People with Asthma Should Never Dry Clothes Indoor

People with Asthma Should Never Dry Clothes Indoor

Tumble drying tips include:

• While choosing a tumble dryer, make sure that you get one which uses less energy.
• Always switch to spin speed of your washing machine, you want clothes to be as dry as possible, so they need very less time in the tumble dryer.
• Before putting your clothes in the dryer, untangle everything as large knots of washing takes more time to dry.
• Make sure that you clean the filters regularly as blocked ones stop hot air from circulating properly which makes clothes longer to dry.
• It is necessary that you keep your tumble dryer in a well-ventilated area of your house leaving your bedroom and living room to prevent it from overheating.
• It is always best to buy a washing with tumble dryer along with a sensor that indicates when your clothes are dry and when to stop. This prevents the continuous use of the machine when there is no need.

Other tips include:

• While washing clothes, use a mix of water, vinegar, and soap.
• Do not store clothes in damp cupboards or avoid packing them too tightly in wardrobes
• Your home should be ventilated especially after cleaning, cooking, showers, and using the dishwasher. Make a habit of opening windows as often as you can to keep your home well ventilated.