constant erection problems in some men. Addressing the stress with the help of a psychiatrist or psychologist can help improve erectile function. Moreover, stopping smoking can help reduce the risk of erection problem in men.

The effect of aging on sexual health

In the aging men, the vascular supply to the reproductive organ (Penis) is compromised. Many researchers also suggest that the process of aging is often related to increasing degrees of atherosclerotic vascular alterations in the arteries of the penis.

Age and changes in the morphology of the reproductive organ

Penile erection function is a neurovascular phenomenon that requires an intact vascular endothelium, consequently, any difficulty that interferes with the arterial vasculature may have a direct impact on the sexual performance of men. The vascular endothelium is an active and dynamic tissue that plays a key role in regulatory functions such as local homeostasis, perfusion maintenance inflammatory responses, vascular tone regulation, and coagulation. Studies suggest that normal aging process and its associated risk factors could cause damage to endothelial tissues that ultimately results in endothelial dysfunction.


All epidemiologic studies establish an increasing age-associated prevalence and severity of erection problem. Many types of research state that the prevalence of ED is higher in the older age groups, peaking in males 70 years and older. Sexual problems develop frequently in older adults and are infrequently discussed with the urologists, which is not good for the overall health of older adults. Discussing erectile dysfunction treatments remains embarrassing and difficult for many primary health care specialists, as well as patients, find difficulty in raising sexual health issues with their health care professionals or urologists.

However, after 60 years of age, the rate of ED raises, independently of comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and coronary artery diseases (CAD). Additionally, older men are often affected by several health issues and take so many prescription or nonprescription medications that are worsening sexual health. In order to preserve good sexuality, it is also important for elderly people to try things to improve their quality of life.

The prevalence of ED is higher in older men because erectile dysfunction symptoms relate to the same underlying risk factors as vascular disorders and include hyperlipidemia, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and smoking. All these health conditions are common in aging men.

Treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction

There is some evidence that shows that erection problem can not only be treated by some erection dysfunction drugs such as phosphodiesterase-inhibitors (PDE5-1), but also by focussing on the risk factors directly. These risk factors include improving obesity through weight loss, correction of hyperlipidemia, and cessation of smoking. Once the risk factors improved, there is an increase in endothelial health. The relationship between ED and endothelial dysfunction has been established. Minor risk factors such as oxidative stress, hyperhomocysteinemia, hypoxia, and inflammation are also responsible for causing ED in men.

According to data, it has been concluded that ED may be an early manifestation of endothelial dysfunction in the presence or absence of cardiovascular risk factors. Thus, men suffering from erectile dysfunction are considered to be at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, and ED may be considered as a sentinel symptom in patients with cardiovascular events.

What is the main cause of ED?

What is the main cause of ED?

Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

If a male is finding difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection, this problem is called erectile dysfunction (ED). The erectile problem develops when there is not enough blood supply to the penile muscles or when muscles do not function properly to trap and release blood in the penis (male reproductive organ). This condition has a direct impact on the person and his partner’s life. The causes of ED are usually medical but can be psychological also. There are some prescription medications, recreational drugs, smoking; alcohol can all give rise to erection problems in men.

The main cause of an erection problem can either medical or psychological.

Medical- This includes health conditions or anatomical changes that prevent the male reproductive organ from becoming hard or staying firm.

Psychological- It might include issues within a relationship or stress at workplace.

Sometimes both causes may overlap, for example, if an individual has obesity, changes in the blood flow can affect his ability to achieve and keep an erection, he may also feel less confident, which can also affect ED.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erection issues, develop problems with any of the following systems:

  • Nerve supply
  • Blood supply
  • Hormones

Physical causes of erection problem

Men who have trouble getting and maintaining an erect penis for satisfactory sexual intercourse at some point in their lives; being stressed, tired, or consuming excess, alcohol can result in a short term problem. A temporary problem is not as equal as erectile dysfunction. If your erection problem persists for a long time and interferes with your normal sex life, you should seek immediate medical help. It is always worth consulting a urologist about persistent erection problems as it could be caused by a serious disease.

The physical reason is a common reason for developing ED. Some of a few are as follows:

  • Diabetes
  • Neurological disease
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Lack of exercise or being inactive
  • Injury or surgery to pelvic area
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Long-term smoking history
  • Some prescription medications

Other issues that may cause ED include:

  • Depression
  • Financial problems
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Having problem within a relationship
  • Worry about failing to achieve erection to satisfy the partner

Atherosclerosis is a common cause for problems associated with blood flow. The condition leads to narrowing of arteries in the male reproductive organ prevent blood flow for a penile erection.

Many prescription medications are also responsible for causing erection problems in men including the following:

  • Medications to control high blood pressure
  • Some diuretics
  • Medications that directly act on central nervous system (CNS) of the body, including amphetamines, and sleeping pills
  • Anxiolytics for anxiety treatments
  • Digoxin to treat heart conditions
  • Cancer drugs such as chemotherapeutic agents
  • Anticholinergics
  • Hormone drugs
  • Opioid painkillers
  • Antidepressants such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), tricyclic antidepressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)
  • Drugs used for prostate treatment
  • Cimetidine, a peptic ulcer medication
  • Physical causes, impact around 90% of ED cases and psychological issues are much less common.

Psychological causes of ED

The following list summarizes some of the psychological causes that occur in rare cases:

  • Fear of intimacy
  • Severe anxiety
  • Guilt
  • Depression

Most cases of ED are physical; very less commonly psychological factors contribute to erection issues.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

A urologist may prescribe medications to treat erectile dysfunction to help a man get an erection. These erectile dysfunction drugs include oral medications or injections that are injected into the penis.

Patients suffering from ED may get any of the following erectile dysfunction medications:

  • Sildenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • Vardenafil
  • Avanafil

All these drugs for erectile dysfunction cure act by relaxing smooth muscles and increasing blood supply into the reproductive organ.

5 Foods That May Cure Erectile Dysfunction

5 Foods That May Cure Erectile Dysfunction

ED and Diet

ED is an extremely common sexual issue which affects one in ten men. It is defined as the incapability to achieve or keep an erect penis, which is vital for healthy sexual life. A majority of men find the problem so embarrassing that they may not even discuss with their health care specialist. Numerous factors are responsible for causing ED, and they are poor nutrition, vascular disease, pelvic trauma, hormonal imbalance, neurological issues, and vascular disease. It is necessary to identify erectile dysfunction causes in order to treat it.

The best way to deal with ED and enjoy a satisfying sexual life is to find the cause of this problem. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can to a large extent assist in relieving erectile dysfunction symptoms. If you want to stay healthy, you need to quit bad habits and make healthy choices when it comes to your diet. Here’s a list of the five best foods that have been shown to improve erectile dysfunction.

Leafy green vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are known to increase blood circulation because of the presence of high amount of nitrates. They are considered healthy for the sex life. Vegetables like spinach and celery can keep your blood flowing to the reproductive organs or penile region and help you get an erection easily. Include leafy vegetables like iceberg lettuce, cabbage, romaine lettuce, collards, and turnip greens in your diet.

Dark chocolate

If you love chocolates, then eat dark chocolates from the next time you crave for sweets. Studies have found that Flavonoids in dark chocolates enhance the blood circulation and lower the blood pressure. This could be could for erection issues which are mainly caused due to poor circulation. Loaded with essential nutrients, dark chocolates are useful for sexual health in many ways. These chocolates are made from cocoa tree seed, which brings you the best source of antioxidants.


Enriched with arginine, an amino acid that your body requires to produce nitric oxide. These are a great source of protein and healthy fats in your diet. Especially, pistachios are extremely beneficial in improving sexual desires and virility. Eating a handful of pistachios daily will make your blood vessels relax and improve cholesterol levels in your body. This helps in achieving a good erection that stays enough to satisfy your partner. Nuts that come with the low calories include pistachios, cashews, and almonds.

Shellfish and Oysters

Both of them are a good source of zinc, which is essential for the production of testosterone in men. Reduce the level of testosterone hormone is one of the reasons behind erections problems and associated issues.


The refreshing fruit contains the same compound that has Viagra, a medication for erectile dysfunction. This sweet fruit is enriched with antioxidants and lycopene that are good for skin, heart, and prostate. The presence of nutrients increases sexual desire in men. Eat watermelon on a regular basis to relax the blood vessels that cause a penile erection. Although the sweet fruit is loaded with 92% water, the other 8% can work wonders for your sexual enjoyment.

Include these super foods in your diet for erectile dysfunction treatment. These can’t be effective as erectile dysfunction drugs but can help in improving your sexual performance. These natural remedies directly target one of the more common erectile dysfunction causes of decreased blood to the penile region.

Fight the Consequences of Erectile Dysfunction

Fight the Consequences of Erectile Dysfunction

Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is very common in men those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. First of all, a man experiences anxiety when it gets to know he is not able to get and maintain a penile erection to satisfy his partner. It develops when an occasional episode of erectile failure becomes an expected outcome of each following intimate session. Once a man experience erection problem even for the first time, a vicious cycle may become established whenever a man thinks of involving in sexual activity.

Unrealistic expectations

There are men and their partners those have unrealistic expectations and expect a sexual fantasy type of events in their room. This expectation, in turn, exacerbates the condition since men tend to compare their sexual performance with these expectations which give rise to a feeling of disappointment and insufficiency.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem of men that requires support and understanding from a partner as well as people around you who can convince you that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Never feel embarrassed

Being a man, it is tough to hold a lot of responsibilities. A man needs to take care of his partner and all her emotional, physical aspects along with the financial one. You must accept the fact that you will not always feel enthusiastic to penetrate your penis in her vagina. Except for the truth and indulge your mind in other activities that help take your attention from this trouble, and you will have sex again with the same strength once your mind is clear and sex drive is high again.

Don’t fight yourself

Avoid feeling bad about the situation. Everyone must know the fact that one can only move to success after acknowledging failure. So don’t feel bad about it as human life is full of troubles, but along with troubles, there is always a hope of moving away from troubles towards joy and prosperity.

Try to keep your sex life private

Avoid discussing sexual problems with everyone except your partner as she is the only one who can make you feel comfortable about it instead of making fun of it. Try to involve in other activities with your partner. Also, involve her in your work a little bit or do something which she likes. Do not worry about the size of your penis or thinking about penile erection to please her. Your main target is to hold off the sex drive that comes so that you can go longer and satisfy her. You will get an erection when your confidence rises.

If your condition becomes serious, consult a gynecologist and start taking erectile dysfunction medication according to your condition. Erectile dysfunction cure is possible with pharmaceutical drugs that are available specifically to treat erectile dysfunction.

Understanding Low Testosterone

Understanding Low Testosterone

Understanding testosterone and low testosterone levels

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays a significant role in the development of male reproductive organs including the testes and prostate. During the time of puberty, this hormone promotes secondary sexual characteristics as well, such as long bone mass, increased muscle, and growth of body hair. Testosterone plays a vital role in adulthood; it maintains the sexual desire in men. In the majority of males, the level of testosterone hormone in the bloodstream remains normal for the rest of the life. However, some men have a low level of testosterone, which can affect his sexual health. In fact, studies have linked low testosterone levels to health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Low testosterone is a condition that has been gaining a lot of attention due to increasing awareness about the condition and its impact on a man’s life. The common sexual conditions associated with the impacts of low testosterone include decreased sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

Common symptoms associated with low testosterone

  • Decreased energy
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Decreased exercise tolerance
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Osteoporosis (brittle bones)
  • Depression
  • Iron deficiency
  • Change in cognitive function

Risk factors for low testosterone

While testosterone levels in the bloodstream can decline as the man ages; health conditions can also affect testosterone levels, including:

Type 2 diabetes- According to studies, it has been shown that men with diabetes mellitus are more likely to have developed levels of testosterone. Also, the studies also reveal that some men with low testosterone are more prone to have diabetes as they age.

  • Sleep apnea
  • Damage to the testes
  • Infection or testicular cancer
  • Obesity
  • Chronic pain
  • Hypertension

If you have developed any of these symptoms, you need to discuss with a urologist for evaluation and diagnosis, as well as the treatment options available that suits your condition.

Warning signs of having low testosterone

There are some warning signs that could indicate of having low testosterone levels. The best and easy way to sure about it is to schedule an appointment with a healthcare specialist who specializes in male reproductive problems. The commonly reported sexual issues are experienced by people having low testosterone levels are:

Low sex drive- A majority of men experiences some decline in their sex drive as they age. However, in some men, a rapid decline in sex drive can also indicate of low testosterone levels. If the drop in sex drive persists for a long time, it could be the right time to consult an urologist or an expert who specializes in resolving male sexual health issues.

Trouble in getting an erection- If you find difficulty in attaining and keeping a penile erection to satisfy your partner, it could be a sign of low testosterone levels in your body. The condition is popularly known as erectile dysfunction.

While testosterone is not the main cause of penile erection, it plays a vital role in promoting sex drive and sending a signal to your brain to build an erection. The erection issue can be serious in some cases and required erectile dysfunction treatment. You must consider consulting an urologist for erectile dysfunction cure. He/she may prescribe erectile dysfunction medication that best suits your condition. Sildenafil citrate is one the most widely used erectile dysfunction drugs To avoid complications, it is necessary to treat erectile dysfunction as early as possible.

Hair loss-testosterone is also associated with the production of hair. Hair loss is the most common indication that the man is ageing. A low testosterone level may cause loss of facial and body hair.

Lack of energy-Man suffering from low testosterone has been shown to have a significant decrease in energy. Such men feel fatigued throughout the day event after drinking plenty of water, and get a lot of sleep. If you too experience the same condition, you could have low testosterone levels.

Fighting Erectile Dysfunction with the Right Medicine

Fighting Erectile Dysfunction with the Right Medicine

What is available?

There are 4 types of ED drugs widely available in the United States. These drugs are known as Viagra, Stendra, Tadalafil (Cialis) and Vardenafil (Levitra). They are available in pills that can be taken orally. You can take any of them under a doctor’s prescription to improve blood supply to the penis. Along with sexual stimulation, these drugs can help you maintain strong erection needed for a healthy intercourse. The erectile dysfunction medication often includes such drugs that you can take along with some precautions.

Cialis is an FDA-approved erectile dysfunction drug that is recommended to use in a dose of 2.5 or 5 milligrams daily. It helps to improve sex drive as well as treat the urinary problems like difficulty in starting urination due to the enlarged prostate.

How quickly do they work?

There are many alternative medicines available to treat Erectile Dysfunction. How soon these drugs start working will depend on their properties. Most probably, the erectile dysfunction drugs show their effects within 15-20 minutes but sometimes the range varies from 15 to 60 minutes. These drugs will not work if you take them after having a meal as it blocks their absorption.

How Erectile Dysfunction drugs cure properly?

According to a study, most of the times men complaint, after getting a prescription from their primary care doctors, that the erectile dysfunction drugs don’t work for them at all. In reality, they take such drugs incorrectly. The biggest misconception among men about these pills is that they think these drugs are like on/off switch for erections. But the health providers suggest that any erectile dysfunction medication doesn’t work well without sexual stimulation.

How long do they last?

The ED drugs are dissolved at different rates in the body. The effect of these pills lasts up to four hours or more than a day. Each dose will help you complete a full cycle of intercourse from foreplay to climax. But it doesn’t take guarantee to last through another cycle. If you want to have sex more than once a day, you should try Cialis, it is right for the erectile dysfunction treatment.

Side effects of Erectile Dysfunction drugs:

The most common side effects of ED drugs are-

  • Headache
  • Upset stomach
  • Flushing
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Nasal congestion
  • Diarrhea
  • Vision problems
  • Dizziness and
  • Rashes

If your erection lasts less than four hours or so, please contact your doctor as soon as possible. Any serious side effects of these pills are rare. Cialis is commonly associated with backaches or muscle aches, while Levitra and Viagra are associated with blue-tinged vision.

Consult a doctor to cure Erectile Dysfunction:

If you are observing any symptoms of ED, it is very important to contact your doctor before trying any medicines to treat erectile dysfunction on your own. This is because ED can also lead other serious health problems. For instance, heart disease or high cholesterol can also be the symptoms of ED. No need to panic as you can cure erectile dysfunction (ED) with the right medication and enjoy your sex life.

Foods for Male Health

Foods for Male Health

Key nutrients that men should take:

The healthy diet for men should include some key nutrients including proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Since the male body has naturally higher muscle mass than female, they need more calories as always. These food products have those nutrients that help men to stay healthy and strong.


Almonds are loaded with a lot of healthy and unsaturated fats, fiber, protein, and vitamin E. These nutrients are great for the digestive system, heart health, and skin. Men have to add some ounces of almonds to the daily diet. It also helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and increase metabolic strength.


The 3-5 servings of eggs in a week are recommended for men’s health. The muscle-building amino acids available in the eggs can help men to maintain their macho. Moreover, eggs are rich in choline, protein, vitamins B6 and B5 that are helpful in balancing hormones in the body. Eggs are an excellent part of a weight-loss strategy and men’s health medication thanks to their nutrients.


Milk is an inevitable part of men’s diet as its key nutrients can compensate the loss of vitamins and calorie count in the body. It strengthens the body’s fat-burning system. Milk has an excellent combination of carbs, calcium, and proteins that make it a great food supplement to maintain muscles.


Yogurt is a strong probiotic food and it contains all the nutrients of milk. It boosts germ-fighting bacteria in the body. It is very much recommended for the men looking for a weight loss product. Take 4-5 servings of yogurt a week to elevate metabolic system. Therefore, men should take yogurt to keep them from getting sick.

Spinach and green vegetables:

Green vegetables are highly recommended for men for various reasons. With each serving of spinach, you take a good amount of fiber, iron, magnesium and other minerals that are vital for the immune system, libido elevation, and good vision. Spinach and other green vegetables like kale, cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels are a good source of folate. According to the Harvard University researchers, those who take these green vegetables regularly have 30% more folate than those who take just the regular diet. Take spinach for better blood flow and strong sex life.

Oatmeal and whole grains:

Men should not forget to add oatmeal and other whole grains to their diet if they want to flaunt a good physique. Oatmeal can elevate your energy level, stamina and immune power to combat body stress. Just one serving of any whole grain a day can supply enough L-arginine amino acid to improve the quality of life. Oatmeal has a good amount of soluble fiber and complex carbohydrates that lower the risk of heart diseases. They also make an excellent food for men’s health medication improving blood flow and sex drive. You can eat multiple whole grains in one serving.